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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Blogrolling is running! :)

Blogrolling is running! They're still ironing out some rough spots but now I can get the list of Anatolian blogs updated.

Utah Paw and National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network are now on the roller. I've updated or removed broken links to a couple blogs. I hope the one to Mystic Anatolians doesn't change again, Brandi's got lots of great pics over there. Don't miss reading Otto's blog posting, about the importance of considering breed differences.

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog Blogroll is here.

A change in how blogrolling works is that when you go to a link using the blogroller as the link source, the new page will show up as a subframe (which is removable by clicking on the 'x'). There are various options to get rid of the frame, but as the free service is very useful for gathering related blogs as an updating list and is not otherwise profitable to the new owners, I don't think that's a bad deal at all. For more info, check out the blogrolling site.


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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Blogs, Aortic aneurysm and cartoons

When blogrolling is fixed and running, we have another cool blog to add to the list. I love the current header at this site and it only reminds me I never really settled on what to use for mine. :) See Utah Paw.

Several of the blogs have been getting periodic updates so you have to surf a bit from the list page above to find the updated ones until the rolling starts to happen again. Kirsi cracks me up with her Finnish version of Beach Dogs. There's a nice look at one of latest of Turkish imports at Shepherds Rest.

For others who are survivors of aortic dissection or who have a family member that has been affected, there's a page that I recently added to my bookmarks.

I discovered another place to look for captioned video. See
Now if there were only more hours in the day!

On the deaf forum, I discovered some of the work of a cartoonist seeking syndication and I think he deserves syndication so I'm spreading some of his humor so that more will get to know his work. The artist, Peter McEachen has a site here which has samples of his various inspirations. On the link for cartoons, check out his funny family oriented panels for the strips for which he gives examples. I thought the stay at home dad examples were charming (The Daddy Diaries), but I loved them all. The newest strip he is doing is called Living Impaired. This is where he makes cartoons about deafness and other challenges that I can certainly relate to. Living Impaired is not featured on his site as a composite link yet, but he has been posting them on the deafness forum at

One of my favorites: (click to make bigger)
To see the rest of Living Impaired as posted on the Deafness and HOH forum, go here and have fun! :)

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Blogrolling news, etc

Blogrolling is still not quite ready to roll. I know it's been frustrating for many that were using the rolling updater. A few of the blogs that were on the Anatolian Blogroll have changed or discontinued, and some need to be added.

According to Blogrolling which currently still redirects to their status page - they are still broken (it's been a couple years now due to massive overload of auto-pings by spam sites). There's hope. See a recent post dated mid January...
Hardware was installed and tested the week of January 5th as promised, now we’re just waiting on delivery of the final code. We ran into some UI issues and made a decision earlier this week to simply go with the old UI rather than try to jazz things up and protract the outage.

Our developers are working on the migration tools now to get your old data into the new system. With some luck, I’ll have a concrete relaunch date Friday coming, or possibly Monday at the latest.

Keep your fingers crossed with me, I will post more as soon as I get word back from the team.
On to other network related things, I started logging onto my neglected Facebook account. Daily. Simple enough. Whenever my browser is up, one browser tab is usually active on FB even if I'm ignoring it, lol.

Like other networks, I initially joined Facebook just to have access to some material which this or that member invited me to see.

Since revisiting it mid January, and actually poking around within, instead of logging in and zipping out as soon as "mission accomplished" -- I have found the interface more immediately interactive, integrated, simple and appealing to me than the interfaces found on places like MySpace, LiveJournal, Multiply, MSN, Dogster, 360Yahoo, -- places where I never really 'hang out'. For grins, I recently found what seems to be an application that allows pets and human babies to have their own Facebook networks. Amusing. :)

My main computer is pretty well behaved these days, now that I've got tons of diskspace again. Yay. I'm still stalling on putting in a new graphics card due to some upgrade I think I'd rather have. And, oh bother... my Vista notebook has turned into a slug and is driving me batty. Bleah. Anyway, that's all for now.

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Blogger jan sent us a woof // February 03, 2009

I've been wondering where you were, but I knew it was busy.   

