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Friday, October 03, 2008

You can get it at Ebay!

Don't say I didn't tell ya!

I don't usually pay attention to the ubiquitous sponsored ads, but today due to other annoyances, this auction just seems like a really good idea.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

HSUS Swindles the Public -- and Now with More eBay Action!

A note used by Vick during his apology is up for auction to benefit HSUS at eBay.
77 bids as of my first hit on the page, current bid is $10,100.00.

According to a NYTimes article which I haven't yet read, it was indicated that the proceeds would be put in a restricted account dedicated to the prevention of dogfighting. Very funny! HSUS has been strongly criticized for taking high profile events and turning them into cash cows and channeling the money wherever they wanted to like eliminating genetic diversity programs, and interfering with local legislation with various types of strongarming, misleading statistics and profiling. Many other animal disasters, such as those involving starving cattle or poisoned camelids get little attention from HSUS because HSUS remains primarily focused on high profile events which can be used to milk funds from the public.

Realize that when HSUS does things to "benefit animals", publishing and distributing biased "educational" handouts, holding training seminars for people handling animal concerns and other such matters -- they CHARGE for all of that, and go on bragging about on how much they do to benefit the animal community. It is totally money grab.

In the world of scams, swindling, confidence, con man games - this type of behavior is a crime. HSUS/ Wayne Pacelle shows you an idea and your send money in good faith. In the meantime the confidence man organization has now many officials with six figure incomes and uses your money to seed more income.

Look at how much they have and how much potential cash that they _could_ voluntarily put aside for the animals needing help. Instead, as clearly shown in their financial report, they are using their funds for power, political drives, raising MORE MONEY.

And here we go with a little eBay sale to help the HSUS and supposedly the funds this time... are going to be slotted for one deliberately vague agenda.

How in the world did funds end up going to the various multi-MILLION campaigns/categories listed below.

Did you check some box for those when you sent in a donation?

Below is a link to HSUS' annual report for 2006.
(Please scroll to Page 24)

YEAR END DEC 31, 2006

With total net assets of $198.4 mil (which includes $30.4 mil in bequests),
the HSUS has expensed only $6.6 mil for animal care facilities!!

Additionally, they have expensed the following:
$17.5 mil for campaigns, litigation, and legislation
$11.6 mil for strategic communication
$14.1 mil for fund raising

HSUS and their propaganda work behind many amendments flooding states local municipalities and states.

Don't feed the bears. Don't put the fox on guard at the chicken house. Wake up!

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Because Mommy Said So!

Pikachu Wallpaper (image source)

I still know next to nothing about Pokemon, but years ago I remember buying a box of Kellogg's Pop Tarts merely because the packaging promised a Pokemon toy surprise inside. Okay, roll your eyes. I'm not a fan of Pop Tarts but for some reason I gave in to the impulse, and I wasn't even sure what Pokemon was anyway. So help me, maybe Pop Tarts were on sale that day too.

The wonderful prize that was in the box was the cutest little yellow 3D plastic pencil topper. Something you slide over the eraser end as a decoration. I quickly learned that the charming, tubby little yellow critter with the black tipped ears was Pikachu. I had often used the same pencil as a hair stick and after adding Pikachu over the eraser end, I was absolutely tickled. I wore that pencil a lot more. I have long hair, so twisting it into a bun and sticking my Pikachu pencil through it made for a instant fashion of questionable taste, but hey, it did the job and kept hair out of the way. If I needed something with which to write, all I had to do was let my hair loose. ha!

Anyway, Kath sent me this link on eBay several days ago which featured a hilarious story about the mysterious appearance of a package of Pokemon cards in a mom's shopping cart. Fun read! If the eBay link expires, see her blog post with links to related interviews or the story originally posted at eBay here. Oh, just go see her blog and subscribe! She is a very talented and funny writer whose children have obviously inspired a lot of creative mayhem. :)

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