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Monday, February 23, 2009

Marlow update, some humor and a bit about Facebook

Check out Marlow (from my 2006 litter, full brother to Helmut) above, and his little people buddy Coen who is tucked in between him and Matty.

Sooooo cute.

and here's another...
Coen and Marlow
Adorable. I love Coen's sweater!! Think he'll share? ;)
Marlow seems to be a nice baby sitter kinda guy. :)

On other things, while it's not new, I got a good chuckle out of revisiting Michael O’Donoghue's guide on How to Write Good at this blog I ran into while trying to find something else (isn't that how it always works?). Another favorite link on bad writing is the Bullwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. While my writing is often full of misadventure and typos, I generally know better most of the time what I intended to convey, so this stuff is funny to me. :D

About two months into it now, I'm finding Facebook to be an interesting experience. It's not a perfect medium, of course. It has its share of bad apples that create spam and spoof. It has some lack of efficiency, some lag, and some less than intuitive elements in its interface. But in some ways I'm finding that it saves time since I can have short conversations regarding some event and get instant feedback on some ideas -- sort of like what Twitter was all about, but much more integrated. I like it much better than MySpace, which has a really 'clunky' interface, in my opinion. Over the past month, some people that had trouble getting their longer emails read by me are able to have short bursts of connection via Facebook and it does save me time. And it's a handy way of keeping in contact with persons that are sometimes below the radar for long periods of time since they can log on at their leisure any time, then catch up with my activities on my 'wall'. Another perk, a broad range of activities available on FB gives one a better rounded feeling for common things in which some friends have an interest. Not bad. :)

I have to mention games since that is one of my interests. Facebook has some third party games integrated into the interface. To me, many of these games that I took a whirl with, are rather mindnumbing after a short while, so I tend to lose interest in them rather quickly. But to be fair, some games are really more complex in ways that I haven't time or patience to indulge. I have some great buds that just pick up a game and rack up their levels in little time at all. Games are part of the attraction to Facebook for many and some create accounts without a real person ID associated with it, just so they can play free games. It's something to do, to while away time and to diffuse personal stress, which latter is probably not a bad thing for most. That said, Facebook games have proven to me that I really am more in love with solving puzzles and utilizing creativity rather than indulging in repetition -- but the preliminary period of discovery about an application does sometimes intrigue me, "Oh, okay, then what happens next?" That's the key. Creativity on Facebook seems to be its main attraction to me, aside from its unique and complex schema for social intercourse.

On Anatolian related issues, I've found that the international diversity on Facebook makes it easier to communicate across the boundaries about our love for these wonderful dogs and learn about something about the interests of others that love these dogs. If you haven't signed up for FB yet, my advice if you are going to do it, is to create a basic account and not divulge too much information about yourself initially (leave most of your profile blank and keep your email address private). Meet up with a few contacts you trust and get to know the interface then take it from there. FB isn't for everyone. I had an account there for a year and had no real use for it other than to see materials that certain friends wanted to share. For some things, unless you can sign in, you just can't see it. There is no need to give more information about yourself than is necessary for creating a log in identity but of course, if your friends connect with you, you're much more likely to find areas of the network that interest you.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Help! Interim Home Needed, Meet Leo, in San Diego

Leo and friend
Here's a sweet photo of two young guys who look like great pals.
Leo is the Anatolian and he is a year old and he needs help! His family wants to keep him. But they are going through rough changes and unfortunately, the loss of their home is part of the package. Ouch!

Mom and son (above) want to keep Leo, but they need a nice foster home to park Leo in for the interim. Six months might do it. A location close to San Diego would be the greatest but a home is needed soon.

If anyone would like to contact them, please write me and I'll put you in contact with the owner.

Growing up together...


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Semavi Lady woofed at @ 10/16/2008 06:48:00 PM | Permanent link | (4) Comments

Blogger toni sent us a woof // October 17, 2008

I could help   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // October 17, 2008

I have a contact address at the top of the blog- "email me". Thanks. :)   

Blogger toni sent us a woof // October 17, 2008

I don't know how this works...never done can you cointact me   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // October 17, 2008

Toni, I would if I could. But you have no contact address. I have an email me link at the top of this page.   

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Semavi Vasi Masoud

Masoud in May 2008
This is Masoud from May this year. He is about 1.5 years old in the photo. Isn't he handsome?

He is a rough coated littermate brother to Helmut and Marlowe. We originally called him Neil as his baby name.
Baby Masoud, who was once called Neil
Here he is at 6 weeks. Maybe these pics will also help others doing breed ID and trying to guess how old a puppy looks as he is through the various growth stages?

