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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dogs, men 'play' same game to woo women-Man-Woman-Relationships

Man-Woman-Relationships-Lifestyle-The Times of India

I have some old weirdly fuzzy / grainy digital pictures of Ruya, the girl (left), manhandling Boone, the boy (right). These were taken when both stars of the show were about a year old and after they badly abused a paper bag of dog fur from Zor that was going to be tossed after I finished working on their Uncle Aslan.

I had to laugh about the above Times of India article since at least with big dog folk, this craziness is pretty well known. And it's part of the reason that boy-girl pairs work better than having a girl/girl or boy/boy pair if you like to have Anatolians in stereo. :)

Ruya taking a big chunk out of Boone's cheek!

Here's some of the text from the article:
Just like men, dogs too know how to win ladies’ hearts – and that too from a young age.

According to a new study, while playing, young dogs let the female pups win, even if the males have a physical advantage.

They might lose the game in the short run, but they could win at love in the future.

The experts found that male dogs place themselves in potentially disadvantageous positions, which could make them more vulnerable to attack, and researchers suspect the opportunity to play may be more important to them than winning.

Infact, the gentlemanly dog behavior is even accompanied with a bow. "We found that self-handicapping tends to occur in conjunction with play bows," the Discovery News quoted lead researcher Camille Ward, as saying.

"A play bow is a signal that dogs use when they want to communicate playful intentions to a potential play partner," added Ward, a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan and director of About Dogs LLC. She is also author of the forthcoming book, Relationship-Based Dog Training.

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just like her mom... Semavi Vasi Bella

Semavi Vasi Bella ("Bella") is back with us for a while.
She was the girl who was biscotti puppy.
She gives us so many doubletakes!! Her head and expression and much of her personality is just like her mom.

Momma Zor, below:
Semavi Kadinsi Zor
Zor's muzzle is a little gray at this angle, but the similarities in head and expression just blow me away. :)

Zor with Bella
Here are the two of them. Mama Zor with little 'Spot', now known as Bella, straddling her paws.

Bella in August 2008
Here is Bella again. Pretty girl!

Coco and Bella Aug 2008
And here are Bella with her sister Coco, our chocolate rough coat. Bella is just a little taller than Coco now.

You'd never have guessed Bella would 'catch up' so much if you saw this pic of Coco and Bella playing at 6 weeks of age.
6weeks Coco and Bella

Isn't that amazing?!

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // August 31, 2008

Bella is a very pretty dog!


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In Memory - Semavi Kadinsi Zor

April 5, 1998 - Sept 26, 2007

Unbelievably... Zor passed away in her sleep this morning. She was nine and a half years old.

Only yesterday she was playbowing with the others and challenging them all to a game of chase. Only yesterday, she did several of her routines of 'lean on me', pressing against me for a long moment for a hug, and ear scritch. She spent part of the day sleeping inside the house and poking me with her nose for attention intermittently. All business as usual.

Yesterday, when she was in the house, since she'd been a bit picky on her food recently, I offered her some chow and some meat trimmings. She didn't seem hungry for the chow but she took a few bites of it and took all the meat trimmings I offered. Then she went back to lay down in the other room.

At dusk, she was outside happily charging around with the other dogs, grinning and occasionally wuffing at imaginary unsavory characters that might be thinking of driving by. Everything seemed fine. When James was taking out trash and checking the gates late last night, she followed him around for snuggles and leans. Business as usual.

So, this morning, I was startled to find her laying on her side as if sleeping.
She was gone. :( :(

She was off her appetite for the previous weeks and was on the ribby side (an annual summer event with her), but no other sign of being unwell. She'd finish off all her chow - 3 days out of 5. And on the other two days, just eat about a cup full. So yesterday, she didn't seem different at all. As she is getting a little older than the others, she gets probiotic via kefir, N'zymes and a little grated Parmesan cheese for aroma daily these days -- and yesterday, a shelled boiled egg, on her chow. She nibbled disinterestedly at chow, ate about half -- just wasn't hungry.

