Assorted amusements

All *safe and useless! Small, fun and free! These little files are from times not so long ago, when people wrote entertaining programs for FUN!

Think of all the fun your Anatolian will have nudging at your elbow for attention as you figure out these useless treasures!

You'll need winzip or another file extractor that handles zip extensions to install any of the games except for the squares elimination game - which comes with it's own extractor in an executable. I'll have to assume that you know how to make a new folder to hold all this silliness in. (TIP: before downloading any files, be sure to MAKE a new folder with a silly name - then continue and put the rest of the files into folder of silliness. Finally, go ahead and extract the separate games into subfolders of silliness, then all the useless silly stuff stays together.)

Set one with 5 files:

Set Two - Separate game files:

I have scrabble, chess and tetris as well as a tumbling colored squares (elimination) game. The idea of the latter game is to pool all the like colors together and finally eliminate all the squares in the game. You can put your ASD or another subject as a background photo. :)

All are freeware with no nag screens. Fun fun!

Screen Shots

click images to enlarge & click names above to download

gamescrabble.jpg (148007 bytes) gamechess.jpg gamestetris.jpg (61148 bytes) gameclick.jpg (52720 bytes)
Scrabble Chess Tetris (Bricks 2000) Clickomania

*No spyware, no viruses.

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