Friday, November 14, 2008

Anatolian Rescue goodies

I just got my beautiful Anatolian Calendar for 2009. Leydi above, is the cover girl. You can see more pics of her and her beautiful kids, over at Zaltana's Anatolian blog. It's a fun blog to visit because it is a picture web log and the pictures give a lot of clues about canine pack behavior. I think Marlene does a great job on her blog. :) (Plus, I just like to harass her! )

Kadim, Leydi and Alex are among the featured Anatolians in the 2009 calendar. 100% of all proceeds benefit purebred Anatolians. There might be some calendars left for those who forgot about preordering - they do not last long because the number that are printed is based largely on preorders. For more info on if any can be had, or info on how much is raised for rescue, and if you have a great Anatolian you'd like to see in next year's calendar, go here.

NASRN has an assortment of items for fund raisers. Alex is also featured on an Anatolian holiday card over at the new NASRN (rescue) blog, check it out! :) What a gorgeous headshot!

I'm tempted to scan Alex and put him on my blog too, but that would make it too easy for you. If you really want to have it, get his holiday cards or buy a 2009 calendar! heehee :D

BTW if you have a Myspace profile, and are looking to add friends you can add NASRN as a Myspace friend.

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Anatolian Rescue Blog and some MMORPG video fun!

A couple days ago I discovered NASRN's blog. (National Anatolian Shepherd Rescue Network.)
I'll be adding their blog link to the Anatolian Blogroll whenever Blogrolling is back up again. Blogrolling is reportedly undergoing a rewrite so it might take a little time. Anyway, I'm linking to it here for now.

Unrelated: Note to self... get a replacement box of baking soda next to the stove to quickly put out cooking fires.

Okay, I ran into some really funny video a few days ago and the best part is that not only is it really hilarious stuff, but it is captioned!! :D

The Youtube homepage for this series of movies is WatchTheGuild, and they have Season 1 available here. I will embed the first clip of Season 1 below so you can get an idea what it's about. It really is hilarious. I haven't played any of these massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) but I know dozens and dozens of people that do, -- some with almost entire families in different locations around the world meeting and playing a game periodically. Some people really get into it (maybe too much!) and others play off and on. Being reliable with your group is important to the gaming and social success of a guild or group. For example, it may take a team of players with a wide variety of skills to kill a virtual dragon. This sort of game play isn't my thing, but the fun thing about these clips is how realistically they depict or parody real time social network individuals. If you like this clip below, head over to the homepage linked above and watch more as you find time. :) Fun!

A week ago, I mentioned a couple free anime styled MMORPGs. If you just want to check them out, go here for "Winterland Online" and also check out the drop down menu for a list of their other virtual worlds at the topmost right.

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Friday, October 17, 2008

Deaf, ASL, captioned, funny video logs (VLOG)

The good news is that some of the issues causing stress around here are resolving. I'm still having other stress due to the backlog that has built up in other projects, but I'm so glad for all the great friends and support I've had. There's light at the end of the tunnel.

Since I don't watch TV, often the way I kick back and try to relax is just try to address some emails and also continue to try to self tutor in learning ASL, not that it's very useful for me, since few people I know use it. However it is a beautiful language and the skill of some that use ASL just knocks me off my feet (OMG, I'll never get to be half that good!)

For example, I've been trying to follow along with noncaptioned ASL videos at random, at YouTube, and while I'm not doing so hot... I discovered one lady who blogs with video (VLOG) and uses ASL. A few of her best and funniest VLOGs are also text enabled with open captions. Happy Hands (her handle) is not deaf, nor is she CODA (child of deaf adults) but she's immersed in ASL, is very expressive and quite an inspritation. I won't be up to her caliber any time soon but here are a couple of her VLOGs that really cracked me up. :)

Ask my husband, I'm one of those people that really JUMP when startled, so the following VLOG hit close to home. :D

Now the VLOG that follows is just amazing! Our story teller's expression is one thing by itself, but the story probably added years to my life due to all the laughing I did!

That's all for now!

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Blogger toni sent us a woof // October 17, 2008

Sorry I guess I jumped the gun with the offer to help....I can't figure out how to e-mail you husband is a firefighter and has been gone and I just spoke with him about the foster care, we are currently looking to buy a female pup to protect our new family, we have a two year old and a 6 week old sons, I thought it would be a good idea to have the dog for the little boy but my husband thinks he and our son would get attached to the dog, I'm very sorry....hope he gets someone to care for him.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // October 17, 2008

Toni, that's really okay.

