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Monday, September 17, 2007

Semavi Kale Kadim does Sport Day in Finland!

Visit Kirsi's blog for some sweet photo updates on Kadim.

He's a wonderful guy on these social gatherings. Kirsi says he's kind and confident with everyone he meets. What a sweetheart! :)
Thanks Kirsi, for sending the pics! Of course, I'm beaming like a proud mommy when I see his pictures!

On other news....
Now, time for something totally different... I'm not sure what to say about this.

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Blogger Judy sent us a woof // November 12, 2007

And what a beauty! Nice pair, actually - both look like they are enjoying the match.

Such a lovely puppy.   

Monday, May 21, 2007

Semavi Kale Kadim has a puppy and check out the dog vending machine

Kadim and puppy
Too much Chaos going on right now so am not able to keep pace, but I got an update from Kirsi in Finland. She has a smooth collie puppy girl, named Salli.

Kadim, her Anatolian is very interested in the munchkin!

Off camera, Salli seems to have her own ideas about what is appropriate attention from the big dude. They will work out the rules. :)

Check out more pics here.

And more fun here...
Doggie vending machine
I got a grin out of this doggie's goodies vending machine which is located in Dallas.
DALLAS — White Rock Lake Dog Park has to be the top dog park in Dallas, with areas for big and small dogs, access to the lake, and a large population of supportive and savvy dog owners.

And now, a doggie vending machine, too.

You can't miss it: It's the bright red machine built inside a faux dog-house, parked next to the message board at the entrance of the park. Here's where to get your chew toys, balls, pick-up bags, leashes, collars -- all the things dogs carelessly forget when dashing off to the park. Prices are good, running from $1 to $5, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to the park . . .(more)


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Anonymous jan sent us a woof // May 21, 2007

A doggie vending machine, what a great marketing idea. I'll bet it does very well as cute as it is.   

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Anatolian Shepherd Dog on Finnish TV Show

Kirsi and her Anatolian, Semavi Kale Kadim, recently appeared on Finnish TV. The show was about how Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) can be helpful in managing a balance between wildlife conservation efforts (predators) and keeping livestock.

Here are some captures from the Real Player version of the show (so they are a bit fuzzy!).

Here's Kirsi taking Kadim out to be filmed for the interview

Kirsi during the interview

A capture of Kadim from the show

Kadim apparently had a good time being a TV star for the day. He did some silly things that were filmed in the interview, but I was told that few of his antics (regarding personal grooming) were not part of the final cut. ;) Ah the life of a TV star. California Boy does Good. :)

Good job Kirsi, and well done, Kadim! :clap:

And now, for a picture not so fuzzy!
Here's Kadim in a winter scene at home. He's showing off a concho studded collar in weather more typical of Finland!

Kadim models his "Cowboy Cool" concho collar!

Previous link on Kadim in this blog
See the Real-Player Video here. (14 minute video which in Finnish - click the "katso jutun real-video" link)
Visit Kirsi's blog- Kiramet anatolianpaimenkoirat

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Semavi Kale Kadim - And Now with More Ribbons!

Such a happy day and a wonderful wonderful happy boy. Semavi Kale Kadim is now a Finnish Champion!
Kadim at European Winner in Helsinki
A capture from the blog!

Go to Kiramet anatolianpaimenkoirat to check out his pics (they will enlarge if you click them) from the European Winner show from today (June 11, 2006) in Helsinki, Finland.

Mercy, the piles of ribbons and goodies he got!

Of course we're quite pleased, but he'll always be my little baby boy.
Baby Kadim
Sleepy Kadim pup in the foreground and baby Ruya behind him in March 2003.


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Blogger Kiramet sent us a woof // June 11, 2006

Had to laugh about the judge's words on Kadim's critique:
"Self confident and dignified."
Self confident - absolutely!
But dignified? Well, okkay - maybe in public, but at heart he's still that goofy careless little HappyPuppy from sunny California! :)

Thanks Janice!!!!!