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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Helmut at Hurley US Open of Surfing

Fun! Geno sent me pics today, some of which have Helmut's perspective of Hurley's US Open of Surfing at Huntington Beach.

To read a little more about it and see a slide show, see the OC register, or Or visit the official US Open of Hurley site:

Judging by the various slide shows, there were thousands of people at the beach! I saw some pictures of little dogs in some of the slide shows. Very likely Helmut will turn up in another picture collection of this event too. I wonder if the camera dude in the orange shirt marked STAFF, got some pics of Helmut too. :)


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Blogger doubleh sent us a woof // July 27, 2009

Wow...Helmut leads such an exciting life!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // July 27, 2009

Absolutely! It's wonderful.   

Anonymous Dentist Garden Grove sent us a woof // September 15, 2009

Seemed that Helmut enjoyed it! nice pics!   

Blogger Mark sent us a woof // November 16, 2009

Helmut is still such an amazing dog!


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Crusade against HSUS and Comic Relief from a Ninja Cat :)

Helmut at the beach with a Great Dane. (pic from earlier this year, via Geno) It's just always great to see happy pics and good news about dogs. :)

'Animal Wrongs
' seems to be a better and more accurate phrase than 'Animal Rights' as practiced by HSUS, PeTA and other supporters, including some local animal shelters. Lots of reports suggesting reform abound, but they are still killing pets as they see fit and making it difficult for pet lovers to keep their rights. Seems counter intuitive regarding 'humane' organizations but until reform happens, we still have quite a fight at hand.

Seen on Craigslist
April 19, 2009

How does HSUS Work Against Pets+Owners?

HSUS passes laws (HSUS has almost 200 laws for this year) then uses those laws for cases it plans to bring forward, then uses those cases in their incremental process to bring down both interstate commerce and pet ownership, kennels, pet stores, dog breeders, along with difficulties for agriculture and other animals.

We can guarantee that the CA Prop 2 (battery cages) will come back to haunt us in pet ownership, or farming. HSUS will probably find some other ways to outlaw farm animals or make a huge problem for farming–after all HSUS right NOW is trying to outlaw all “non-native” species including birds, herps,guineas,ferrets, turtles and many other common species in the USA that have been owned for 50-100 years.

Ownership in the law, is of the highest legal nature, and as a concept, usually means the ultimate control over the item owned. It also usually refers to having the control legally over such item (property) and also the right to use it for as long as is allowed in the law, and in many instances, to bring a lawsuit where the owner’s rights are affected. Guardianship does NOT necessarily mean any of the same things, which is why animal rights prefers it over “owner.”

CA law has statutes that show one of the main incidents of ownership in property, is the right to TRANSFER it (Bias v Ohio Farmers Indemnity Co (1938) 28 Cal.App.2d 14,16). Or, “A common characteristic of a property right, is that it may be disposed of, transferred to another.” (Douglas Aircraft Co. v Byram (1943) 57 Cal.App.2d 311, 317)

Thefore we can see why Peta wanted to take possession/ownership of different animals because after they owned them, they could just dispose of them in the garbage dump (after killing them via lethal injection)—and they suffered no consequences. [Actually it appeared there was fraud in the procurement of the animals but we don't know if they were hit for that.]

And, we can see why HSUS doesn’t want animals TRANSFERRED to others because that’s an element of OWNERSHIP.

The obvious next step for HSUS is to claim if animals can’t be sold or transferred, then that means THEY ARE NOT PROPERTY.

HSUS is currently trying to outlaw the use (import, export, transport, breeding) or movement in interstate commerce of any non native species via HR669 in Congress by using the Lacey Act. See the PIJAC website for details, or see the post on this site with the link to PIJAC.

This would encompass virtually every bird, reptile, amphibian, fish and some mammals kept as pets. In general only a small number of species have caused environmental issues (in FL and HI.)

This nonsense by HSUS subterfuge has not been lost on us.

We are VERY aware of what HSUS and Animal Rights are trying to do. Clearly the agenda is to chip away at the ownership of animals until we miss the fact that the WORDS USED FOR OWNERSHIP have been eliminated, then next thing you know—-HSUS has eliminated the ownership of animals. No transfers, no selling, no bartering, no trading, etc. This has already been attempted in HSUS anti pet laws where a dog with cropped ears couldn’t be transferred/owned by a rescue because the rescue didn’t have the documents proving how the ears were done.

It would be easier to make “owning” something next to impossible, or exorbitantly too expensive or far too much red tape, than to outright say “you can’t own that”–which is Animal Rights done the HSUS way–as can be seen by the multidue of 180 Anti pet laws HSUS is pushing just this year…..

