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Turkish Dogs - particularly Anatolian Shepherd Dogs
Oodle Maker Blog

List of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Blogs

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Anatolian Breeders -USA

Las Flores del Altiplano
Ballester's Double H Ranch
Gypsy Anatolians

Gerlach Ranch
Shepherds Rest

Anatolian Breeders -Abroad

Czech Republic: Browny San-Mar
Australia: Cappadocia Kennels

France: Elevage des Shumagins
Italy: Aslan's site
Finland: Kiramet Anatolians
England: Hisar/Kehlibar


I am not thoroughly familiar with the individual programs, nor of the quality of the dogs (or other animals) of any breeders linked here.

I may provide convenient links to breeders on this or other pages or by email, but I do so with the caveat that the "buyer" also screens the "seller".

- Janice

Livestock Guardian Dog Resources

LGD Library
Predator and Wildlife Management

Internet Tourbus

Multi-purpose site by two guys who have probably never met each other. Their flagship's namesake is their wonderful and sometimes corny newsletter which 'tours' the internet and visits some cool spots with every issue. They have a new website now since Google de-googled their previous domain. Go here: or click the bus on the right.

Ask Bob Rankin - Free Tech SupportThe free newsletter is an especially good tutor for Internet newbies and sometimes the 'bus drivers' show even jaded internet bums a good time with some cool stuff at which to poke sticks and laugh - or gosh darn, remind us about some important link we'd all but forgotten about. Just about everything gets recycled over time with renewed angles and tips so it's never too late to get on the Bus. ---And now accessorized with a feedburner linked blog! Tips on computer care and feeding and other miscellaneous stuff on Bob Rankin's blog (feedburner link at right).

HTML & Webpage related

Web design tutorials, tips and tools reference site

Free Software


Dr Weston A Price - Nutriton and Physical Degeneration

Price's photos
Weston A Price Foundation

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