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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

First week of the year...

I got some fun pics of Helmut, the Beachboy in SoCal, enjoying the beach. I always get a kick out of these blackberry pics from Geno! This is one Anatolian boy that is sure getting a lot of socialization. :)

And here's one a bit so close, he didn't fit into the frame. Looks like he's having fun with a cute golden retriever.

Late at night, trying to sleep, I can't sleep and trying to keep out of range of hubby who is coughing up a storm (he's the one that got the flu shot!), I ran into a cool logic and problem solving game called World of Goo. Intrigued, I downloaded the demo to my bedside notebook and get a kick of it so far. The opening screens, the humor and some of the graphics are so weird! The game is designed primarily by two guys rather than a whole army of programmers. If you like what Wiki has to say about it in the first link, check out its homepage at and download the free demo there.

Must be the doggie person in me but when I saw these rugs over at Weburbanist, I was sure some of them would make great beds for a snoozy Anatolian shepherd. I just don't get the one that looks like the aftermath of a sheep shearing event but there's plenty of oddness to be had there.

Hat tip to Diane who shared a very interesting blog post about service animals, particularly the alternative ones. The movie showing Panda the minihorse being clicker trained is amazing! No captions but if you have some familiarity with clicker training, it's easy to see what is being targeted and how well Panda is doing in this training. The NYT article linked in post is a long and interesting read that might annoy some of my service animal associates but the whole matter is probably a 'do not miss' for most!

Not the least of it all, tonight while resetting a license for some publications I get from Zinio, I ran into Arabian Horse World! Check it out. If you like horsey eye candy, take a look at what is available. You can get the sample copy for only 99c (Nov 08). I was a long time subscriber of the paper version which was a very heavy, glossy paged quality publication that would fill up a rural mailbox in its cardboard box back in the mid eighties. Well, now you can see the stunning photography and beautiful horses but in lighter-than-air digital format. What's not to like? Check out the link.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Puppy on Stilts

Sun, 20 April 2008 -- Thanks to etest and matthewc on Blogger help groups, I am finally able to post this! :)
Blogger to Yahoo FTP settings have recently had some sort of glitch -- etest successfully brainstormed a work around that is working for some of us in the same boat. It's working for me, at least for this posting.

It was about noon today (April 15th), Ruya and Coco were out near the corral -- and they started barking. James went to see what was going on and found that the mini horse mare had just had a foal in our loafing shed (an open sided barn). In the first few pics, you can see that her birthing fluids are still in parts of her coat and coloring her hind legs.

He snapped some pics and later after the owner of the mare had arrived, I shot some more. Such a cute baby!
Above, you can see Ruya (R) and Coco (L) in the background watching the new arrival. Most of this set of pics can be clicked to enlarge.

Mama mare is a first time mom and so she was adjusting to all the new things happening to her body. The cute little creature that had arrive less than an hour ago was already strongly imprinted to Mama!

Nuzzling the cutie pie.
Look! It's a puppy on stilts!

I've never seen as much of a beard on a little foal before!

Don't the splashes of white look interesting? Her sire also has asymmetrical white markings.
That splash on the rump looks like a bird flying to the left, or a bird on a perch with it's tail dangling down.

A different camera used for this pic and the next two.
The little filly's beard has been trimmed back a bit. Not quite so goatlike!
Our neighbor introduces his filly to the basic concepts of milking mama with his fingers leading the foal's muzzle and lips to the milk bar.

Mom had a ticklish belly and a full bag of milk -- all sensitive and she wasn't too sure about this fancy new suckling business. Nature usually gets it all worked out soon enough since foals are persistent. Foals sometimes walk around making smacking noises with their lips as they search for their targets! Cute!

New moms sometimes need a little encouragement to let baby nurse if she stamps her feet, squeals and or pushes the baby away due to feeling tender or ticklish. Baby's suckling reflexes in this case needed to be encouraged so we could get mom used to be nursed on while we were out there to help, or interfere. :) That colostrum is so important, so you know how people can get, trying to be sure that they observe that the baby and the new mama get some understanding of Equine Nursing 101. After foals get the hang of it and as they get bigger, they can get to be pretty rough at this, banging their muzzles against mom's tummy. Most moms quickly design a new lesson plan to circumvent that. :)

Just realized... Looks like the mare is almost leaning on James.

Incidently... When you're working with mini horses, you thank goodness for good knees and a strong back! (which is why James and I are partial to the full sized horses, lol)

You can see where the filly got her coloring from. :)
Dad had to be gated off in the paddock so that the mare could attend to her new duties without fussing about curious Dad. Dad seemed to be content if he could just watch. But any time the foal headed in his direction, Mom would nudge the foal away or stand, blocking the path.

More pics of the parents here...