If you'd ever like more info on the breed, see the rest of my website. I only have a rescue (Molly) with an unknown background and Bella here right now that need homes, but if you'd like some breed info and to meet other Anatolians in your area, just check out the rest of my website and I can send you more info about what you might be getting into, to have an Anatolian. I do have an email form here.

This can be a difficult breed to own, due to their independence. I have lots of pics of Anatolians with kids though. :) Here.   

Monday, May 05, 2008

Italian Anatolian Blog

Umberto, Nino's son, with some rascally puppies (in Italy).

Nino (in Italy) has started blogging! :)
I've added him to the Anatolian blogroll -- testing to see if it will "roll" if I use a translation link (probably won't but it might be handy for me anyway).
His blog has some pics and comments about his Anatolians. It is in Italian but machine translations from Italian are not nearly as bad as some. (Turkish machine translations are horrid!). ;)
See his blog here and use your favorite Italian to English translator. Here's one I use.

His current blog comment mentions Hakim (above) who is going to South Africa to help his new owner in the effort to protect flocks from predators and thereby assist in wildlife conservation. (here... for the translated Italian link)

Nino has the above handsome Anatolian, named Kartal, who was born on a goat farm in Texas. Kartal rated perfect hips normal elbows at maturity and will be a very important part of the future Anatolians in Europe and looks like Africa too. Kartal represents an infusion of new bloodlines in Europe. Kartal's registered name is Old Glory Kartal. :)

This is Ayri, the mother full sister of the mother of the litter (Frida). She is a first generation homebred of Nino's foundation stock.

Here is Hakan, a Kartal x Ayri son. Isn't he cute!

More pups! I love this expression! The rough coat is awesome!

And here's Umberto with one of the little guys.

Here is Nino's website.

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Blogger aslanit sent us a woof // May 06, 2008

nice to see Umberto and my dogs on your blog
thank you   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 06, 2008

Thanks Nino. And thanks so much for sharing the photos!   

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet Otto, the Anatolian!

Scanning my google updates last night, I noticed an alert for a blog about Otto, the Anatolian. And the same day, also got a comment from Otto's Mom!

Otto's Mom has some thought provoking Anatolian related musings inspired by Otto, the Anatolian. It's with both an amused sense of deja vu and some satisfaction that I reflect on Otto's Mom's sensible perspectives on her Anatolian experience with Otto. Granted, Otto is Otto, and many of us have quite different life experiences with our Anatolians and each new Anatolian in our lives always has something to teach us. Keeps us honest, don't cha think? :) Go check out Otto's blog! :)

BTW, just out of coincidence, I was checking to see where Ruya (code: ruya1) had migrated to on the Pedigree Dog Mosaic which I posted about previously, and what do you know, Otto (code that worked for me to recheck location: otto1) was located just a few squares away from Ruya around Pedigree Dog's left ear (see below). What a coincidence (or I would never have seen Otto!). Hey, ASD people... world domination can't be too far fetched a goal. Wuffs! ;)

World Domination begins now!


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Precious Pasa!

Meet Pasa! photo courtesy of Brandi's MySpace

Brandi owns Pasa and has a story on her blog about a rather serious experience that revealed Pasa's sensitive and caring nature. What a wonderful, sensitive puppy! The same site not only hosts her blog but her new website as well. See the list of links in the column at that page. Go, enjoy!

Alternatively, if you've got a MySpace account, go here to see the collection of puppy photos of Pasa and her other Anatolian pals who live over at Brandi's Mystic Anatolians. If you're not a MySpace member, you can still check out Brandi's MySpace page and see slideshows and a movie of her other ASDs without joining MySpace.

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Because Mommy Said So!

Pikachu Wallpaper (image source)

I still know next to nothing about Pokemon, but years ago I remember buying a box of Kellogg's Pop Tarts merely because the packaging promised a Pokemon toy surprise inside. Okay, roll your eyes. I'm not a fan of Pop Tarts but for some reason I gave in to the impulse, and I wasn't even sure what Pokemon was anyway. So help me, maybe Pop Tarts were on sale that day too.