I have two of her daughters here and one son. Coco (girl) and Helmut (son) who are about a year old and then there's the older daughter, Ruya, who is 4.5 years. Boone (4.5 years) is unrelated to Ruya and he is well also - so I don't suspect a food issue. None have problems in appetites, none are finicky in the least, none seem to have problems keeping on weight - which had become Zor's lot over the past three years. We are feeding Purina One since May this year - I changed to that one after all the other dog food craziness was going on. No one here as had a problem with Purina. When Zor was previously off her appetite, she seemed to love having Milk Bones and sometimes that was all she would eat for a few weeks! But the past several weeks after a routine (for her) summer, she was eating less, 3 days out of 5, and was becoming ribby.

L-R: Dylan and Zor as puppies. June 1998 photo - yes chickens cleaning the puppy bowl in the back!

Zor at 6 months. Big knuckles... she was 96 pounds at 7 months

Zor at 4 or 5 years.

Zor in 2003

Zor, the Luv Bunny - 2006

Who does Zor love best? Well, it always seemed that if I were outside doing stuff with the dogs, if James showed up, Zor would be the first one by his side! She loved leaning on him and taking head scritches from him. Above, you see her eyes closed and head tilted to him. Whenever I were out there, not quite so magnetic! She'd check to be sure she wasn't missing out on treats first, and then the other dogs would be able to 'own' me while she stood back waiting after the rush. Part of this may have to do with my habit of putting bug repellent on her when needed. She seemed to have decided that the routine was the same as "Zor Repellent" as far as she was concerned. James never did this nasty stuff to her so she has always gravitated to him quickly without the need to suspiciously check him out. Of course, the other dogs are fine on this with me, they don't like it, but they want to be there first! They're much less concerned of dabs of bug wipe being put on their ears and feet.

Yet having said that, if I called her and even if she knew she was going to get 'bug dabbed' she will still come... not on the first request, maybe she'd duck into a dog house first, but if I headed in her direction, she would stop and head toward me, looking resigned. Instead of anti-bug dabs, sometimes I just give her praise and a treat. :)

Zor in the background, headshot of her daughter, Ruya, in the foreground.

Zor with her litter of October 2006. Puppy Chaos!

As I write this, the loss still hasn't really sunk in. I keep falling apart momentarily, then feeling that she's NOT really gone.

She was so loyal and affectionate, yet fickle and suspicious about any change in routine. She was a wonderful mother to her two litters. We have two nice females from her, perhaps to carry on for the future. We have a pet son of hers who we are growing up right now, and he is absolutely a love. Zor has a page listing some of her details. She has been a part of our breed diversity program and attained her AKC registration only in the last two years. More photos on her in this blog are listed on the Zor label.

Zor, you are loved and missed. You will not be forgotten.


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Anonymous jan sent us a woof // September 26, 2007

A beautiful tribute to Zor. Please accept my sincere sympathy. How great you can carry on the line.   

Blogger Kiramet sent us a woof // September 26, 2007

Janice & James,
I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Kadim waves goodbye to his momma, Zor will be missed by us too. :(   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // September 27, 2007

Dylan, Khazu, Steve and I are saddened to hear of Zor's passing. We've lost part of our family, too. Our sympathy is with you.   

Anonymous Lisa Flowers sent us a woof // September 28, 2007

Janice & James,

I wanted to say that I am very sorry to hear of your recent loss. May it help you in some small way to know that those of us who love this breed are grieving right along beside of you in Zor's passing. I pray he is happily keeping my beloved girl Madison company. They now wait patiently for our arrival... as they have done so many faithful times before in the life they shared with us on earth. They will be missed but never forgotten.

With love & hugs to you,

Lisa Flowers aka Madison's Mommy   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 29, 2007

Thanks for all the comments. I had also gotten quite a bit of email from wonderful folk!   

Anonymous Bilkay and Seven sent us a woof // October 01, 2007

We are truly sorry for your loss. Seven looks so much like Zor, it breaks my heart. I hope you find peace in knowing she had a wonderful life with you guys. Please let me know what i can do to help.

bilkay and seven   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // October 01, 2007

Bilkay, thank you and thanks for sharing Seven's special story too.

Best wishes!   

Blogger Rachel sent us a woof // October 02, 2007

Dear Janice and James,

I am only just now finding out about Zor. I am so sorry for your loss, it's heartbreaking I know! My heart goes out to you, and while I'm still sad that I didn't get to have beautiful silly Helmut, I think maybe it's because he knew he would be needed to make you smile and laugh. love from Bauer dog and me!   