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // April 21, 2008

First thing I thought of with the spot on its rump was - dinosaur!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 23, 2008

You've been hanging around the evolution people too much. Ha! And I've become a bird brain. ;)   

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Horsing Around!

A pic of Ruya in our paddock with one of the visiting miniature horses.

I haven't been finding time to blog lately, but that happens!

The California fires were all six hours south of here, and sadly some people I know in the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Community have lost their homes. They were evacuated with little more than the shirts on their backs. Good thing no family member lives were lost. In some cases, livestock still needs to be accounted for and their housing and care structures rebuilt. The devastation is just difficult to comprehend even for those affected. Insurance issues are going to be a nightmare. :(

On top of other projects that have abducted me, I'm in the middle of building a new computer and the main issue of the moment is finding just the right video card. This has interfered with with productive use of my computer but hopefully this issue will be resolved within the next week. B)

Anyway, some Halloween fun-
Check out the costumes here
Washington Post slideshow - Dig the Batmobile on number 14!

And speaking of hayburners, check out this poodle! (a very tolerant one given the lack of horse know-how in the crowds)
CNN Movie clip

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


What was THAT?!

And you probably heard right. It might have been a couple donkeys yelling in the distance, for all you knew. ;)

It's been three months since my Arabian mare died (January) and at this point in time, James and I have given a little thought about getting another equine or other type of livestock for the paddock area. We just haven't dwelt on it. Recent events have required a lot of flexibility in priorities. James has just had a long delayed knee surgery. It is his first week home now. I've been too busy for email or blogging, let alone thinking of a quadruped lawn mower.

But this is funny. :)
A few weeks ago, James happened to find out about two miniature donkeys that were available. Excited about this, he asked me what I thought.

HA! The first thing that came to mind is that they BRAAAAAAAY and we have too many neighbors nearby who might hit the ceiling if WHEN the pair sounds off in stereo at all hours of the morning or night, which is likely to happen whenever either James or I leave early in the morning or feed them late at night. Or if the beasties are just in the mood to sing!

"No," I said to James. "I don't think so..."

He hadn't thought about the braying at first but then we were just busting up after I reminded him their musical qualities.

Then there's this
Donkey Testifies in Dallas Noise Complaint Trial
! A Donkey testifying in court. --that he doesn't bray ------ in court.

It was sweet that James had been thinking about a critter for the pasture area at all. :)


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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Few More Miniature Horse Pics

Ruya checking out the boundaries of the paddock.

Today is the first full day that the miniature horses spent out in the paddock so I went to get a closer look at our temporary guests. I brought along Ruya -- one of my Anatolian Shepherd Dogs for company. Ruya is just so used to the gentle sweetness of Tessie (my late Arabian mare) who never nipped, so Ruya had no idea that the little Studmuffin would start out sweet as anything, then steathily move on to the offensive with his nips and bites. Ruya quickly got wise to this and kept out of reach.

Mr Studly ...looking studly!

Der Princess

Ruya checking out the two beasties

What are they all munching?

I think the Princess is really quite sweet but shy.

Ruya keeping an eye on them at the corral gate.

Mr and Miss Lawnmower

They seem happy and content. :)

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Anonymous jan sent us a woof // May 08, 2007

Great pictures.What fun they must be. Ruya looks totally in charge.   

Monday, May 07, 2007

Some Neig-g-g-g-g-ghbors

With Tessie gone... we don't currently have an equine lawn mower in the corral and paddock space.

A neighbor with two pet minihorses saw James working on stuff outside and made an arrangement to bring his little guys over for some room to roam and good munching.

This is Mr Studly. I don't know what his name is yet, but isn't he a cutie?

And this is his little princess. :)


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Monday, April 30, 2007

In Memory of Pentessah

Earlier this year, the my Arabian mare suddenly passed on. On Friday, just before the last weekend of January 2007, Pentessah (Tessie) colicked during what passes as a cold snap around here. This sort of colic in horses seems to be a seasonal one, often lethal and I have learned that several acquaintances had such a loss this year. Bad year for our horses! All were otherwise healthy horses and the deaths were sudden.

Tess had plenty of water but due to the chill and her light-duty life of happily grazing and enjoying the sunshine, there was no working up a sweat. So for a critical period of time as the cold moved in, she never got thirsty enough to guzzle sufficient water for her internal hayburner metabolism (she was not on grain, just grass and hay). So it seemed sudden to us... Friday, she was rolling and kicking in agonizing pain. She had bed herself down in her favorite snoozing area of her open box. We got her up and walking which is first aid for horse colic. She was cooperative but never really focused on us. She did accept a small piece of hard Holiday candy from me at one point but wouldn't take any more. She became increasingly remote. We got the vet out to see and tubate her as soon as we could. He thought she might have a chance. There was no evidence of sand colic but he found that her packed cell volume was too high. She was seriously dehydrated and wouldn't drink. So he tubed and gave IVs and handed us some Banamine for her. We did what we could do but we were too late, hours passed and we lost her. It all happened in about 24 hours. Such a shock.

