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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Puppies, Puppies, Fun and Freebies!

Isn't he gorgeous!
This is Giant Dog Ranch Polar.
OFA Good. UKC registered.
He currently has a litter of puppies available born March 11, 2009.

If you want info on these dogs, here's a quick page with pedigree and contact information details.

Playing the 'my mouth is bigger than yours' game. :o

Lucky Carolyn gets to enjoy the puppy breath. I just get to see the pics. :)
The pups are gorgeous. Now you know when averages are supposed to be half girls and half boys, and the color genetics are thrown in, you sorta have a guess on what to expect. Well, in this case, the average distribution in the litter didn't happen! It's mostly boys, and most are white like their dad (one white girl), and one pinto (a boy) colored like their mom. Funny! So much for random chance, math, science and Punnett squares!

Mom is Semavi Kale Shadow from my bloodline and is a pinto full sister to Ruya (the pretty girl at the bottom left of the screen).
This is a repeat litter between Shadow and Polar producing tall dogs with nice bone and one of their older boys now works for Boone's Animals for Hollywood. For Helmut fans, Helmut's an uncle to this litter.

Now... on to things going on over here... I finally got my video card upgraded and added a new power supply. The power supply is pretty cool. It has a plexiglass case and lights up in a pretty blue. Since I have case with a see through side, the arrangement makes a nice night light to blog by. The reddish light below is for an auxillary fan.
The video card installation (NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+) went well but the semi-compact motherboard and its architecture (various slots) resulted in a very tight fit of some things jammed against each other, agh. The wide load video card takes up two slots as well as most of the length of the semi-compact case--thereby abutting the hard drives so tightly, stuff was hard to plug in without rearranging things. I will need longer cables (cheaper solution), among other things. Actually a NEW full sized mainboard (ugh $$$) might be the way to go as well since the video card majorly crowds the SATA hard drive connections. Bah. I think I'll wait on that.

On to fun things and freebies!

Here is a blog entry which has a cool historic computer chat dialog which (most probably) lead up to the establishment and purpose of the first ever internet smilie. Yuk yuk, trivia we don't usually think about. ;)

I ran into an interesting page which shares brief commentary with a "Favorite Food" recipe box featuring celebrities. See the entry for Dave Berry, and isn't it just like him! :D

A list of the most heartbreaking songs of all time--fun read that both James and I got a kick out of.

What's in a name??? I want a Foof!
And speaking of foof, that takes me back a bit another bit of foofish history, ---waaaaay back to TinyTim MUSH, a MUD that's still around today.


Free Magazine subscription. Go to then in the search box at the top, enter FREEMAG and you'll be taken to a page where you can browse, preview within, and select ONE free digital magazine subscription via I'm a big fan of Zinio! If reading from your monitor doesn't drive you nuts, you'll probably enjoy digital magazines too.

Give Away of the Day features free software, every day. If you visit the site every day, sooner or later you'll see something you want or you could go crazy and download the free stuff every day and fill up your hard drive. If you go for any of the freebies--download it right away and install it. There will be an unlock code or key that allows you to use the software without having to pay for it. As a freebie user, you don't get support from the vendor, but it's still a great deal. You must install and unlock the download before the 24 hour offer expires. You snooze; you lose! They also offer a free game with the same general download/install protocols at intervals (#update: usually Saturday and Sunday) per week. I've added their software link box to the left panel of my blog.

Okay, that's it for now!

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bookmark & Password Sync (Firefox) and HS Girls in Trouble

Discovered some very useful (free) tools for maintaining my bookmarks across several computers. I also needed a temporary solution for password storage. Found it all here.

I was amused to learn that Denofrio [sic?] "retired his license to practice law to become a professional poker player".

In something that sounds a bit completely different in a casual game, there is "Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!" which you can read about at the link. What an intriguing name for a game. As is typical of most casual games, you can try before you buy. You get the first 60 minutes of gameplay for free, then you can choose whether or not to buy the game so you can have more time to complete it and replay as desired. :)

A bit from the description given in the review at Gamezebo:
As it turns out, high school girls in the 1920s got into about as much trouble as they do nowadays - they just do it with flapper-style flair and scratchy swing music playing in the background. The game does a superb job of immersing you in the Roaring '20s, and the biggest treat of all is the irreverent dialogue. This isn't one of those games that you can just click through on your way to the next puzzle. Each sentence is dripping with wit, and – parents be warned – healthy doses of innuendo. ("I lost my cigarette lighter. If I don't find it, I'll have to ask a boy for a match. Who knows what he'll want in return!" or "Myrtle is an ignorant amateur at the art of passion. Why, last summer in India, I satisfied a Raja, while remaining full flowered.")
That's all for now...