As happened, I had never had a rough coat in the previous near twenty years with Anatolians, then boom, I have four out of seven! Coco, the chocolate sister, and these three rough coated brothers, Masoud, Helmut and Marlowe! Both parents are standard medium coats as are three littermates. I've posted pics on Jasmine and Bella previously. I still need photo updates on one boy, Lincoln. :) So far, I think they are turning out awesome and everyone loves the temperaments. Fingers crossed on the hip films to come after their we celebrate their second birthdays in October.

Daisy and Gabe
No Anatolian in this pic. I got this lovely 2006 photo from Vera, showing her son Gabriel, with a pretty bloodhound named Daisy. Such a handsome couple! I think Daisy is about two years old in the photo.

Masoud at 3 months with Daisy in 2007
Now here are Masoud at 3 months with his new friend Daisy in 2007. Looks like he's already catching up with her in this pic!

Masoud and Gabriel
Here's Masoud at 5 months, with Gabriel.

Masoud about 18 months with Daisy in May 2008
And here is a pic of Masoud at about 1.5 years with Daisy. Did she shrink?!

Vera writes:
Masoud is doing excellent! What a sweet boy he is, a really wonderful personality. He is really tall and has just filled out. For a long time he was really thin and gangly, with this enormous handsome head. In the last couple of months he really changed into his adulthood. He loves being up on the property, and it really is great seeing him do his thing. He truly is a guardian in every way. I will remind our vet about the upcoming x-rays.

We're hoping to get the whole litter cleared for hip soundness. (our previous litter of 2003 OFA screens are here). Hip dysplasia is a potential problem in large breed dogs. Boone, the father of the litter is a new dog for my bloodline, and while he tested clear, that information is not good enough as a stand alone. There hasn't been a lot of history in tracking the hip soundness in his line and occasionally a pairing of otherwise good dogs produces more than their share of hip problems, and this can indicate some genetic issues. We're all hoping for the best that this combination of traits from my girl Semavi Kadinsi Zor (the mom) and Old Glory Boone (Dad), will help us in making the right choices for the future of our breed.

Hip dysplasia can sometimes have no symptoms til the dog approaches or passes middle age, but in some cases can be so severe, that puppies are put to sleep before they reach 7 months. :(

Many dysplastic dogs are not screened, are bred anyway and produce litters containing puppies whose hip joints are located outside of the hip socket. Not good. We believe that every pet owner that loves their breed can help reduce hip dysplasia by sharing an interest in supporting the future health of their breed. This can mean participating with the breeder by hip screening, even the pets, so that if the parents have unfortunate propensity to pass on dysplasia, that future choices regarding the line can be considered with as much information as possible. To read more about how using this information can help our dogs, see this article at OFA. (Collecting and utilizing phenotypic data to minimize disease: A breeder’s practical guide - PDF)

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Blogger Shoujofan sent us a woof // September 20, 2008

Lovely dogs. I did not know this breed. It's really beautiful.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 20, 2008

Thank you. We think so too. :)   

Friday, August 22, 2008

Love the picture!

Italian friends!
Nino's son in Italy with a gorgeous Anatolian female pup, Hasir. Doesn't she have a bit of mischief in those eyes? ;)
I couldn't resist posting this! To see more of Nino's stuff, visit his blog!

Alas, this is happening way too much. I have truly been totally snowed, abducted by life and all that booooring yadda yadda... I'm trying to get back to my backlog of postings so I'll make a few tonight or this morning or whenever the *$&#^ server lets these upload. (sigh)

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Family Dog, Helmut

Geno sent some fun photos of Helmut from another ski trip that the family did recently. Above shows him taking up a lot of the back seat. He looks like he really enjoys road trips.

Helmut in April 2008
Having fun in the snow.

Helmut in April 2008
In the back of the truck with the boys, he looks so solemn.
Paolo, the young man hugging Helmut, is a friend of the family and he really enjoys Helmut. :)

Helmut in April 2008
Another nice, testosterone filled picture. Heehee :D

Helmut in April 2008
Here's Helmut after having had a bath. The look on his face is adorable.

Helmut in April 2008
What can I say? Boys will be boys!

Helmut in April 2008
Helmut on the road; snuggling time with Paolo.

Helmut in April 2008
L-R: Dom, Paolo and Helmut. Three handsome young guys!

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Italian Anatolian Blog

Umberto, Nino's son, with some rascally puppies (in Italy).

Nino (in Italy) has started blogging! :)
I've added him to the Anatolian blogroll -- testing to see if it will "roll" if I use a translation link (probably won't but it might be handy for me anyway).
His blog has some pics and comments about his Anatolians. It is in Italian but machine translations from Italian are not nearly as bad as some. (Turkish machine translations are horrid!). ;)
See his blog here and use your favorite Italian to English translator. Here's one I use.