HSUS has a habit of purposely drafting bad laws, then getting them passed, then taking cases, and using the laws that HSUS has HELPED PASS—as proof that such ideas have already been cemented IN THE LAW. In other words, HSUS makes the very laws it fully intends to use as part of a case it has already planned, then if they win that case, it will set some precedent in the law. THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE HSUS GOAL—TO SET ANIMAL RIGHTS LAW PRECEDENT……………………

If you value your ownership over your pets and animals, and the fact that pet-related businesses are allowed to profit over the selling, buying, trading, owning, or otherwise pet-related legal businesse ownership; if you want CHOICE in what dog or cat or bird or fish that you can BUY, own, or trade or sell; if you want the ability to eat the foods you like (milk, eggs, cheese, meat) then you do NOT want to support ANY HSUS LAWS.

As has been stated on this blog ever since it started—you don’t join the KKK if you’re Black, you don’t push Hitler if you’re Jewish, and you don’t help HSUS if you value ownership of animals.

And because the Pet connection blog online, is one that keeps saying (especially author Gina Spadafori) that HSUS can be trusted to do the right thing—where HSUS cannot be trusted at all…………….it is our opinion that Pet connection lacks the ability to discern Animal Rights in disguise—-and we do not recommend anyone following the opinions of much of the blog—mostly because Spadafori only harps on Peta–but not HSUS.

Just because one authors books, doesn’t mean that one knows Animal Rights. Further, Spadifori harped on Petland claiming that they should be OUT of business if they didn’t ADOPT out dogs, rather than SELL them? That is a very very dangerous proposition, and one that we surely don’t want to push as owners. NOT if you understand the HSUS concept of animal rights–which we don’t believe Spadafori understands [unless she is animal rights herself---]

HSUS is the FAR more dangerous group—if you understand Animal Rights. Spadifori also commended HSUS on filing the lawsuit against Hunte and Petland—that is a mistake, because it indicates that one does NOT understand what HSUS is doing strategy wise.

For example, HSUS pushed the Stevens free speech case, so that Stevens would be prosecuted for selling videos which showed dog fighting (he didn’t make the videos)—BUT the Appeals court held that the statute used (which was likely pushed by HSUS)— which was set up for “crush films”, could cause LEGAL acts to become illegal if the law was upheld, and might even cause the Disney film (Bambi) to be illegal. [See the Stevens case on the Front Page on this blogsite]

Another case is Amazon, where after HSUS pushed the Stevens case (Stevens convicted under the statute ) HSUS sued Amazon to stop the sale of chicken videos or dog video sales, claiming they were violating the law. Another case is the PA commercial kennel laws pushed by HSUS and ASPCA, where after the law was passed, HSUS then sued Petland and Hunte, no doubt so they could use their own law that passed (PA) as proof of concern over the commercial kennel issues. All of this is just a part of the pattern and practice of getting incremental steps in place, passing laws, filing lawsuits, and using the laws to set up precedence for HSUS Animal Rights. We don’t doubt for a second that their entire 16 attorney team or 160 member team or whatever, just goes to the conference room and has a session on strategy for the next 5 years.

Don’t think for a second that we haven’t noticed it, because we knew it a long time ago. Another example is the DNA testing and Breed Specific Legislation that HSUS “claims” it doesn’t support?

HSUS filed an amicus animal rights brief in the DENVER 2008 case re BSL, [yes, we did read it]—- claiming that the DNA companies claimed their DNA test “was 99% accurate.” Then on the animal law and historical society page (Michigan School of Law, Animal Rights Section)—the school has pages which show “how DNA proved” that a particular dog WAS NOT a pitbull subject to BSL. But the key really is, if they can prove it ISN’T a pitbull, and it’s actually 99% accurate, can it prove that IT IS A PITBULL?

And that’s why HSUS put that amicus brief in the Federal Court to Denver. So when that issue comes up down the line, HSUS will be the first to claim that DNA testing should be used [to have pitbull dogs killed], because it’s 99% accurate, despite the fact that the AKC and UKC don’t have the exact same breed name/types for American Pitbull Terriers, or American Stafforshire Terriers. AKC doesn’t recognize the APBT. But that won’t stop HSUS—you wait and see. They like to keep people fooled.

Any Animal Rights group like HSUS that has that much time and money into killing pitbull type dogs is definitely going to try and eliminate more of those dogs, use such dogs as a ploy to raise more funding, and then kill more of them. We have long ago figured out HSUS’ pattern and practice, and that’s why we keep telling everyone not to trust HSUS. They are just Animal Rights that think no one can figure out what they are doing.


