Puppy Announcements (1998 litter)

[ New Litter ]
Litter whelped: April 4-5, 1998
Picture of Pups at one day.
L-R: 2 Females, 1 Male


[ 13-days old ]Puppies at 13 Days

Darker Male (now named Kabul) is the one on top. Two females toward the left and bottom. Eyes are opening! And starting to hear!(enlakrge)

[ Pup Play ]

Pups at 17 days.
Kabul is in the middle, and two sisters are play-biting each other.

[ Pup hears ]17 Days
One of the little girls (Dylan) climbs over Mom, looking for the squeaky spider toy that was making all the noise.
More Pictures!
April 27, 1998 - 24 Days - Pups are now started on solid food, but still nursing. They make little barks, play, show rudimentary whelpbox housebreaking - usually waddling off to the newspaper when they wake up, and after they eat or play. They are responding to my voice and sometimes come waggly tailed for tummy/chest scritches, sometimes flopping over for more. Each day, I try to show them something new. Day 24 wasn't the first day ever that they'd been outside, but this time it was for a couple hours, rather than a few minutes.

[ Why not just rest? ]Kabul is still the darkest pup; one of the girls is greyish (Zor); the other (Dylan) is more reddish with a white ribbon marking on her shoulder. Both girls have short snips of white on the nose, the boy has a very faded snip at this point. The girls are a bit more gung-ho about things, the male is more reserved and calculating... You can almost see his little thought bubble:

...ooO Is it worth getting UP for? The other two can take care of it! Zzzz...Ooo...

May 4, 1998

This is the 'red' female, Dylan, snoozing at the front door. Pups are now spending their days outside and coming in for the night. They are eating soaked kibble and nursing their mother. It's been raining a bit, so they are learning about mud and stuff that falls from the sky. See more pictures from this week.

[ Rooster and Aslan watching ]
Pups chowing down, May 20, 1998 - Observed by Silky Rooster, who sometimes shoves or pecks at them (teach respect for chickens!) so that he can have some pup chow. Aslan is watching the babies eat, and after pups and rooster are done, he can clean-up.

[ Dylan patrolling ]June 3, 1998

It's been a fast month watching these pups grow and develop their personalities. It's getting hard to catch them at perfect KODAK (tm) moments since I'm usually at the wrong angle or the pup comes up to stick his/her nose into the camera. But here they are, some digital shots taken over the last few weeks. At right is Dylan, the red female.

June 8, 1998 - Not Puppies, but Chickens! A couple hens went broody and sat a huge clutch of eggs over the past month. The hatching resulted in about 20 live peepers to date. Here are some pics of the new mothers and the chicks. The hens are very protective and chase the pups away from their brood.

[ Semavi Dylan ]June 12, 1998 - A few new pictures of the pups. Dylan got some t-shirts in the mail with the scent of her new family on them. She, of all the pups, took an immediate liking to the shirts!

At Right: That's Semavi Dylan, quietly resting on the front porch.
Pups are 7 months as of Thanksgiving 1998. To see some recent pictures, check out the following page.

Not a great bunch of pictures, but shows Kabul, Zor and Vakur playing together.

Pedigree Info:

Litter Pedigree

SIRE: Windy Springs Zara (OFA ANS-521G24M)
DAM: Semavi Burali (Bertha) (OFA ANS-287E24F)
                                    in Turkey
                Aslan of Murted (OFA Exc)
                                   \                        OFA Fair
                                    in Turkey         Capar of Sakarya 
SIRE: Windy Springs Zara (OFA ANS-521G24M)            /     Turkey
                                    Ahmet of Avanos (OFA Exc)
                                   /                  \      OFA Fair
                Windy Springs Kasif (OFA Exc)          Sivas of Avanos
                                   \                          Turkey
                                     Windy Springs Sasha (OFA Good)
                                     Ruzgar of Akarca Koyu -in Turkey
                Asker of Akarca Koyu (OFA Good)
                                     Altay of Akarca Koyu -Turkey/UK
DAM: Semavi Burali (Bertha) (OFA ANS-287E24F)          
                                     Ulas of Cankaya -Turkey
                Masallah Sabah Sarki (OFA Exc)           Kalkan
                                    \                   /
                                      Masallah Kitmir (OFA Excellent)
                                                          Hisar Adana Dalgin

[Semavi Burali (Bertha)]Dam: U-Ch Semavi Burali (Bertha)
OFA Excellent
Tri-color Pinto
29 inches, 105 pounds

Show ring titled. Mellow girl. Great poultry guardian. Previous litter, several OFA rated pups, some working with livestock.


Standing next to her is my male, Aslan.(she's got two more weeks to whelp this litter in this pic).

[ Zara -rainy day pic ]Sire: IABKCA Ch.
Windy Springs Zara
OFA Good
Red Fawn/black mask
Approx: 31 inches, 130 pounds
Working with livestock.

[ Sunny with Zara ]

Sunny with Zara.

Two pics of Windy Spring's Zara. A classic case of the pics don't do him justice! It was pouring rain when we did the breeding so we didn't get a chance to take good pictures. We're standing on a porch and Zara is leaning against Sunny (it's that togetherness thing! *grin*) and here's a closeup of the same pic. I didn't edit anything, so he's got the flashbulb eyes... my image editor can edit red-eye, but not green?! Zara is OFA Good and is a IABKCA Champion. He stays in a small field with Sunny's La Mancha goats.

We got a chance to be a little silly and he was a very sweet fella despite the off-and-on driving rain and the breeding shenanigans. NOTE: The pictures with the borders can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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