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Why It Helps to Have Two Hands

It's just in case if you're petting one dog. . .

Zor eating it up

And another one wants some too!

Ruya wants some too

Skunk!Ruya took a hit from a skunk the night before this pic. Yeesh!

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Semavi Lady woofed at @ 9/23/2006 09:57:00 AM | Permanent link | (3) Comments

Blogger Carina sent us a woof // September 27, 2006

...and you petted her skunky head?? LOL.
I had never heard of Joubert, he and Lonsdale (who can be a bit "out there" but certainly is a man on a mission) are of like mind, I see that he's got commentary on Lonsdale's site Thanks for those awful dental photos, yikes. Excellent dental health really is one of the nice things about not feeding kibble much or at all - sweet breath and really white teeth.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 27, 2006

Lucky me, I'm the one with the camera. :)

The stink was everywhere so we couldn't tell it was Ruya at first. The other two Anatolians were not hit. Just Ruya. :)

It's true about the rawfood groups/splits - and that their activism and differing opinions seem to create issues all their own. On the whole, I think that Lonsdale is much less an apologist to the pet food industry. So that creates its own groups of loyalties. :)

I'm glad you're reaping the benefits of your choices! It really is the right way to go for many dogs!   

Blogger Carina sent us a woof // September 30, 2006

Second post down is a recipe (and my comment) for a deskunking solution.

(I've not tried to figure out how to put hyperlinks in comments yet.)

Some raw proponents are ridiculously rigid...I own a large, active yahoogroup - raw stuff plus just about anything else related to dogs. There's other (Lonsdale-ites) groups that will actally ban people for writing the word "kibble" or talking about feeding ground meat or vegetables. I am not joking. Sheesh. It's just food. :)   

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Well, it wasn't Madonna's bra. . .

Time... Yesterday morning, looking past Zor (my 8 year old Anatolian female) who was laying down amidst bits of torn paper and chewed up things. Off in the near distance were a pair white curved things laying on the ground that shouldn't have been there. I'd have to go check it out.

Zor surrounded with a few chewed up bits of paper

Ruya, relaxing on the porch.

Between the two, which one would have been the guilty one?
Ruya is doing a good job appearing to have had nothing to do with it all. :)
Ruya is a 3.5 years old daughter of Zor.

Cone shaped pointy things.

Definitely not Madonna's bra.

Madonna's braTHIS is Madonna's bra

After seeing the evidence up close I had a laugh.

When in pairs, cone shaped, pointy things usually remind me of too much adolescent humor.

Referring, of course, to Madonna's famous pointy bra.

Couldn't help it... I was laughing laughing out loud. :D

Oh boy...
Well chewed up funnels!

Not much left of the funnels!

I thought, well, James will not be pleased, but I was still laughing. Since it was also nearby, I put what remains of a large cotton chew rope that was once a couple feet long right next to the funnels (the rest of that rope was nearby too). Just more evidence of how important chewing is!


Got the evidence.

Apparently James had handled the funnels and didn't put them away or if he had put them away, they were found anyway. Personalities and quirks are part of life with dogs. I'm sure it was Zor that did that. Zor loves to claim things laying around that James has personally touched and 'abandoned', including tools and bags of nuts and bolts. Some strange sort of scent and chew fetish I guess!

Glad she can't reach his cell phone or remotes!

I'm so pretty!
Beautiful girl, pretty smile.
So sweet, even is she is naughty.

James stepped out of the house and wondered what I was about. After I pointed out "Madonna's bra" to James, he gave an exasperated sigh and muttered, "Zor".

Of course, she's been following him and since he's standing still for a moment observing the crime scene, AND mentions her name.... Zor wisks up to his side and immediately leans on him heartily with a huge happy grin on her face.

And what does he do? He's rubbing her ears while he's telling her what a naughty brat she is.

Must be love.

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Semavi Lady woofed at @ 6/14/2006 08:58:00 PM | Permanent link | (3) Comments

Anonymous Leigh-Ann sent us a woof // June 17, 2006

Dante once took the entire Yellow Pages outside and tore them up. For days we'd see little bits of yellow paper floating through the air...

The thing which surprises me most about Dante is that he hasn't outgrown his love of chewing on the forbidden. I think he's just trying to keep us on our toes.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // June 17, 2006

Egads, does that mean the Yellow Pages of Las Vegas?!! Oh my goodness! LOL
That must be twice as big as most phone books!