You don’t have to be an attorney or have a legal education to figure that one out. And you don’t even have to be a pet owner. You just have to have some logic and common sense to see what is going on.

Not in our lifetime, never, never ever. The demise of HSUS will come first. Because too many people will see what they are REALLY doing. Help us spread the word! Tell everyone you know and make it a point to tell at least 10-50 other people. This is the only way that legislators are going to figure it out, and the only way the public will stop donating.

People that donate to HSUS Animal rights might as well donate to PETA. Because they are carrying out the Peta agenda.

There's been some good news but it's still no time to sit back. To see an example of how convoluted and disgusting some of the problems are, see this article on the removal of Ed Boks from L.A. Animal Services. He was major component in pushing some extremist bills in L.A. County and attempted to get all of California to buy the rotten goods.

One of the things that has taken so much time from me over the past weeks has been the effort to keep up with over two dozen animal related bills on the California agenda. The extremist strategy of chopping up the concepts of larger failed bills, into smaller bite sizes, makes it considerably more difficult to get people to realize that all of the bills are part of the greater goals.

Now for some fun.
I just have to share this video. No need for captions on this one. :)

And more fun!
Free game giveaway of the day is "Around the World in 80 Days", with only eleven hours left for downloads of an unlocked version of the game as I write. This is a beautiful match-3 game and it comes with a screen saver that increases options as you gain levels within the game. Gamezebo reviews this game and gives it a nice write up.

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Monday, April 06, 2009

April yet?

Free Hubble wallpapers!

The above image is an amazing composite shot which captures all of the stages of a celestial star's life.
Here's the info from HubbleSite.

In this stunning picture of the giant galactic nebula NGC 3603, the crisp resolution of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope captures various stages of the life cycle of stars in one single view.

To the upper right of center is the evolved blue supergiant called Sher 25. The star has a unique circumstellar ring of glowing gas that is a galactic twin to the famous ring around the supernova 1987A. The grayish-bluish color of the ring and the bipolar outflows (blobs to the upper right and lower left of the star) indicates the presence of processed (chemically enriched) material.

Near the center of the view is a so-called starburst cluster dominated by young, hot Wolf-Rayet stars and early O-type stars. A torrent of ionizing radiation and fast stellar winds from these massive stars has blown a large cavity around the cluster.

The most spectacular evidence for the interaction of ionizing radiation with cold molecular-hydrogen cloud material are the giant gaseous pillars to the right and lower left of the cluster. These pillars are sculptured by the same physical processes as the famous pillars Hubble photographed in the M16 Eagle Nebula.

Dark clouds at the upper right are so-called Bok globules, which are probably in an earlier stage of star formation.

To the lower left of the cluster are two compact, tadpole-shaped emission nebulae. Similar structures were found by Hubble in Orion, and have been interpreted as gas and dust evaporation from possibly protoplanetary disks (proplyds). The "proplyds" in NGC 3603 are 5 to 10 times larger in size and correspondingly also more massive.

This single view nicely illustrates the entire stellar life cycle of stars, starting with the Bok globules and giant gaseous pillars, followed by circumstellar disks, and progressing to evolved massive stars in the young starburst cluster. The blue supergiant with its ring and bipolar outflow marks the end of the life cycle.

The color difference between the supergiant's bipolar outflow and the diffuse interstellar medium in the giant nebula dramatically visualizes the enrichment in heavy elements due to synthesis of heavier elements within stars.

This true-color picture was taken on March 5, 1999 with the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2.

This picture is being presented at the 194th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Chicago.

Object Names: NGC 3603, Sher 25

Image Type: Astronomical

Credit: Wolfgang Brandner (JPL/IPAC), Eva K. Grebel (Univ. Washington), You-Hua Chu (Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign), and NASA

April showers are yet to come but they seem to be on their way. Got tax stuff done, what a pain.

While I wasn't paying attention to this blog, Google's RSS feed of this blog had given some strange hiccups. There was a one line post which said 'eeyore is cute' and dated April 3rd -- probably spawned then pinged google's RSS feed during a browser crash, mystery to me... and I don't even remember typing to the blogger database that day. Then there was an old post from last year that reposted itself the following day... it's still an old post. Annoying. Anyway, back to normal I hope. At least with taxes over, I can unwind and try to catch up with things.

Some fun. :)
Geno sent a few blackberry pics of Helmut sitting under a tree on a mound of snow. I wanted to snuggle! I put the pics on Facebook and you can see them there--from a side panel on the left column that goes to the facebook album.

I was playing with the somewhat grainy and darkish headshots of those two pics and came up with this digital painting below. Was fun to do, need more time and more practice. :)


Isn't he handsome?

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beach dogs!

