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Monday, February 23, 2009

Marlow update, some humor and a bit about Facebook

Check out Marlow (from my 2006 litter, full brother to Helmut) above, and his little people buddy Coen who is tucked in between him and Matty.

Sooooo cute.

and here's another...
Coen and Marlow
Adorable. I love Coen's sweater!! Think he'll share? ;)
Marlow seems to be a nice baby sitter kinda guy. :)

On other things, while it's not new, I got a good chuckle out of revisiting Michael O’Donoghue's guide on How to Write Good at this blog I ran into while trying to find something else (isn't that how it always works?). Another favorite link on bad writing is the Bullwer-Lytton Fiction Contest. While my writing is often full of misadventure and typos, I generally know better most of the time what I intended to convey, so this stuff is funny to me. :D

About two months into it now, I'm finding Facebook to be an interesting experience. It's not a perfect medium, of course. It has its share of bad apples that create spam and spoof. It has some lack of efficiency, some lag, and some less than intuitive elements in its interface. But in some ways I'm finding that it saves time since I can have short conversations regarding some event and get instant feedback on some ideas -- sort of like what Twitter was all about, but much more integrated. I like it much better than MySpace, which has a really 'clunky' interface, in my opinion. Over the past month, some people that had trouble getting their longer emails read by me are able to have short bursts of connection via Facebook and it does save me time. And it's a handy way of keeping in contact with persons that are sometimes below the radar for long periods of time since they can log on at their leisure any time, then catch up with my activities on my 'wall'. Another perk, a broad range of activities available on FB gives one a better rounded feeling for common things in which some friends have an interest. Not bad. :)

I have to mention games since that is one of my interests. Facebook has some third party games integrated into the interface. To me, many of these games that I took a whirl with, are rather mindnumbing after a short while, so I tend to lose interest in them rather quickly. But to be fair, some games are really more complex in ways that I haven't time or patience to indulge. I have some great buds that just pick up a game and rack up their levels in little time at all. Games are part of the attraction to Facebook for many and some create accounts without a real person ID associated with it, just so they can play free games. It's something to do, to while away time and to diffuse personal stress, which latter is probably not a bad thing for most. That said, Facebook games have proven to me that I really am more in love with solving puzzles and utilizing creativity rather than indulging in repetition -- but the preliminary period of discovery about an application does sometimes intrigue me, "Oh, okay, then what happens next?" That's the key. Creativity on Facebook seems to be its main attraction to me, aside from its unique and complex schema for social intercourse.

On Anatolian related issues, I've found that the international diversity on Facebook makes it easier to communicate across the boundaries about our love for these wonderful dogs and learn about something about the interests of others that love these dogs. If you haven't signed up for FB yet, my advice if you are going to do it, is to create a basic account and not divulge too much information about yourself initially (leave most of your profile blank and keep your email address private). Meet up with a few contacts you trust and get to know the interface then take it from there. FB isn't for everyone. I had an account there for a year and had no real use for it other than to see materials that certain friends wanted to share. For some things, unless you can sign in, you just can't see it. There is no need to give more information about yourself than is necessary for creating a log in identity but of course, if your friends connect with you, you're much more likely to find areas of the network that interest you.

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Thursday, September 04, 2008

My Butt is BIGGER than Yours!

Matty and Marlowe
Who has got the bigger butt?

Ha! I couldn't help it with the goofy adolescent sounding subject. I'm tired, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. Bart Simpson

Sheena has periodically been sending wonderful pics from Idaho. Baby boy Coen is of course, at center stage, teaching his human parents the ropes about total servitude. Of course, grandparents and everyone else in the family share the joy and outings are part of the fun since it's a great time to all get together and celebrate life. Yay!

Anatolians Matilda (pinto brindle) and Marlowe (on right) are in the first pic having a nice Idaho boat ride. There were other cool pics from this outing back in late June, with some distant shots of an eagle and another eagle, maybe the same one with its nest.

Matty and Marlowe
Another butt shot, only a doggie mom can appreciate?
It does make a nice pic of sexual dimorphism anyway, showing the difference in size between a female and male Anatolian. The male in the pic is about 18 months and the female is around three years old. And yep, the person on the right is seated and those are knee caps. Pretty tall dogs! I think they were on the lookout for pirates! "Talk like a Pirate Day" happens on September 19 btw.

Coen with mom and dad and anatolians
Here's another rather fun shot. Master Coen is snoozing in the center between his parents. Anatolians, Matilda and Marlowe in front to left and right. The big cages to the sides of the loveseat are the crates. You know, only doggie people really appreciate shots like this. I love 'em! :)

Ruya, Helmut and Marlowe
Since I'm also digging up puppy pics, here is a 2006 pic with Ruya supervising or playing with two younger brothers. That's Helmut in the middle and Marlowe shaking his head. So cute! They are both much taller than she is now.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Semavi Vasi Marlow, Early 2008 Update

Helmut's brother, Marlow, in Idaho is looking really good. The photo above, showing him in January at about 15 months, can be clicked to enlarge.

I got several photos of him back then when I was sick with the flu and I never got around to blogging them. So here are some of his pics from that time frame with a few showing Matty as well. Matty is from Cindy Bristow's 2005 litter, out of her Sabrina, by Clearlake Time on My Side (brindle). Marlow is from my October 2006 litter, sired by Old Glory Boone and out of Semavi Kadinsi Zor.

Matty (L) and Marlow (R)

Marlow surveying his Idaho wilderness.

Another view.

Doesn't he look handsome! :)

Marlow and Matty
There's more news on Marlow's homefront now. Marlow's family has a baby boy! Coen was born earlier this month. Maybe we'll get to see some pics of Matty and Marlow with baby Coen in future months. :)

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Marlowe and Matty on the Porch

Left to Right: Marlowe (3 months) & Matty -mid-January 2007 Idaho

Marlowe's owner sends wonderful photos of her Anatolian Shepherd Dogs from time to time. Today I'm posting a small collection of similar pics. He's older than in the pics featured here as the pics only go up to March 2007 for this collection, but I'll post more recent photos later.

The young pinto female is Matilda. She's a beautiful, brindled Anatolian Shepherd who comes from another bloodline. Matty used to live nearby and has been on this blog before. The pics I've chosen for this posting are all taken from the same porch landing, featuring winter snow and the twosome with the boy getting bigger in every picture.

SNOW! Nice change of pace from all the heat and humidity of summer here in this part of California right now. :)

Marlowe is a baby from our October litter of last year and is featured on this link with his momentarily single minded sister, Coco. Marlowe's littermates who live here with us currently are Coco and Helmut, both of whom are also rough coated. Marlowe's nickname used to be 'Batman' and Helmut we called 'Darth'. You can see more of the litter by selecting the 2006Litter label (slow loading, due to all the pics!)

Matty & Marlowe -end of February

Yes, he does have a LONG tail! His dad, Boone had a tail that could nearly touch the ground during his teething period and up to about his first year. Kind of startling! But it seems these guys grow into their tails! :) Boone's tail tip now comes to just below his hocks as per breed standard.

Marlowe & Matty -end of February

Beautiful picture!

Matty & Marlowe -early March

Clearly they love being together. :)

Marlowe (5 months) & Matty -early March

Synchronized shapes in all the pics! :D

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Blogger Judy sent us a woof // August 31, 2007

What a fun series of photos! And what beautiful dogs. I particularly love them both curled up on the small porch.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // August 31, 2007

Thanks Judy! Credit to the owners of course. :D