She was only twenty years old and had never been sick other than a case of strangles as a yearling. That is twenty years that she was a part of my life, representing a good chunk of happy times and many other changes. A foal from my first Arabian mare, she was symbolic of several childhood dreams come true. In those sad weeks that followed, the weight of her loss was a terrible toll for me. I discovered that I was not only grieving for her but many more things -- I came to realize she was an icon of a special era in my life. It is still taking time. I found it very difficult to write about.

Here's a pic of her as a baby. She was born at a small boarding stable owned by a wonderful retired cowboy who also had filled his past with beautiful working Arabian Horses. Blue Book, he was excited to tell me, sharing what he could about my mare's bloodline. I didn't have my own horse property then and boarding was fine -- but after little Tessie was born, before the year was up, we had moved to our current place, and in almost no time, Tessie was playing on our property with her mother, Saleeb.

Isn't she cute? That's her mom walking out of the picture.

Pentessah, only a few hours old

The photo above is a little damaged with glowing pinkish color on the left. This pic is still one of my favorites of her. I kept it in my office at the lab for years and I think a bit of hand lotion or soap got leaked on to it.

She was born black, looked like a dark bay during her first year, but gradually became a dappled gray. Her mane and tail got so long! At one point, she developed a habit of rubbing her neck on on the fence or pipe corrals so she could scratch an itchy spot. From that point on, the one section of mane there was either always broken off or curled into knots. But still, she was always beautiful. :)

Tess Tess Tess
A pic of Pentessah at about 6 years when she was a steel gray.

Life was pretty busy crazy due to the work schedule I had back then and I didn't get to ride her or her mother very often. SpiritShe was such a mischievous horse! She came when called. Loved to cuddle and mooch for scritches and treats. Always gentle. Fireworks, backfires, tarps and plastic (or paper) bags blowing around didn't faze her. She followed me around when I did chores in the paddock and corral. Mischievous? A self inspired pet trick she liked to do... She'd sometimes go to the wheelbarrow and rock it back and forth with her teeth while I pitched muck into it. She had quite the sense of humor... cos if I were in a hurry and ignored her or didn't react fast enough and yell at her (she WANTED to get a rise out of me), she would wait til the wheelbarrow was about full, then deliberately tip the wheelbarrow over and dash off... with her mane flying out behind her and tail arched over her back. She was an equal opportunity brat, cos she'd do the same thing to James.

With me. She'd first go tearing around the paddock, then come in really close, finally flashy trotting almost in place with her head turned toward me. Her neck arched, shaking her head in my direction as if to say Nyah nyah! It really was such eye candy, with her nostrils flaring, her ear tips turned inward then pointed at me as she watched me laugh. She was showing off, strutting her stuff in that magnificent way Arabian horses have. It always made me laugh. She'd even roll the whites of eyes at me sometimes. There isn't any doubt that she'd done it on purpose. :)

She'd then walk up with her neck lowered and come in for scritches and pats with her eyelids half shut. Definitely a character. :D And she had other games like this too. ;)

She had a sweet friendly greeting nicker. The word 'cookie' got her attention as much as that of any of the dogs. :) She yelled when her supper or breakfast was late (it always was, in her opinion). And she'd kick up her heels and toss her tail over her back and charge around spiritedly, encouraging who ever was feeding her to be quick about it and get the hay into the feeder!

In the last ten years we had her, I had gone completely deaf (idiopathic). She would nicker, and I could 'feel' her greeting. Her nostrils would flutter and the sound would come to my memory. I'd be beaming and calling her name. We'd greet and exchange slow breaths with each other, me blowing at her nostrils and she blowing back. If I were in the paddock, I could give her some chest, belly, ear, neck and head scritches. She'd wiggle her lips happily, with her eyes half closed, head down and ears relaxed and her lower lip drooping... Bliss!

Tess tess tess
My little mare and me

Tessie, you are missed.


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Anonymous jan sent us a woof // May 01, 2007

A beautiful requiem for a remarkable animal. Thank you for sharing her with us.   

Blogger Diane sent us a woof // May 02, 2007

:( *hug*
What a beautiful little lady. 20 years is far too short a time.   

Blogger Kiramet sent us a woof // May 03, 2007

Such beautiful memories of a beautiful horse.


Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 03, 2007

Thanks for the support and comments. Sometimes I wonder if I am moving on about this. I think it will take more time... :(   

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

But the Horse is Cute :)

So a drunk man on a horse goes to the bank and leaves a deposit. . .

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