KC litter records

Why did the KC make the decision they did?

While there are many reasons documented, I only have time at the moment to explain a little here.

Below is one of several things that were used as supporting arguments for the existance of a 'kangal' breed in UK, and the information was used to provide argument for the splitting of the Anatolian registry so that the "karabash/kangal" could be recorded on it's own register. (to see the conclusion letter from the KC about this, go here.)

Breeders can enter any color they choose in the puppy registrations.
Records sent to the kennel club depend on the breeders to be accurate and honest. The KC (in UK) like any all breed KC, does not send breed inspectors or puppy wardens knocking on doors nor demanding photographs to ascertain color, nor DNA tests on dogs. Sometimes dogs are registered as one color but later change to another.

A sample of Fawn and Black Mask litter registered and reported to the KC on an official document from the KC.

For the purposes of this example, see the Yellow Box where the Kennel Name AFACAN is given as the kennel prefix(affix for those abroad) - this is the documentation of a breeding record for a certain stud dog.

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okay... cool -- so they are fawn with a black mask!!

Now... What do these puppies look like?