Our other problem chewer was years ago. That Anatolian loved to chew garden hoses and often left 6 inch sections laying around anytime one of us forgot to put various hoses away. :( Oddly, that dog really wasn't a problem chewer for anything else... just garden hoses.   

Blogger Joan Sinden sent us a woof // June 17, 2006

haha! I've always said that - if it's at floor level it's fair game! My car is always full of my shoes because Buttercup always has to leave the house with something in her mouth - and what is near the door? Shoes!   

Monday, June 05, 2006

Lean On Me - Anatolian Shepherd Dog Style

Anatolians are leaners. That is, when they are comfortable or being affectionate with someone, one of the ways they express this happy mood is to lean against that person. :D

Of course, when the person is sturdy, not caught by surprise and can handle it, it's such a sweet thing to observe.

Here are two photos of Zor (mother of Ruya) leaning against or about to lean against James.

Zor leaning on James
Zor with a expression of sweet affection and concentration, catching her just as she is about to flop over (TIMBERRRRRR!!!) against James. That's Boone on the ground leaning his head on James' boots.

Zor leaning on James
Zor leaning on James as he talks to me from the doorway. The glow in her eyes is from the camera flash rather than a very probable psychedelic high she seems to get from this leaning behavior...

Ah, that wonderful togetherness factor :)
Sing it!Lean on me when you're not strong
And I'll be your friend
I'll help you carry on
For it won't be long
Till I'm gonna need
Somebody to lean on

Lean on me...

DominoesA problem with all this affectionate leaning is that Anatolians will also lean on small or frail humans that they adore. This can result in humans flopping over like so many dominoes! And sometimes the Anatolian is so sure you will be there at the moment that they flop over on you, if you do move, they WILL fall over. Now is that like one of those Corporate Team Building Trust exercises or what?

An Anatolian Pow-wowAnatolian Pow-wow
One prevention is get everyone seated, or to have the dog lay down next to the person of their affections, or to sit in front of the person and gently accept attention.

My kind of doggie people are perfectly happy to sit on the ground or on a big blankie with the dogs sprawled around them, but of course, this is not always convenient nor necessarily considered civilized when the ground is yucky and the dogs covered with mud. ROTFL

Anatolians can be taught to do a gentle handshake and kids really are thrilled with shaking hands with a dog that is as big as they are. Don't encourage pawing (those BIG paws can be a bit MUCH!), but shaking hands on command only.


Semavi Lady woofed at @ 6/05/2006 08:03:00 AM | Permanent link | (5) Comments

Blogger Ron Southern sent us a woof // June 05, 2006

He'd make me flop over. I have to brace myself against a wall or chair if I only see my two year old nephew rushing me! Pitiful, but fun.   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // June 05, 2006

They're so cute! It's good to see them relaxed.


Anonymous Leigh-Ann sent us a woof // June 10, 2006

Dante loves to "shake a paw". We've taught him two versions, "shake" (with his right paw), and "Bob Dole shake" (with his left paw). Seriously :)   

Anonymous Brandi sent us a woof // May 06, 2008

Aww I love the famous Anatolian lean. Mine do it all the time too. Sometimes if I move away too fast they will almost fall over. Raven presses into you so much that she'll about make you fall over. You gotta love the lean! Great post!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 06, 2008

Thanks Brandi. Hugz and Leans to you! heehee :D   

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Zor and the Chin rest

This is our girl Zor, enjoying the view from one of our two oldest (teenaged, at least) and larger dog houses. The house got moved to a new area on top of some crushed granite and it hasn't been completely rebuilt yet. The old 'retaining wall' that (theoretically) keeps all the straw bedding from spilling over the board is missing a board below.

At any rate, Zor seems perfectly happy to have her chin rest back and daintily dangles her feet through the hole in the retaining wall board. :)

Happily nestled down with soft straw and a good chin rest!


Semavi Lady woofed at @ 2/02/2006 10:07:00 PM | Permanent link | (3) Comments

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // February 03, 2006

Zor looks so relaxed. Nice to see her again (since it's been so long for me.)


Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // February 04, 2006

Thanks Mark! She's such a sweetie. :)   

Anonymous Toto sent us a woof // February 19, 2006

Woof! Very cute pic! :-D