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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Okay, I was wrong but PeTA Mommy is still alt.wacked.disturbed

I had thought he was 1/4 Arab but apparently I was off by quite a bit -- :edit: 28Nov2008 IF that link doesn't work, try this one. The author of the page had used a tilde in the page name and it doesn't not resolve properly from some links. :)

Gamezebo has an article about a game where PeTA perpetuates its radical mayhem, apparently based on its favorite "Mommy".

Now, let's move on with some Free stuff!

A cool looking, free online game is Something Amiss, about a young woman named Alice, who wakes up on the table of an MRI machine and finds there's no one there around her. Apparently she is locked into this MRI room and with your help she will figure out how to get out of there and solve the other puzzles in the cascade of questions surrounding her situation. It's all played entirely in a browser window and you can click any key on your keyboard to get game help and tips. You move Alice around by mousing the crosshairs onto different objects and left-clicking when the crosshairs turn red and choosing from a menu.

November 21st (Friday) is the day that the launch for the public beta for another free online game. This is Elf Island, a fantasy world game with a cute homepage. Nice concept. It seems to be about teaching children about compassion and doing good for others. The registration page seems to be pretty straightforward that it is intended to be a nice game for kids and others who like this concept.

Both "Something Amiss" and "Elf Island" each have blogs linked each their homepages so you can learn more about the latest updates on each.

Now more along the line of things I actually make time for, cooking and recipes! There's a free, beautifully illustrated Bisquick recipe collection, which can also be downloaded and kept handy offline. Likewise, one for Diabetes, one on brunches, soups, holiday cookies, whole wheat baking and birthday parties. These are courtesy of Betty Crocker and General Mills and I think these magazines are typically sold as impulse items at the checkout stands. I just love freebies! (and uh... to someone who will not be named, No, I'm not really downloading the entire internet... I think? lol) Psst... to everyone else, is she gone now? Shhh... here's one more, a Kraft Food and Family Festive 2008 recipe collection.

There's more but I think this is enough for now!

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote 2008! and this and that... (UFOs and Anime Pirates?)

Hope you all get out there and vote if you already haven't!

I've started playing around with Google adsense and other ads on this blog. The pages drawing the most visits are usually the game pages or special interests posts (like the python that swallowed a sheep, erk) or random stuff I have on science and genetics. Will be kind of fun to see what clicks generate for the site.

A really popular image on my site is this Sims 2 Space Port by SimMaster Ralph.

It's just too cool looking. Has UFOs hovering above the house, one of which UFOs is actually the main entry into this Sim household. There is a transporterlike 'stair' into the UFO from which your sim can then enter the house proper. I'm going on memory. I don't think I have taken a sim to that house in a couple of years now and other than a short visit to observe its coolness, I haven't actually played it! It might be interesting to see how Seasons affects it with the snow, ice and thunder storms... hrm.

I like to collect oddball Sims creations, sort of like the way we all used to collect hundreds of fonts for computer word processors. I generally end up keeping all the fonts (lol) but some of the Sim 2 creations are just a brief curiousity and then they go byebye. If you have the game and want to check out the Space Port -- the link to it is on an old post here. The image on that page is scrunched. I don't know why I never fixed it. Oh well. The Space Port is suitable for all base Sims 2 (computer) games. You do not need to own hundreds of dollars in expansion packs to use it. :p You do need to have a registered Sims 2 game in order to download the house at the official EA Sims 2 homepage.

