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Turkish Dogs - particularly Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

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- The Basics -

What is this WebRing thing?
Objectives of this Ring
Requirements and Rules for Joining
How to Join

What is the Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing?
The WebRing is a circular journey through member websites having a common theme. The idea is that once you are at one site in the webring, you can click on a "Next" or "Previous" link in the same ring to go to adjacent sites in the ring and--if you do it long enough--end up where you started. Basically this is a circular journey to all the websites within a particular ring theme.
In this case, the theme is dedicated to the Anatolian Shepherd Dog - the Turkish breed of Livestock Guardian Dog (LGD) known world-wide as the Anatolian.
What is the Anatolian Shepherd?
This breed, originating in ancient regions of Anatolia in Turkey, appears in a variety of types, which like all historic working breeds, has not been stagnant over time. Some of these varieties have been designated as separate breeds over the last quarter of this century. In many countries, there are a variety of names for different specific phenotypes of the breed and it is with this understanding, that the Anatolian Webring bases its breed definition.
Information about WebRings.
WebRing is a free service allows web sites with similar interest to form "rings" of sites, allowing netizens a fast and efficient way to find content and a great way for sites to build traffic and gain exposure for member web sites.
Note: Occasionally the webring server is a bit dysfunctaional or especially slow, be patient and try again at a later time to do whatever you were trying to do. Unfortunately, this downtime also applies to those that are attempting webring management!
The objectives of this WebRing.
To help unify our various groups and to help educate those interested in these dogs, so that informed decisions can be made by those seeking to acquire one.
This WebRing hopes to inform and entertain those who already have one or more of these magnificent dogs AND those "just looking" and surfing the web will get an opportunity to see some of these dogs via use of this forum.
Helpful information includes that which helps the webring surfer to understand that these primitive guardian dogs have breed character of a type that requires a level of responsibility that not all are prepared to assume.

Is your site eligible?

Requirements for sites submitted
to the
Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing

  1. Anatolians and/or their varieties (Akbash and Kangal Dogs) MUST be featured on at least one page of your site, and this page shall include the Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing Logo.
  2. Great pictures, articles and/or stories that contribute to a well-balanced presentation of Anatolians are encouraged. It does not have to be a 'serious' page, i.e., a family oriented page with training stories of these dogs is likely to be entertaining yet still giving insight into breed character. Photos of pets, working, and/or show dogs are welcome!
  3. You must edit the html code on your web page in order to link your site to this ring. Put the code on the page that has the ASD content; it should be easy for the average person to navigate their way back to the WebRing link to continue a circuit of the ring.
  4. The Ringmaster of this WebRing does not necessarily endorse any or all individuals, breeders, organizations, or other entities which join the ring. However the Ringmaster does make every reasonable attempt to assure that the Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing contains subject appropriate to family and of benefit to the breed.
    1. Your site must be "G" rated and contain legal material. No adult material or links to anything that is adult in nature, nor endorsements of anything that is of illegal content or of questionable ethics. This is a family oriented WebRing.
    2. Any site that is listed must NOT be involved in brokering, puppy milling and sales to pet shops. If any listing is reported to be the source of Anatolians that are abused, neglected, or directly involved with the production of dogs (pure and not) that must be handled by Rescue services, site participation on this WebRing will be terminated.
    3. Your Anatolian Webring Page should have no broken links.
    4. Your Anatolian Webring Page should not be primarily only a collection of other WebRings
    5. Your Anatolian Webring Page should not be purely commercial in nature -- such as "hallway" or "front-door" pages for sites NOT specifically featuring Anatolian breed-related materials or information.
  5. It is tremendous work to keep up with each website and every link, so if there is a reported problem with one or more sites, sites in question may be removed from the ring. Sites containing illegal material may be removed with or without notice!
  6. The Ringmaster reserves the right use personal discretion to accept or decline any site.

How to Join

  1. Submit your site to the Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing Queue, via the JOIN button of the Anatolian Webring. There are two types of fragments you can use in the webring. This one is from the webring SSNB code. The drawback to this one is that it is very specific about the address of your website so if there are minor changes, the entire code needs to be changed.


    This site is a member of WebRing.
    To browse visit Here.

This is the type ring code logo that comes automatically from the webring.If you want to have the bigger fancier one such as at the bottom of this page, then follow the remaining directions

  1. Download the two Logo images below.
  2. Insert the HTML coding sent you by the ringmaster into your web page.
  3. When you get done with all that, you should have the WebRing Logo on your page with no broken links and the images correctly referenced.
  4. After completing all the steps given, please email me and let me know your page is ready to be critiqued.

The addition of your webpage to the Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing is NOT automatic. Your site will first go into a group queue. This gives you time to complete the coding and do your self-critique. The WebRingmaster does NOT code your pages for you, so if after about 30 days of submitting your request to the Queue to join the ring, and if your page content is not yet ready, your request is automatically removed from the Queue. You can resubmit your request for addition, if you just needed more time to 'get it right..

After Ringmaster gets your email stating that your site is ready for critique; if the HTML fragment is up; if the Anatolian WebRing logo is on your page, and your site has appropriate content--the Ringmaster will add your site to the WebRing. The ring is not checked on a daily basis, and occasionally one or more functions of the WebRing service may have server problems, so there may be some waiting involved. Patience helps!

Management Tools

Go to the Webring site of your ID to edit. You can change your site location, your email address and other info you initially gave for your site.

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing Logo

The AnatolianRing is represented by the logo of the fawn dog. If this code is not on your page, your ringcode is definitely broken.

This is the Larger Logo used by the older sites and those that want the two-dog Logo. And apparently, this is the most stable version of the webring code -- especially if you make frequent changes to your site.

This Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing site is owned by
Janice Frasche'.

HOW to join the
Anatolian Shepherd Dog WebRing
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BELOW: this is the JAVA ring code that is automatically generated from the location of your website and other parameters. Therefore, the java code version is easily broken when you make changes to your website and unfortunately, it can also give false positives if other ring code on your page uses similar off-site code. The two-dog version above is more stable and much easier to find on a busy page when ring surfing.


This site is a member of WebRing.
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