The wonderful prize that was in the box was the cutest little yellow 3D plastic pencil topper. Something you slide over the eraser end as a decoration. I quickly learned that the charming, tubby little yellow critter with the black tipped ears was Pikachu. I had often used the same pencil as a hair stick and after adding Pikachu over the eraser end, I was absolutely tickled. I wore that pencil a lot more. I have long hair, so twisting it into a bun and sticking my Pikachu pencil through it made for a instant fashion of questionable taste, but hey, it did the job and kept hair out of the way. If I needed something with which to write, all I had to do was let my hair loose. ha!

Anyway, Kath sent me this link on eBay several days ago which featured a hilarious story about the mysterious appearance of a package of Pokemon cards in a mom's shopping cart. Fun read! If the eBay link expires, see her blog post with links to related interviews or the story originally posted at eBay here. Oh, just go see her blog and subscribe! She is a very talented and funny writer whose children have obviously inspired a lot of creative mayhem. :)

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Friday, March 09, 2007

Label Hack for FTP Hosted Blogger Blogs

I'm slowly getting back into the swing of blog things and taking a look at what new Blogger tweaks and developments are available for Blogger Blogs such as mine hosted on private domains. Different tools (widgets) are available to those not using their own domain -- keeping their blog hosted on the Blogger or Google domain gives those advantages.

I like being able to label postings into different categories so one can click on a label such as 'Kids' and see all other postings related to kids on my blog. However FTP sites are not able to use the automated label widgets which are available to non-FTP blogs. Coding gurus have come up with various hacks (which depending on the hosting site) can be used to get certain approximating effects.

Yay! So after wading around in the Blogger help group for a bit, I found a link to an AJAX based javascript code for my current label sidebar (see shell pink LABEL box at left). The hosting site of the script is cute fashion blog at The script itself is quite nice for my purposes right now. :D

Link to the Hack
The Label Hack for FTP Blogs


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Friday, January 19, 2007


The Anatolian Blogrolling feature which updates the entire blogroll when blogs are renewed Anatolian Blogroll (our blogrolling update icon) has not been working unless an individual site is pinged. This is due to Blogrolling being overwhelmed in recent months with splogs (spam blogs and their bots). Anyway, the new owner of Blogrolling is rolling out changes. Hopefully the wonkiness will all be worked out. :)

Go here and be sure to read the comments


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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Blogger, out of Beta - testing. . .

I've decided to take the leap and move this blog over to the new version of Blogger. But first, a test, I created a test blog on my domain and the FTP was working just great for the brand new test blog.

With that vote of confidence that FTP to my host was working fine, I've moved this and my old testing blogs over to the new system. Once on the new Blogger system, you can't go back. Yikes... So, this is the first post. I'm having trouble with the FTP already. Hopefully that's transient and will go away. (If you are seeing this post, then it has started to work)

My posts won't look different from the old stuff. However, the new Blogger has some capabilities, one of which is adding 'labels' so that groups of related posts with the same label, can be viewed together. These labels can be added to older posts to make related posts easier to find.


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Blogger Joan Sinden sent us a woof // December 27, 2006

Does this mean I should update my subscription thingee that I use that tells me when you've updated your blog so I know to go and read it? I use blogarithm now and it is pointed to - some things I'm good at - and some things I'm very bad at!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // December 27, 2006

Joan -- Nah, I think the feeds work for all the newsfeed thingies that are kept in service. You have the right URL.

Speaking of things that are supposed to respond to pings! I am having trouble with -- I think it's been overrun by abusive splog bandwidth and seems to have been abandoned by its administrators. bleah   

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Anatolian Blogroll - New bloggers!

We've gotten some new Bloggers who are now members of the Anatolian blogroll! Our blogroll currently features the little icon on the left that activates when pages have been updated. They are now listed anywhere that the blogroll is featured (like on the sidebar of several Anatolian blogrolls) so you can check out the latest updates.

Huri Anatolian Shepherd Dogs - in UK who currently has a litter available. Check out their beautiful dogs.

