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My Sims have a Trash Can for a Plumb Bob

Silly Sims2 glitch shots

Takin' out the trash, trash can plumb bob on Waiyha

Monica trying on the plumb bob, "Where's my green plumb bob?"

L-R: Monica (selected) and Shasta. Waiyha (leaving room)

Shasta sitting pretty with her plumb bob sitting pretty next to her

Monica walks through Shasta's plumb bob. How RUDE!

Waiyha pulling up her chair. It's harder to do while wearing that plumb bob
Shasta looks annoyed.

Waiyha dressed for work goes back outside to have a conversation with Monica and congratulate (according to the queue icon) her about something.
The trash can plumb bob leads her outside.

Monica listens as Waiyha talks through her plumb bob. (Why the hearts?)

Monica pokes Waiyha angrily (apparently the heart convo/congratulations wasn't a good idea) and the plumb bob provides no armor.

Still great friends, relaxing together, Monica talks to Waiyha with her plumb bob resting on her lap.

I had to take these with screen capture. Thx to Simbintie for camera advice (to get the poses).
My friend Mark says, "They've been CANNED!"


for Monok McKernal (TS3)

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Created on ... July 26, 2006