Much newer oddness, and FREE -- that I ran into a few days ago are a some online games where your character is in the form of a stylized Japanese cartoon art form called anime. The games are MMORPG - which is a multiplayer online format. Flexible, it can be a sort of interactive 'chat room' if that's all you want. Or you can go exploring or play it as a skill game -- be a warrior or whatever. You need to be able to download the main program tho. So if you're on dialup, that could be rather piggish since I think the file sizes are close to a half or 1 gig (I forget) but it comes with a pausable, resumable downloader if you are determined to try for it on a slow connection. The homepage screens are beautiful. See "Wonderland Online" or "Tales of Pirates" for examples. Or after landing on either page, just click on the Free Online Games menu at the far top right corner of the page where you can select other choices. The software is free and so is playing the free versions, but some of the more enhanced games in the menu require a paid membership if you decide to keep playing.

I keep feeling vaguely confused... daylight savings time changes sometimes do that to me. When I'm feeling really tired, I can't remember if we're supposed to "Fall forward and Spring back", or is it "Spring forward and Fall back"? I'm still looking forward to seeing Apple Hill and getting a bushel of fresh apples (I love Fuji, Braeburns and Winesaps!)... we haven't found time to do that yet. But soon... yes! Anyway, adios for now.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


UPDATED: 17Sep2008- see at the bottom.
If you're not already familiar with it, there is way to get some popular magazines in digital form downloaded to your computer, which can then be read without an internet connection, or if you are roaming, you can use your internet connection to log into your account and read your stuff in online mode.

Above is a browser enabled peek at a beautiful magazine, click image to read the teaser while it is still available, and check out some of the recipes and glorious pics! (TIP: maximize the window that opens, click to toggle an individual page to maximize. Click and drag around pages & check out the hyperlinks that jump to articles/recipes or that hyperlink to a website).

Zinio's free proprietary software has more bells and whistles, requires a download, but you don't have to buy anything to check out complete issues of free sample magazines on your computer - and the freebies do change from time to time. Fun for grazing in foreign magazines and checking out book samples! The only fees you pay are just the subscriptions to the magazines you want and payment for ebooks that you download. I know, this is sounding a lot like an ad!! But honestly, I love this service because I get magazines and other stuff I want to read while reducing bookshelf and table clutter. The software remembers your last open page in each magazine, and by using a built in virtual highlighter and virtual sticky notes, it is that much easier to find that 7 month old Reader's Digest article or re-find a bunch of recipes that I thought I might adapt. Some people think using digital magazines is 'green' (is it?) but it certainly reduces some waste of trees.

A drawback in using digital literature include some aspects of computer portability -- like you probably won't be taking a digital magazine with you for a relaxing bubble bath (but you can print out most articles, oops- goodbye trees!). Also, occasionally there is a software security glitch and you can't open your stash of literature, so you have to go online and get another certificate. This doesn't happen often. I had more trouble with it when I was switching between computers, upgrading and setting up new ones -- and first learning the ins and outs of this kind of media. Of course it takes a bit of hard drive space. I have a few books downloaded and about 70 some magazines, so far it is taking about 2 gigs of space. But it's still cheaper than doing a room addition and battling with the local government for a building permit! Plus, you can always delete stuff, redownload and as of now, just read your stuff online.

If you scroll around some of the Zinio pages, you'll also find a link to textbooks. One fantastic freebie that as of this posting is still available, is a free genetics textbook download. The license allows you to have only one machine with a copy, but you can read it online if you are roaming.

Given my current budget
...anyone that feels awesomely generous is allowed to buy me a subscription to what looks like a fabulous New Zealand foodie magazine called Foodtown. Gosh the previews look fantastic, packed with eye candy and lots of ideas!

UPDATED: 17Sep2008 - WOW update!!!
YAY, Whee!! I am now getting Foodtown! Thank you!

Here are a couple more FREEBIES! VIV Magazine and classic literature!

1. There's a free subscription to an amazing digital magazine for women called VIV available at the time of this posting. It runs on the Zinio reader (older versions of software may need to be updated). You can sign up for for a free subscription at the magazine's homesite This magazine is quite a unique experience for the magazine lover. There are slideshows, animations and even short movie clips included as part of its medium. It covers topics of women's interest, health, exercise (with animated demos!) and there's cooking, recipes and fashions among other things. It seems to have a little bit something for everyone. It's free, so check it out.

