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L-R: Boone, Ruya, & Zor -photo by Dave Koerner

We are located in northern California - Sacramento Area
~.. Home of: - (Dogs we have now)

Semavi Kadinsi Zor - daughter of Bertha (above middle)
Semavi Kale Ruya - daughter of Zor (above right)

Old Glory Boone - 'new' bloodline  (above left)

~.. Breeding Program
From the beginning

See information about our foundation bloodlines
See "Why an Anatolian?" at our index page
See current breeding plans here

NOTE: I initially set up the lists below, a few years ago to make subpages for each of the litters from as far back as 1991 (five years before I had a web page) needless to say this project required finding and scanning and formatting photos from 'way back when' and sadly this project has apparently found its way to one of those to-do lists that are like- "when I get around to it!" - oops! In some cases, many photos have been added to my blog but are too numerous to list here. biggrin.gif (696 bytes)
At any rate, this is a inarticulate listing of litters bred  by Semavi Anatolians

Homebreds and the homebreds I kept, or kept for a while, are listed here in lighter blue color.

Several of these older generation dogs are now gone, but not all owners have reported their loss.
Others are marked with the notation as follows:      - Rainbow Bridge

~.. Breeding Program
           Litters of Semavi Anatolians

Our first two litters ever:
Asker of Akarca Koyu x Masallah Sabah Sarki -
2 litters - 1991spring and winter (18 pups)
UCH Semavi Burali (Bertha) - Rainbow Bridge about 13 years
UCH Semavi Hector - Rainbow Bridge about 12.5 years
Semavi Pala Turk
Semavi Nipper - Rainbow Bridge about 13 years
Semavi Cassandra
OTHER owners have kept in touch or not, sporadically. Often no pics! sad.gif (698 bytes)
3rd litter-
Maranda's Aslan Semavi x Masallah Sabah Sarki -
Feb 1993 (4 pups)
Semavi Pandora of Hollyhock Hollow
Semavi Lio - Rainbow Bridge
Semavi Guardian Angel
Semavi T-Bear
4th litter-
Aslan of Murted x Semavi Burali - May 1994 (9 pups)
Semavi Sabir
Semavi Bereket Sevinc - Rainbow Bridge about 12 years
Semavi Saygun (Jasmine) - Rainbow Bridge about 11 years
Semavi Chula - Rainbow Bridge about 12 years
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OTHER owners have kept in touch or not, sporadically. Often no pics! sad.gif (698 bytes)
5th litter-
Destan's Tazim x Masallah Sabah Sarki - Nov 1994 (6 pups) - Our "All White" litter
Semavi Ajir - Rainbow Bridge
Semavi Morning Star (Star) - Rainbow Bridge about 10 years
Semavi Diesel - Rainbow Bridge
Semavi Beyaz Prenses  - Rainbow Bridge
OTHER owners have kept in touch or not sporadically. Often no pics! sad.gif (698 bytes)
Photo of litter
6th litter-
Maranda's Aslan Semavi x Destan's Disi Ceylan - April 1995 (6 pups)
Semavi Ottoman Empire
Semavi Ayca (Abby)
OTHER owners have kept in touch or not, sporadically. Often no pics! sad.gif (698 bytes)
7th litter-
Windy Springs Zara x Semavi Burali - April 1998 (3 pups)
Semavi Kadinsi Zor
Semavi Kabul -
Rainbow Bridge
Semavi Dylan
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8th litter-
Gerlach Beau x Semavi Kadinsi Zor -
Jan 2003 (6 pups)
Semavi Kale Ruya
Semavi Kale Kadim
Semavi Kale Kumandin (Khazu)
Semavi Kale Zoey
Semavi Kale Nadide (Zoey)
Semavi Kale Shadow
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~..Some other Anatolians that lived at Semavi but are no longer here

Masallah Sabah Sarki - our foundation bitch - Rainbow Bridge
Asker of Akarca Koyu - Turkish import born in English quarantine - short-term lease
Destan's Semavi Ziya - Turkish Import
Destan's Disi Ceylan - Import Related
Destan's Vakur Hakan - Import Related
Maranda's Hot Monkey Love - Rainbow Bridge
UCH Maranda's Aslan Semavi CGC - Rainbow Bridge
UCH Semavi Burali (Bertha) - daughter of Sabah - Rainbow Bridge