Click above pic to enlarge. Credit for these pics go to Susan.
Anatolians at the beach! How blue the sky and the water!
The dogs from left to right: Khazu (6 years), Helmut (2 years) who are both half brothers, and their auntie Dylan (almost 11 years), who is their mother's sister.
The people in the pics are Geno and Dom.

Susan (pic further below) and Geno, both live in different towns down near the beaches in southern California. They had a beautiful Anatolian get-together at the beach. This is the first synchronized beach get together they had with their Anatolians; the first time these dogs met as a trio. These dogs are well socialized and are regular visitors to off leash beaches there.

Many dogs, both purebred and mixed breeds play there. (I wonder how cold that water is at this time of the year?!)
A few of the pics had assorted dogs zipping into the pictures.
Here comes one now!

And look!
WHO can resist this shot (a detail I took from one of several shots.)
Yep, that's him! You know him. That's the guy. That's Dom giving his Anatolian, Helmut, the ol' rabbit ears?
I can't help it, he always makes me laugh out loud! :D
Just look at all the smiles! :)

Here's a great pic of Susan posing with the three related Semavi dogs.
L-R: Helmut, Susan, Khazu, and Dylan.

Susan, thanks so much for bringing the camera along. Thanks to both Geno and Susan for sharing pictures from their day at the beach!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

First week of the year...

I got some fun pics of Helmut, the Beachboy in SoCal, enjoying the beach. I always get a kick out of these blackberry pics from Geno! This is one Anatolian boy that is sure getting a lot of socialization. :)

And here's one a bit so close, he didn't fit into the frame. Looks like he's having fun with a cute golden retriever.

Late at night, trying to sleep, I can't sleep and trying to keep out of range of hubby who is coughing up a storm (he's the one that got the flu shot!), I ran into a cool logic and problem solving game called World of Goo. Intrigued, I downloaded the demo to my bedside notebook and get a kick of it so far. The opening screens, the humor and some of the graphics are so weird! The game is designed primarily by two guys rather than a whole army of programmers. If you like what Wiki has to say about it in the first link, check out its homepage at and download the free demo there.

Must be the doggie person in me but when I saw these rugs over at Weburbanist, I was sure some of them would make great beds for a snoozy Anatolian shepherd. I just don't get the one that looks like the aftermath of a sheep shearing event but there's plenty of oddness to be had there.

Hat tip to Diane who shared a very interesting blog post about service animals, particularly the alternative ones. The movie showing Panda the minihorse being clicker trained is amazing! No captions but if you have some familiarity with clicker training, it's easy to see what is being targeted and how well Panda is doing in this training. The NYT article linked in post is a long and interesting read that might annoy some of my service animal associates but the whole matter is probably a 'do not miss' for most!

Not the least of it all, tonight while resetting a license for some publications I get from Zinio, I ran into Arabian Horse World! Check it out. If you like horsey eye candy, take a look at what is available. You can get the sample copy for only 99c (Nov 08). I was a long time subscriber of the paper version which was a very heavy, glossy paged quality publication that would fill up a rural mailbox in its cardboard box back in the mid eighties. Well, now you can see the stunning photography and beautiful horses but in lighter-than-air digital format. What's not to like? Check out the link.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays!

A pic from Geno!
Dom with a NICE whopper of a Christmas present -- and Helmut, the Anatolian, up close in a sweet holiday blackberry picture.

Here's a Christmas pic from Rebecca showing Helmut's sister, Jasmine. Jasmine has happily adopted Rebecca's daughter's pug puppy for a bud. :)

Holidays and the end of the year can be such a mix of celebrations and losses. We've had great sadness over the untimely passing of several Anatolians and of other dogs belonging to friends and acquaintances in recent months. Two of these Anatolians were littermates to Ruya. One died after spay surgery and the other appears to have died in her sleep, cause unknown. :(

I also finally discovered the reason for the recent weird computer behavior and keyboard malfunctions when my motherboard suddenly failed in the middle of December. So apparently it had been gimping along and causing illogical patterns of malfunction. The good news is that despite the fact we couldn't plan a budget for this unfortunate event, the rebuild of this desktop machine is coming along nicely, albeit, a bit slowly. But it will be a pretty nice machine soon enough. Here's a useful page that was very helpful when I discovered a crash and a bad driver install had corrupted networking services in my registry.

Sending belated Christmas and holiday wishes for all. May the new year be brimming with the good things; with happiness, health, good luck, prosperity and success for us all. :) There is so much for which to be thankful.

Couldn't resist posting a fun video of Lucy tackling a job at a chocolate factory. Captioned, of course!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

So Tiny! (not!) - Realistic expectations when choosing an Anatolian

Here's a 2005 photo of Zoey with Phyllis.
It's a fun pic with Zoey's amusing expression as she scrutinizes the cameraman's antics for this photoshoot.