Hisar Anatolian Shepherd Dogs - also in UK. I've blogged some pictures of Hazine (Jazzy) and her small human pal. Now her human slave can blog about Hazine's antics. Check out their site too!

Last and not least is Kiramet anatolianpaimenkoirat - Where Semavi Kale Kadim (name meaning: celestial ancient fortress) rules from his side of the world. He is a littermate brother to my Ruya who watches everything on this blog, from the lower left corner.

She's stealing all MY ;) good pictures of Kadim! So here's one recent pic of this handsome prince, then you must GO and check out all the critters that live or have lived with Kadim's human slave in Finland. She's mentioned that he has had a recent role in a Finnish TV broadcast about the conservation efforts which use LGDs, or something like that. It hasn't been aired yet, but when it does I hope we get to see some pics or something from the show!

Looking bored!
Kadim patiently putting up with it all!

Huri Anatolian Shepherd Dogs - UK
Hisar Anatolian Shepherd Dogs - UK.
Kiramet anatolianpaimenkoirat - Finland


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Anonymous Anja sent us a woof // May 30, 2006

Luckely I know that you are just proud that Kadim has such a finnish human slave   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 30, 2006

You've got that right, Anja! :)   

Blogger Kiramet sent us a woof // May 31, 2006

LOL! He's MINE, all mine, precious...

LOTR was a big hit (well, still is) back when I was anxiously waiting for everything to be organized so that Kadim could start his long journey from Sacramento via San Francisco Int Airport via Schiphol Int Airport in Holland via Helsinki Int Airport to our farm in Degerby, Finland... and the words of Gollum in LOTR kept repeating in my mind: He's MINE, all mine, precious...

BTW, Anja was of !great! help arranging so that Kadim received special attention while stopping briefly at Schiphol. Anja kept us updated every step of the way. And the staff at the Animal Hotel at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was super!

And thanks to Janice for sending me such a special boy!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 31, 2006

Yes, he is PRECIOUS!! And what would we have done without Anja?! Thank you Anja! :D   

Monday, May 01, 2006

Anatolian Blogrolling - Dog Blogging

I've been playing with a "blog roller" which lets the reader know at a glance when listed blogs are updated. I have set up an Anatolian Blogroll and have been experimenting with implementing it to help our Anatolian Shepherd Dog community grow.

The script for the one I chose allows me to add a little attention getting icon to the list of blogs which will show up whenever blogs on the listing have been updated within the past two days. A few blogging engines may not activate the icon properly but for the most part it works great. It's got some familiar (to me) faces on it, three of my dogs (Zor, Ruya & Boone) and Shaman's Ten Bears, who is the familar mascot for our Anatolian Ring as well.

If all the servers are working right, you'll see the icon in action anywhere someone is using the Anatolian Blogroll code. It can be inserted into sidebars, regular webpages, examples are in my sidebar and page. The code involves javascript so I couldn't put it on a blog posting itself, although I'm attempting to embed it as an object here. You'd be able to see it in Firefox browser, and it works just fine in a sidebar or regular web page. My current sidebar uses a version of this blogroll in a transparent iframe.

Blogrolling Code for Anatolian Shepherd Dog Blogroll

Copy the code (Ctrl+C) and paste it (Ctrl+V) into your Blogger sidebar or webpage.

If other members of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog community have a blog that at least occasionally features Anatolian related postings, let me know, and I'll add you to the blogroll. A comment on my blog with a link to your blog is perfect as other visitors can see your comment and link as well. I can then visit and see your blog at work.


Semavi Lady woofed at @ 5/01/2006 05:37:00 AM | Permanent link | (4) Comments

Blogger Tazkwok sent us a woof // May 01, 2006

How many dogs do you have?? One of my baby turtles is sick, and I am so stressed right now. Do you know anything about turtles? My turtles have fungi on their shells. Totally disgusting!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 01, 2006

Taz, I left an answer on your blog for the Turtle problem. I didn't really have answers for you but gave a few links and ideas. Your turtles maybe need more sunshine in a safe place and their water should probably be kept a little bit acidic. Both sun and a lower pH are helpful against fungus in otherwise healthy critters.

I have three dogs right now. Two that are 3 years and one that is 8 years.   