His current blog comment mentions Hakim (above) who is going to South Africa to help his new owner in the effort to protect flocks from predators and thereby assist in wildlife conservation. (here... for the translated Italian link)

Nino has the above handsome Anatolian, named Kartal, who was born on a goat farm in Texas. Kartal rated perfect hips normal elbows at maturity and will be a very important part of the future Anatolians in Europe and looks like Africa too. Kartal represents an infusion of new bloodlines in Europe. Kartal's registered name is Old Glory Kartal. :)

This is Ayri, the mother full sister of the mother of the litter (Frida). She is a first generation homebred of Nino's foundation stock.

Here is Hakan, a Kartal x Ayri son. Isn't he cute!

More pups! I love this expression! The rough coat is awesome!

And here's Umberto with one of the little guys.

Here is Nino's website.

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Blogger aslanit sent us a woof // May 06, 2008

nice to see Umberto and my dogs on your blog
thank you   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 06, 2008

Thanks Nino. And thanks so much for sharing the photos!   

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anatolians and Kids, Beaches & Skateboards and Grins!

L-R: Dom, Helmut in rabbit ears and Geno.

Helmut has a goofy grin in every photo so the top one really cracked me up. Everyone did a Helmut grin and Dom (the handsome young man on the bike above) gave Helmut ye ol' rabbit ears. Boys! LOL B)

Helmut left us at the end of last year and went to live his family in Huntington Beach, California. He seems to have become one of the Beach Boys. I read that he is doing quite well there and has a very active and social life!

Geno writes, "He goes to the beach [is not fazed by the surf], goes to the wildlife preserve, down bike and dirt paths, to soccer/baseball parks, all around our neighborhood."

Wherever he goes he's the belle of the ball as all sorts of folks want to know what type of dog he is and pet him. Sometimes I have to avoid eye contact w/folks so we can get to where we're going.

Big dogs seem to respect and play with him, some little dogs nip at him so I'm keeping him away from little dogs for a while now. I don't want him being nipped at by little insecure animals (jack russels are ornery and most white fluffy things too). He's not growled or barked since I've had him. His disposition has always been very happy and mellow and more than once person have commentted on his positive aura and energy.

People quite honestly seem to love him. Domenic of course loves him and he is showing very good manners and displaying very few social climbing signs. Domenic can walk him on a leash w/o issue already even at a beach filled with off-leash dogs. I take him eveywhere I can.

He seems to mostly ignore my cats and others on the block. All my neighbors think he's great. He and Dom are on the way to a very close bond. He lets Dom walk him and does not pull when Dom is holding his leash or collar. He's so even keeled. He really seems to love smelling all the flowers in my backyard.

Of course, he's been a little naughty. I read that he did some experiments on Christmas ornaments, and made a few mistakes (probably on purpose) to see if the rules were changing. But we're ready for this stuff and we're all hoping for the best.

Helmut provides dog power for skateboarding. Please note the grin on the silly dog's face! I like the play of light on his feathered tail.

More skateboarding. You can't see it, but I'm sure Helmut is grinning!

Now, here's Helmut grinning in front of Dom and his mom, Lisa.
Wave back, Dom is waving!

Okay here is Helmut and Dom, looking pretty natural together. Of course, you notice I didn't even mention a goofy grin here.

Now here are three boys, all of them looking so handsome! That's Dom, Helmut and Dom's friend, Paolo.

Now here's the grinning California Beach Boy himself.

Helmut has always been such a goofy, sweet, and happy boy. He is 15 months now, getting into his 'teen' period, so we'll be keeping tabs and watching out for him and reminding him to be good! Some of the last pics I have of him, from just before he left, are here.

Meanwhile, his sister Coco and older half sister Ruya, have been helping with our visitor Molly.
Wonderful to see such great temperaments!

BTW, I have pics of Helmut's brother Marlow in Idaho and still haven't gotten around to posting them yet! Hang in there!

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Blogger Rachel sent us a woof // February 18, 2008

I always wished he could have been mine! makes me almost sad that he's so close but not mine! I'll get a dog from you one of these days I swear, but right now Bauer Wower is keeping my hands full and even if he is a challenge (and he is) I love him very much! Thanks for keeping me updated, I have always always loved your stories and pictures!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // February 18, 2008

Thanks for visiting, Rachel!

Hang in there with Bauer! (and I know you are!)

Every one of these dogs has lessons to teach. Hey, you owe me some Bauer pics!   

Anonymous Brandi sent us a woof // February 18, 2008

Aww Helmut looks very happy in his new home. I remember seeing him as a pup and the thought crossed my mind of wanting to bring him here. I wish I would have! He's really a handsome boy!   

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kids and Turkish Dogs - Turkey!

The handsome young man above with the puppy above is about four years and that awesomely cute puppy is about 2 months old.