Zoey as a baby
Zoey as a baby.

I got happy giggles out of Brandi's blog posting here. Check it out!
She has several pics where she is sharing animal crackers with her Anatolians, who stand with their paws over her shoulders.
There are a lot of Turkish dog pics and videos on Flickr or YouTube and similar sites, with Turkish owners showing off dogs posed with paws up on the shoulders of their handler, so it is amusing for various reasons, and a lot of us with Anatolians (sometimes just us females who are decidedly not on a macho kick) just get a kick out of doing it. :D I'm not sure what message our amusement carries beyond our turf, but no harm intended. :)

Now for some concerns and rants...

Every once in a while, we get emails from people wondering if this is the breed right for them. More often than not, people are not really prepared for the level of responsibility required for ownership of a dog like this.

You can find any number of forums where people are listing their 'favorite breeds' and mostly all they are doing is talking about appearances or reputation of the dog, with little consideration for breed character, the amount of care required for coated breeds and any number of other issues. Sometimes their lists are so diverse it becomes a bit unsettling to me, and reminds me of why dog rescue is so necessary - you can't choose a breed solely on its appearance... it has to fit your lifestyle and you need to have realistic expectations. Hey, I've done the same when I was a teenager. I loved the look of certain fluffy dogs, of certain hero dogs (Lassie, Rin Tin Tin) or a dog seen in an advertisement (Borzoi, Afghan, Great Dane, whatever).

I get a huge kick out of all those people that would be PERFECT for a poodle. But the reason they don't want one is because of the 'hair cut'. What's with that? You can choose a mohawk if you like or just get the puppy cut if you like. You could even have your poodle trimmed like a lion. But what do these people say? "I want a breed that is "nonshedding", "non-allergenic", really smart and makes a great family pet. I'm thinking of getting a doodle." -- say what? Doodles are crosses with one of the most allergenic breeds there is and there's no guarantee on what many of the traits will be. Why not just get the poodle you ask, and the response is stupefying... "We don't like that haircut". Holey Toledo! There is no universal law about how a pet could be trimmed, and there's no limit to the lack of common sense out there.

I've heard about people giving up their Anatolians because the dogs turned out "too big". Actually, while that sounds kinda stupid, I can see how it happens. Often people meet the breed while the dog is outside or working with stock. Or maybe the dogs are at a show, or just hanging around on the patio at home and even with furniture in the area to help the person gain perspective -- the tightness of home living with a fairly large dog, just doesn't really settle into their consciousness just yet. The dogs they meet may be very polite and give a good impression so they come away thinking of the merits.

As they raise their pup, the daily issues of the dog's size in the house become realistic. Ponder the real estate the dog needs, the size of the crate or cushions, the amount of space the dog consumes on the couch or bed, or in a corner of the room, the amount of food and the cost medications (heartworm preventative, or maybe the dog steps on glass and needs 10 days of antibiotics for a mature 120 to 160 pound dog). They come to realize how powerful the dog is when part of a fence is reduced to kindling (we all have some regular fence maintenance when we have dogs like this!), or maybe a hole is dug next to the house, and the house tips and slides in, totally disappearing into the void and ends up somewhere in Turkey (okay, I got just a little carried away...). But all these do add up to a new perspective of reality.

Above, here's a picture of Helmut at one year. That table surface is about 29-30 inches high. He is not standing on a box! He is helping me to sort some books into boxes. (that is his sister Coco, in the background) Click the pic to enlarge

People who just are not prepared for this, feel like they have a miniature horse in the house.

Ruya with horses
Ruya with some horses.

Then, there are other considerations.....

We can sometimes be quite excited by anticipation, and might be guilty of glossing over the issues raised when the breed heritage and its character are discussed. (yeah, yeah, every breed has someone saying, this isn't the breed for everyone, ha) Now we can sometimes feel a bit invincible when originally getting the new pup. We plan to do everything right.

Since we get a dog from the start, we can feel we may be ahead of the game. But for some people, the problems begin fairly soon.

The Anatolian is generally not a dog that is a bully, but they are generally rather sizeable and fast growing. And here is where it gets tricky. While they can tend to be easygoing, they do sometimes opt to ignore their human when the person wants them to do 'something' and the dog has a different arrangement of priorities. This by and of itself doesn't seem like major obstruction to the pack order the human fully intends to have securely established in the end. -- BUT the problem, is that owners don't always realize that every interaction, every decision they make with their dog, actually has potential to set some precedents for that dog and future behavior.

