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I have a digital camera that makes movie clips. Clips are 4 seconds to 7 seconds long.

If you have Apple Quicktime installed (Quicktime available here), you'll be able to see the movies.

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Boone and Ruya are both one year old in these clips taken the first week of March 2004. Boone has a darker face and is in the left on the movies, Ruya is on the right.

Movie One is of Boone wrestling with Ruya. They like to use the board on the ground as an official wrestling ring.
Movie Two is Ruya getting the upperhand with Boone. Note his tail goes down and gives me a look of exasperation when Ruya gets a good grab on him!
Boone is ever so sweet with Ruya, and Ruya basically treats him like a chew toy!

These movies were edited and put on my blog

Also on the top left: There are two photos of Boone and Ruya which were taken after this wrestling match. One is the enlargement of Ruya's picture from the column on the right. -- the other links go to older existing pages on my site. (My website is becoming a Winchester Mystery house with all the various mysterious unconnected "doors"!)

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Photo by Dave Koerner
Boone, Ruya and Zor ham it up for a cookie