2. The final Freebie that I want to add for this Zinio posting regards a least a hundred classics that can be found here. Some of you might remember Project Gutenberg, which is an ongoing effort to textify classics that are not copyrighted so anyone can read them online or download them. Zinio has "over 100 literary masterpieces, digitized and bound in the finiest electronic leather" hosted on their site for people to read in their browsers. Zinio customers can store the books in their online library (for roaming) or download these books to their own Zinio Library. Using the Zinio reader software will allow one to annotate and sticky note the classics. That is just so cool! I downloaded Edgar Alan Poe and also The Picture of Dorian Gray. Woohoo! :)

Thank you to Zinio's Adam Kadleck who answered some of my questions and was helpful to me in locating the Classics.
He mentions in comments to this post that Zinio has a facebook group. Check the comments!

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Blogger akadleck sent us a woof // September 17, 2008

Thanks for the great article about Zinio - we share your enthusiasm. I'd like to invite you and your readers to visit us at to try a free sample magazine or check out our library of Digital Classics. Feedback from our customers is critical to optimizing the Zinio experience. I also invite you to join our Facebook group, "I read, therefore I Zinio."

Read on,

Adam Kadleck
Director of Customer Service
Zinio, LLC   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 17, 2008

Haha! I love the catchy tagline, "I read, therefore I Zinio."
And for me, this is so true!

Thank you, Adam! :)   

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Play a Game and Win a Nobel Peace Prize?

I read a NewsBlog on about a protein folding game called Fold It.
I thought that was mildly interesting at first and somewhat amusing, but particularly because it combines science, puzzles and games, I became intrigued had to check it out!

My first laugh... It was amusing to find that they chose a domain name of FOLD with the country code (IT) of Italy. But you know how geeks can be. :D

Proteins are complex molecules in long chains that spring themselves into curly folds... and look like messy jumbles of utter chaos. The thing though, is that proteins operate like hardware or software in the body, depending on what the protein is and how it is folded, as well being affected by its environment. It is this manner in which proteins are structured that gives them the ability to react variably in their environment and do such things as keep us healthy, to make us sick, or to cure us of something. :)

I haven't tried the game yet but the ideas behind it are intriguing - as you can see from the beta version of game and site icon at the left.
"Solve Puzzles for Science"
"We're hopefully going to change the way science is done, and who it's done by," said Popovic, who presented the project today at the Games for Health meeting in Baltimore. "Our ultimate goal is to have ordinary people play the game and eventually be candidates for winning the Nobel Prize."
Hey, that Nobel Prize sounds a little far fetched but there is truth in the fact that some of us are strong on various types of puzzles. Some people are pretty genius at recognizing abstract patterns immediately in bundles of chaos and others have different strengths in problem solving, which together can crystalize innovative approaches. I see that the game is online and free. Apparently they are keeping track of how the game and its puzzles are played by its players.

The homesite for Fold It is here and more about the science of the game can be read in a FAQ. Here's a question from part of the FAQ...

How does my game playing contribute to curing diseases?

With all the things proteins do to keep our bodies functioning and healthy, they can be involved in disease in many different ways. The more we know about how certain proteins fold, the better new proteins we can design to combat the disease-related proteins and cure the diseases.

A short YouTube movie showing the game in action.

Last minute add, a writer on Gamezebo mentions how games can be more directly helpful in healing and therapy.

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Blogger euthymic sent us a woof // May 28, 2008

i think it is a nice idea to make games that also teach science in such an interesting way. i also like your 2 er... little? dogs   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 28, 2008

I agree about games that inspire and motivate.

Haha, about the little dogs. The pics of the dogs with Natalka are certainly impressive!   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // May 30, 2008

Do you think they would send my Nobel Prize in a bubble gum wrapper?


Friday, May 02, 2008

Ah, Stress Relief!

A Paint Shop Pro creation featuring two of my favorite games. (yeah, I did that PSP in a hurry and you can tell although I might just get around to fixing that)

Above, a Sims 2 family guy, playing Big Kahuna Reef 2 - Chain Reaction on his free gaming computer. (Sims 2 Free Time features new hobbies that Sims can have, including gaming! ...a sort of "infinite picture", game creations playing a game)

Recent days without much internet access, various stressy issues and an ailing family member have me turning to my very useful and portable laptop for communication aid ( deaf relay), ways of keeping myself from going nuts or being utterly bored in quiet moments, and if I have a space of time with no interruptions, some momentary stress relief in the form of DVD movies or casual games. Beats TV to death, as I have never been one to just turn it on and veg.