Over time, it can create patterns of behavior. The dog may do nothing really 'wrong' for most of his puppy months, then some incident happens, like the dog crowds the children when the owner is giving the small humans affection and the dog will not wait his turn. Then the owner feels that suddenly the dog is too bossy and asserts that they have raised the dog right and have 'always been alpha'. But you know... all this time, the pup has been tucking feathers into his growing war bonnet. He's an analyst par excellence. He's been learning how to manipulate others in his sphere. Any analyst and strategist will recognize patterns and as the info accumulates, it can be used to an advantage or as may turn out, executed by the dog to the dog's disadvantage later.

I know of a few cases where people backed down when their four month old puppy raised a lip at them -- he was just testing to see what he could get away with. It could be a one time thing but it should not be ignored. (I won't say what has to be done, because each situation can be different and often people panic and want a paint-by-number cookbook of things to do if their dog does this or that... and sometimes it is the human that caused the problem, so we don't have enough info!) If they really want to work through the problem, they may contact their dog's breeder or find other sources for advice.

When you come right down to it, a big four month old Anatolian puppy is still a baby, but they can be pretty sizeable. (see growth chart.)

I encourage people asking about owning one of these dogs to consider a lot of issues. Many people do decide that perhaps they would be better off selecting a different breed. That's not a bad thing. Okay, rant over for now.

:edit: Here's a link to my post about using Anatolians as service dogs.

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Anonymous Brandi sent us a woof // September 15, 2008

Great post! Yes they are big dogs! After owning them for a while, I look at mine and see an average size dog because I'm just so used to their size. When I take them somewhere and someone comments on their size, it doesn't seem to faze me anymore until I see an average sized dog or a picture of one of mine next to me. I also liked the comments on people choosing dogs for their looks. That is so true. People need to realize that they need to choose a dog or breed that suites their lifestyle instead of based on looks alone. Again, great post. I enjoyed it.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 16, 2008

Thanks Brandi.

Yep, we kinda get used to how small they are, seriously. And when I've got my 'coke bottle' glasses on, they are positively shrunken!   

Blogger Anatolian Indy sent us a woof // September 18, 2008

Gosh if I could just pass this out to every person that thinks Indy is beautiful when she volunteers as a therapy dog . . .

Every time I hear a person google and goggle over Indy, I very nicely add in my speech that this breed has good and bad, just like any other breed. I don't want people to think about getting one if they base on seeing Indy as a therapy dog because she is on her best behavior at this time. She see a beautiful, calm, affectionate dog and might think that is all there is too it; when I know it has taken daily dedication to raise an Anatolian.

I probably over react because most people don't know what I'm saying when I say what kind of breed she is, lol.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 19, 2008

I can relate to all you said.

Indy's beautiful! Keep up the good work!   

Blogger Edward Ott sent us a woof // September 21, 2008

That is a bog dog.   

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Helmut comes to visit!

Ruya with Lisa
In August, Geno, Lisa and Helmut came to visit from So. California.
In the pic above, you see Ruya on the glider with Lisa. In the background, you can see Helmut sniffing around and marking his spots. That's Coco's tail right at the far right. Coco and Helmut are siblings. Last time he was here, Helmut was a year old and still squatting, but at this point he was lifting his leg. My little boy, growing up! :D

Anticipating the visit, James and I figured the girls would be excited enough to see their brother again and that it could get complicated, so we decided to keep Boone out back (separate), just in case Boone wanted to make a comment about his harem while his son was visiting. Based on what our foster dog Molly had to say about the attention she was getting from Helmut (back off you nosey boy!), it turned out to be a good choice!

Additionally, Bella had just come back to us the day before and we were all getting reacquainted. Bella was reintegrating into the social order and still trying to assert how many stars she should have should she be allowed to assume rank of General, but it was for the most part going quite smoothly. She seems to adore her sibling sis, Coco, (they used to be arch enemies at one point at 3 months age), but she's now a bit more standoffish to her older sister, Ruya. It's amazing, even after nearly 1.5 years apart (for Bella), that all these siblings seemed to recognize each other very quickly and settled down. It all worked out rather well. :)

Ruya with one month old Bella
pic by Dave Koerner
This is big sister Ruya, protectively watching over little Bella. Bella isn't so little any more. :)

Helmut, with Coco and Bella at one month
pic by Dave Koerner
Here are Coco, Bella and Helmut at one month. It's kind of amazing to study their baby pics and see how they all were back then and how they are now.

Daddy Boone
This is Boone. He is daddy to Coco, Bella and Helmut.

Coco with Lisa
Now, here is Coco on the glider with Lisa. She really dug Lisa!
Lisa was stuck on the glider for the whole visit with all the dogs milling around her.

