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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Semavi Vasi Masoud

Masoud in May 2008
This is Masoud from May this year. He is about 1.5 years old in the photo. Isn't he handsome?

He is a rough coated littermate brother to Helmut and Marlowe. We originally called him Neil as his baby name.
Baby Masoud, who was once called Neil
Here he is at 6 weeks. Maybe these pics will also help others doing breed ID and trying to guess how old a puppy looks as he is through the various growth stages?

As happened, I had never had a rough coat in the previous near twenty years with Anatolians, then boom, I have four out of seven! Coco, the chocolate sister, and these three rough coated brothers, Masoud, Helmut and Marlowe! Both parents are standard medium coats as are three littermates. I've posted pics on Jasmine and Bella previously. I still need photo updates on one boy, Lincoln. :) So far, I think they are turning out awesome and everyone loves the temperaments. Fingers crossed on the hip films to come after their we celebrate their second birthdays in October.

Daisy and Gabe
No Anatolian in this pic. I got this lovely 2006 photo from Vera, showing her son Gabriel, with a pretty bloodhound named Daisy. Such a handsome couple! I think Daisy is about two years old in the photo.

Masoud at 3 months with Daisy in 2007
Now here are Masoud at 3 months with his new friend Daisy in 2007. Looks like he's already catching up with her in this pic!

Masoud and Gabriel
Here's Masoud at 5 months, with Gabriel.

Masoud about 18 months with Daisy in May 2008
And here is a pic of Masoud at about 1.5 years with Daisy. Did she shrink?!

Vera writes:
Masoud is doing excellent! What a sweet boy he is, a really wonderful personality. He is really tall and has just filled out. For a long time he was really thin and gangly, with this enormous handsome head. In the last couple of months he really changed into his adulthood. He loves being up on the property, and it really is great seeing him do his thing. He truly is a guardian in every way. I will remind our vet about the upcoming x-rays.

We're hoping to get the whole litter cleared for hip soundness. (our previous litter of 2003 OFA screens are here). Hip dysplasia is a potential problem in large breed dogs. Boone, the father of the litter is a new dog for my bloodline, and while he tested clear, that information is not good enough as a stand alone. There hasn't been a lot of history in tracking the hip soundness in his line and occasionally a pairing of otherwise good dogs produces more than their share of hip problems, and this can indicate some genetic issues. We're all hoping for the best that this combination of traits from my girl Semavi Kadinsi Zor (the mom) and Old Glory Boone (Dad), will help us in making the right choices for the future of our breed.

Hip dysplasia can sometimes have no symptoms til the dog approaches or passes middle age, but in some cases can be so severe, that puppies are put to sleep before they reach 7 months. :(

Many dysplastic dogs are not screened, are bred anyway and produce litters containing puppies whose hip joints are located outside of the hip socket. Not good. We believe that every pet owner that loves their breed can help reduce hip dysplasia by sharing an interest in supporting the future health of their breed. This can mean participating with the breeder by hip screening, even the pets, so that if the parents have unfortunate propensity to pass on dysplasia, that future choices regarding the line can be considered with as much information as possible. To read more about how using this information can help our dogs, see this article at OFA. (Collecting and utilizing phenotypic data to minimize disease: A breeder’s practical guide - PDF)

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Blogger Shoujofan sent us a woof // September 20, 2008

Lovely dogs. I did not know this breed. It's really beautiful.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 20, 2008

Thank you. We think so too. :)