Blogger Tazkwok sent us a woof // May 02, 2006

Thank you for the link. You have been a great help to me. Guess what? My turtles are doing a little bit better today. I have been so stressed in the past few days! I only got like four hours of sleep each night. I kept waking up thinking about my turtles.I am a father in distressed!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 03, 2006

Taz, glad things are looking up. I hope they are out of trouble now.

When they grow up, you can tell them about all the gray hairs they gave to you! :)   

Friday, April 21, 2006

Blogger for Dummies - getting started

Peter's (aka Enviroman) blog called Blogger for Dummies is part of what inspired me to start this post (the other reason is more doggie related, mentioned below). Blogger for Dummies answers Blogger related questions and offers tips for the Blogger user. You can read a template tutorial, learn to put a photo into your profile, how to edit links in your sidebar or make tidy clickable links (hyperlinks) in your postings. Even back up your blog.

Blogging can be made as simple or as challenging as you want. It can grow with you (heehee, hi Ron!) and provides one way to have your own free web page! If you decide to make the leap and start blogging, there are many different blogging hosts other than Blogger with assorted benefits. Some are free, some are not and some offer more options for the blog user. People usually start with the basics and learn as they go, so the more people using the same tool, the easier it can be to find help for basic questions.

I'm familiar with Blogger since this is the service with which I started last year so I'm most familiar with Blogger resources. (When I started this blog, it wasn't because I wanted to be a Blogger either, but that's another story!)

Blogger (same as is a good place to start since it is a huge resource (owned by Google). There are many newbies with initially similar needs and questions, and there are loads of experienced bloggers who have stayed with the system for years from whom to learn - even if only by studying what they've done with their blogs.

It's easy to get signed up and get started in just a few minutes! Much of this blogging information may make little sense til you have your tiger blog by the tail. Once you get started, you'll go through more or fewer of the processes involved in getting your blog where you want it to be, as your goals for your blog may morph with your imagination and needs.

A great place to get your blogging questions answered is of course at Blogger's own extensive help pages which proved invaluable in helping me to get started. Blogger for Dummies is now another great place which has arrived recently and is much more dynamic with interesting ideas posted from time to time. Not nearly as much for newbies, there's also Freshblog, especially its Blogger Hacks that may be of interest. Surf around.

After you get your ball blog rolling, if you have more questions, there's a Blogger forum hosted on Google.

Some people like to have a unique look to their blog and a search on Google for blogger templates can be helpful. also offers different services and beautiful and unique blogger templates as well. Here's another bookmark I've had for templates at Eris' Template Generator. Remember that once you start getting into fiddling with your template, always save a copy as a backup. Do incremental backups as you go along (use notepad, not Word for this!), since sometimes you may want to back up several notches to do a repair. Blogger doesn't back up your template changes for you although it does maintain your posting database until you delete the files. Sometimes there are system hiccups and you may find that you need to find your template backup. oops!

When I can find time, I'll do a couple more (sporadic) posts about blogging because one of the goals of this blog has been to try and help the members of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog community reach out and help each other.

If you're thinking of blogging maybe some of this info will help you get started. Do have fun blogging!


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Friday, January 27, 2006

Homestead Security Anatolians has a blog!

See Homestead Security Anatolians
Another Anatolian blog to add to our growing group of Anatolian bloggers! :)


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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shaman Anatolians has a blog!

Shaman Anatolians now has a blog! Go and check it out - Tales of Anatolian Shepherds : A Turkish Dog


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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shepherds Rest Farm has a blog!

A new Anatolian blog located at Shepherds Rest Farm. Be sure to visit their homepage too!


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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Syndication and Anatolian Shepherd Related Blogs

I've syndicated this blog (syndication links on the left). I've also added a link to an Anatolian Shepherd related blogs search - see link on the left under Other Anatolian Blogs.

Syndication permits a blog to be searchable. It also enables a blog so that it can be conveniently read from various aggregators such as a personalized "My Yahoo" page whenever the page is updated.

UPDATE: 1 Dec 2005 -- I fixed a few issues for so that my search toolbar works for the older posts. Yay :)

UPDATE: 23 Dec 2005 -- I found an excellent link that helps explain how to use Firefox's Live Bookmarks here. Firefox users, check it out! :)


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