Geno takes great pics!

Coco with Lisa, and Bella in front
Another pic of Coco just enjoying hogging all of Lisa's attention. That's Bella standing in front. She was a bit more aloof for the day and adapted pretty well to the commotion.

Molly in August
Here is Molly. She is a mystery girl, possibly an 'akbash'. We picked up from Animal Control. Eventually we hope that she gets a perfect home. She was the only one of the girls that got much attention and flirting from Helmut. It was cute to watch, but she made it pretty obvious she wasn't interested in that MUCH attention from him. ;) As you can see, she looks very pretty, relaxed and easy going. Her paws are muddy because her idea of getting a drink of water when she is happy and playful, is to stand with her front feet in the bucket while she drinks. This behavior makes the water muddy for everyone else, alas.

Geno surrounded by Anatolians
Now here is Geno. Left to right are Molly, Coco, Helmut and Bella.
If Helmut deliberately wanted to look totally goofy in a pic, he could hardly have picked a better way to stand and stick his tongue out. Sheesh.

Lisa with four Anatolians
One more glider pic showing four dogs around Lisa. That's Coco eating up all the attention. Bella prowling in the foreground. In the background is Molly trying to get away from a persistent but very flirty Helmut.

It was so nice to get a chance to meet Lisa. And so good to see Geno and Helmut again!

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // September 05, 2008

i am Turkish living in FL, and anatolians are the best dogs, in my opinion. i would like to have one pure bred;however, i go out of town occasionally and dont like the idea of leving it to someone else's care. i love the pictures in the blog, they are so lovely...   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 06, 2008

Thank you! I think these are awesome dogs too! Come by again! :)   

Thursday, August 28, 2008



Vrrrroooom Helmut

What can I say? I love the pic above!
Colors and composition.

Credit to Geno and his sweet boy, Helmut. :)

And here's another shot...
Helmut sharing raw turkey with one of his best buds, Stinky.


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Saturday, August 23, 2008

AB 1634 is dying, and shelter programs will likely benefit

Helmut after a bath. What a head! He's still a baby tho.
He'll be two in October. Photo from Geno, who takes some of the most fun pics! :D

And YAY, major drumroll...

Today, Friday 22, 2008 we got the news that California Assembly Bill 1634 has been kicked to the curb. AB1634 was an extremist statewide, mandatory spay and neuter bill. Thank you so much Senator Cox for your support! Thank you to Senator Runner and others who realized the bill is not a solution nor an experiment that California can afford. Thank you to AKC for returning at the last minute into the flock. Major "Thank Yous" to all the people and groups who helped us fight this!
I can think of many names, such as Brat Zinmaster and Laura Sanborn whose persistent energy kept us focused but there are so many people and too many to list.

I would write more about it but I've ranted enough for now. I think the following link does a pretty good job explaining and describes the problems going on in Los Angeles. People who think that MSN can work really need to look at where some of the most enthusiastic MSN proponents live and work and get a reality check on what is really going on over there. Chicago, wake up.
Living with birddogs: AB 1634 is dying, and shelter programs will likely benefit. No time to go off guard tho. Anti-animal legislation continues to persist nation and even world wide.

And it's time, everyone. Time to buy your copies of the Anatolian Calendar which supports rescue. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to Anatolian Rescue. There are only limited numbers of copies, so be sure to get your order in NOW!

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"
Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Helmut on Blackberry

Such fun! Geno in southern California, sent a couple fresh catches from his Blackberry. Above is Helmut chowing down while the kitten, Stinky, looks on. He's primarily on raw food, making it all the more awesome about his tolerance. It's cool he lays down while he eats, too. His sister Coco, who lives with me is much more possessive about her dish and even though Molly, Boone and Ruya eat in different places, Coco sometimes double checks to be sure they aren't eyeing her food before chowing down.

My late Anatolian service dog, Aslan, was also very sweet about his food. When he ate, he would stand but always wagged his tail slowly through out the entire meal. It was so endearing and he did this his whole life (almost fifteen years) starting at about a year in age. None of my other Anatolians have done that spontaneous tail wag through the meal, although some do wag if I talk to them while they eat. Another Aslan memory is back from about 15 years ago when I got an 8 week old kitten from a co-worker, that tiny little monster used to get INTO Aslan's food and eat while he was trying to chow. Aslan would watch her a bit then come over to me with this expression on his face, like disbelief... and indicate that the brat was in his food and would I please do something about it? I would have to retrieve that kitten and hang on to her so he could eat in piece. It was funny, but oh so sweet. Geno's been calling his kitten "Stinky", which is funny to me, as the kitten that used to steal Aslan's food was called "Awful" by James and I. :) Awful was not a very friendly kitty. She enjoyed being cuddled and held, and would at times demand this, as cats do, by getting on top of whatever you're reading or doing, but IF you initiated contact with her by picking her up for cuddling, she'd scratch and even try to bite you. It had to be on her own terms, then she was sweet as anything. Thus her name stuck!

