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Info about our bloodline

Anatolian Shepherd Dog
Breeders of
Semavi Anatolians

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We strive to breed correct family oriented temperaments, correct working character, healthy and sound pups which conform to the breed standard.

Last updated: February 23, 2011

Litter plans:
We plan to keep one female from our next litter. WE have NOT set up plans for a breeding in 2011.

See our requirements, then write to me on availability of puppies

We occasionally accept a limited number of applications for both companion and select quality puppies.

Ruya (no breeding plans)

Size, good bone, and substance.
Excellent temperament.
Health guarantee.
Below is informational only.

Semavi Kale Ruya
Our third generation homebred female, "Ruya"
Pedigree & Pics

-OFA ratings
Hips Good ANS-1063G26F-PI
Elbows Normal ANS-EL151F26-PI
Shoulders Normal ANS-SH1F26-PI
Birthday: 01/04/2003
Weight 126 pounds
Height 30 inches

Ruya with mini-horsesminihorses-2007ruya1.jpg (61866 bytes)

Random Pics

Boone & Ruya, young
L-R: Boone (male laying down)
and Ruya (female, standing) -
photos April 2005 both 2 years old

Boone and Ruya behind him
Boone (2005)
Ruya in Background

Busy Boone
Boone (2005)

Boone & Ruya play
Ruya (L) and Boone (R) play

Three chatting ASDs
L-R: Three chatting ASDs - Z, R & B

Zor perching away from Boone
Zor, looking annoyed (at Boone)

Dec02-2006_011.jpg (32740 bytes)
Coco, female puppy from Zor and Boone litter 2006

Some 2004 headshots of Ruya and Boone on another page here


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