I sent a quick hello to Nahit out in Turkey last week. We'd corresponded before a few times and I know some of his dogs also came to the USA. I was having problems connecting to his website during the sporadic attempts I made, so I wrote and got good news. is still there. He has been busy and his kids are growing up. Time flies! He writes that his two sons and his daughter love the dogs! And he sent me fresh pics of the cute duo above.

This is one of the Kangalist males, Dozer.

This female is young Hama.

The handsome duo again. I just love that sweet expression on the puppy's face. I'm so glad they had time to send me the shots!

Here's a nice female named Dombay. She's one of my favorites at the website. :D
I think I'll need a very very big shopping bag to bring her home!

Some of the pages may be down, but you can see some of the girls at Disiler drop down menu, and the boys on Erkekler.

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Zoey and Lots of FLOWERS!

Great photos from a Semavi doggie family member up in the next state. This is Semavi Kale Zoey, a 3.5 year old littermate sister to my Ruya girl (Ruya gazes at you at the bottom left of this blog template). Zoey is a big boned girl and tall, she was spayed at four months. Her character is all Anatolian! (see Paul's comment about her independence) Her temperament is really sweet and she's apparently quite social and loving. I just LOVE the expression on her face and the way she expresses her moods and thoughts with her ears, in the pics below. :) :)

Paul writes:
She is a beautiful girl and everyone loves her. Her only fault is she comes when she chooses, which is not necessarily when you call her. Most of the time she is fine but if she has her mind or eye on something else. Well she is her own boss then. [Typical Anatolian!]

She weighs about 153 and stands about 34 in. at the sholders about 36 in at the hips. The measurements are a little rough, she doesn't stand still very well for measurement. Her weight was at the vets when she went in for vacinations in early June.

Zoey and young family members
Zoey snuggling up with daughter-in-law and grandson.

Zoey with a sweet expression
Look at the love on that face!

She got that melted protoplasm look... sooooo content and happy... eyes closed, blissing out (happy sigh)... :) :)

She does look like she is standing on her own feet rather than le-e-e-eaning into her hapless love victim quite the way her mum does. heehee :p

Zoey with her 'dad'
You can see her just eating up the love.

Side note: From what little I see (there are more pics), Phyllis and Paul have have an awesome flower garden. All the pics had a brilliant riot of colorful flowers in them. For many of us, keeping dogs and having a garden can be mutually exclusive not that I have EVER had a green thumb anyway! Good job Phyllis! (assuming she's to blame!) :D

Here are a few older pics of Zoey with her cows - I didn't have a blog when I got these pics a couple years ago, so they are fun to share now while I'm going on about Zoey!
Zoey hanging out
OH, this is one picture I wish I could just step into!

Spot the Anatolian!
Betcha can't find the Anatolian! ;) (Zoey about 10 mos)

Spot the Anatolian!
Paul writes: The calf is about 2.5 months old, he and Zoey (4 mos) are best friends.

She seems to be such a sweetheart. Paul wrote about her before her first birthday and said:
There were two little Pugs in the office at the same time and they were just yap yapping and wanting to get close to Zoey. So, the people asked if it would be ok and so I let Zoey have a little leash. She got down on her belly and crawled close and let the little mutts sniff and walk around her. It was a very funny sight.

Amazing girl. Well that is a trick I've used when getting one of my ASDs introduced to a kid or critter much smaller than the dog. Just fold them up like a transformer so their size isn't intimidating. ;)

Related Link:
Last blog pic of Zoey - She's with her buddy Oliver here.

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // August 09, 2006

I don't know which is prettier - Zoey or the flowers! I do know that maintaining a nice garden is much easier with a *female* dog than with a male...   

Blogger Evrim sent us a woof // August 10, 2006

very cool. I am Turkish and nice to see photos of these beautiful dogs.   

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Anatolians and Kids - LA

Louisiana that is!

Great pics! Had to share.

Kelly had gotten her first Anatolian from me from about 12 years ago. She now has a family and two younger Anatolians. Both Rossi and Jersey are pet sister siblings from the same litter (Nov 2002) and get along just fine. When Jasmine passed on (1994-2005), both of the girls continued with the job of being wonderful family guardians.

Email from Kelly:
Just took a couple of pictures of Brooke playing with Jersey and Rossi tonight. Brooke just kept hugging Jersey and saying "oohhhhhhh." Rossi wouldn't have any of the hugs, but really wanted Brooke to chase her. She would lay real still until Brooke got about 2 feet away and then she'd dash to another part of the yard. Brooke thought it was great fun, and you can see her hollering as she's running to get Ross... ;)

Rossi just out of reach - waiting for the chase to begin

Jersey, not playing keep away but being the most wonderful hug buddy a little girl could ask for

Awwwww, good Jersey!

Rossi and Jersey were bred by Susan Anton (Sandbrook Anatolians). Their sire is Full Circle Isaret "Marky" CGC TD.
A pic of Marky and one of his favorite buddies of all time is here.


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