Helmut in the surf
Another pic of Helmut.
Beach Boy that he is, he enjoys his outings to the beach but Geno says Helmut is finally enjoying being in the surf.
I love this picture. Amazing what can be done with a Blackberry!


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Anonymous Grace sent us a woof // July 13, 2008

My dogs would eat blackberries. One of my guys ate the first and only apple on my dwarf tree. I had a little mutt that loved watermelon.   

Anonymous Kat sent us a woof // July 19, 2008

Love the picture of Helmut biting the water. My dog did that too.

The cat who didn't like to be picked up and cuddled but came to you for affection on his own terms is typical. In nature cats are only picked up off of the ground when they are being attacked, killed and eaten.   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // August 18, 2008

your Molly looks a lot like my Polly. We were told she was a Pyr/Anatolian mix. She is now 5 months old and weighs almost 60 pounds.


Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy Fourth!

I got the above picture from Geno, showing Helmut sharing something with a kitten. I love the picture, and isn't Helmut cute? (see more of his pictures on his label link) :)

Nathan Winograd's blog has some heartwretching pics and movie clips from animal control scenes. He labeled several of them as occuring at L.A. Animal Services, where Ed Boks is the General Manager. Mr. Boks has been very busy in the past year or so, trying to institute broad punitive legislation against pet owners and to cover the entire state of California. As can be seen from his actions and from his record (which includes being problematic to rescues), his interest in the welfare of animals is questionable and his interest in appropriately written legislation is poor as well.

See him below, in his own words -- what he has to say when questioned by Senator Cox.

There is a petition to have Ed Boks removed from his position as General Manager. If you agree, please sign the petition. This IS bigger than L.A. -- there are many areas around the country that are dealing with the Mandatory Spay and Neuter bills due to copycat officials that think L.A. has a good thing going. Amazingly they have not looked at the increase in animal deaths and abuse due to the MSN propaganda coming out of that area. The spending and the deaths of animals has INCREASED! These bills are seriously problematic at many levels.

See Lloyd Levine in his own words... tell Senator Cox what the bill really means in this clip.

The bill in its present form is a dangerous one and needs to be killed. Thanks for all that have been helping to get the information out there!

Happy Fourth!

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"
Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception

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Blogger Edward Ott sent us a woof // July 09, 2008

I love the pictures of the Dogs. they are cvery beautiful.   

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Family Dog, Helmut

Geno sent some fun photos of Helmut from another ski trip that the family did recently. Above shows him taking up a lot of the back seat. He looks like he really enjoys road trips.

Helmut in April 2008
Having fun in the snow.

Helmut in April 2008
In the back of the truck with the boys, he looks so solemn.
Paolo, the young man hugging Helmut, is a friend of the family and he really enjoys Helmut. :)

Helmut in April 2008
Another nice, testosterone filled picture. Heehee :D

Helmut in April 2008
Here's Helmut after having had a bath. The look on his face is adorable.

Helmut in April 2008
What can I say? Boys will be boys!

Helmut in April 2008
Helmut on the road; snuggling time with Paolo.

Helmut in April 2008
L-R: Dom, Paolo and Helmut. Three handsome young guys!

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Helmut at June Mountain

Helmut taking off with his family for a June Mountain (California) ski vacation this March.

He was a grinning California beach boy last month and a happy snow doggie a month later! :)

Helmut at June Mountain
Helmut sporting his doggie backpack in the snow.

Helmut at June Mountain
Enjoying a good run!

Helmut at June Mountain

I asked Geno if he got bowled over but he said Helmut never bowls him over, he's so agile.
I'd probably still want to duck or something! eep!

Helmut at June Mountain
These big dogs really love snow!!

Helmut at June Mountain
Powder faced, Helmut.
I absolutely LOVE this pic!
Isn't he cute?! :D

Thanks Geno!

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Blogger Judy sent us a woof // March 24, 2008

What a wonderful life Helmut has! A well-rounded dog-of-all-seasons. It's so much fun to see how the litter is growing. Thanks for sharing -


Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // March 29, 2008

Helmut seems like a natural in the snow. I'm glad to see he is still doing well. You raised a good pup there, Janice.


Blogger doubleh sent us a woof // April 06, 2008

He is so happy.. what joyous pictures!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 06, 2008

Thanks everyone. :)

I think he's such a cool dog!