Tonight, I learned of a study documenting that computer games give stress relief ...and it even comes with a slide show. Check out the title, I love it! "Study: Casual Video Games Demonstrate Ability to Relieve Stress, Improve Mood: Potential Clinical Significance Highlighted. First-of-Its-Kind 6-month Research Project Establishes Effects of Puzzle and Word Games on the Human Body and Mind" :)

The study was conducted between October 2007 and April 2008 and included a total of 134 subjects. Thirty-one subjects served as members of the control group, tasked with surfing the Internet looking for journal articles. The experimental groups consisted of 31 subjects who played Bejeweled 2, 29 subjects who played Bookworm Adventures, and 36 subjects who played Peggle. The study included the collection of physical data (based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) measurements) and psychological data (based on POMS (a profile of mood states pre- and post-activity) and electroencephalography (EEG) measurements) during a 5-minute baseline period and 15 minutes of game playing or (in the case of the control group) Internet surfing.
I haven't played the three games featured in the study but anyone that is curious can get them as free downloads from any number of places including the creators site, Pop Cap games. Once you have them, you can play them offline. The trials are usually for an hour but if you like to play longer, offline and not buy the game, you can try the Wild Coins method of game trialing and playing. The way it seems to work is that Wild Games gives you any game you want as a freebie game which you can play for up to a 24 hour period with periodic 20 minute breaks. If your break gets too long, then if you want to resume the game, you will need to insert virtual coins, called Wild Coins. Depending on the complexity of the game, the number of coins varies and can be four to six coins for the fancier games. The coins can be bought in different plans or even acquired by purchasing other goods from magazines to coffee and fashions and other things. Some games are completely free however, and I get a kick out of Crickler which you must be online to play.

I didn't know anything about Wild Coins until I got my "new to me" refurb Gateway notebook which included a download for games, "Gateway Games". My nephew clicked on it (after asking of course) and I was so impressed with the graphics in the game of Fate he was playing and how quickly he learned the game, I had to learn about the game system that Fate was offered on. It's cute. The little guy battles bad guys and has a little dog that reminds me of a small spotted Terrier. I haven't played it yet but it might be the first game of its genre that I try.... eventually.

Had to stick this Sims 2 video on. I wish I could hear Natasha Bedingfield sing in "Simlish" but the video is beautiful (a nicer high res version is on youtube and you have to select it on the rating meter that has the stars).

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // May 03, 2008

That was fun! And the music in SIMlish was cute.


Sunday, September 30, 2007

Convert your Kodak Camera MOV files to AVI for Free

As of tonight, converting MOV files from my Kodak cameras to a format that can be handled in Windows Movie Maker is no longer an issue.

I found a free program at, called MP4Cam2AVI, and it does the conversion beautifully without increasing the file size and distorting the video output. There is a slight difference in full screen depth of color with the new output being a little darker in my clips, but the normal window size viewing is quite similar and crisp (given the camera and the user's shortcomings).

file comparison
Compare file sizes of original MOV and the new AVIs.

I don't know quite what all the bells are whistles are on this program but if you have a digital camera that shoots still pictures and can take movies in MOV format only, then you might be intereted in this free and small download. Get it here and see the info and screenshots.

Yeah... I know about Quicktime. I had purchased QuickTime Pro Version 6 a few years ago and found it very helpful for the few files from my Kodak digital cams that I had to convert (files ended up fuzzy and way big tho). I had only used it for a couple conversions which quality I didn't like aside from the hugeness of the new files. These could have been issues peculiar to that one camera tho. However, QuickTime movie editing and splicing is something which it did well. Unfortunately I used it only a couple times, not $30 worth of work IMO!

Back when, I was still on dial-up so the entire idea of putting movies online seemed crazy. Broadband is more common now although not everyone has it. Sometimes I have to connect at dial-up speeds when my cable connection goes nuts. That bites! Speed definitely spoils us when we get used to it!

Hubby wanted me to install iTunes on my machine and when I did that, I had to make the decision to overwrite my old QTPro version then with the freebie version 7 because iTunes refused to install unless QT was also upgraded. ...thus losing my MOV editing capabilities on this machine. I still have everything I need to reinstall my version 6 QuickTime Pro files -- as old as they are now. I installed the files on my laptop just in case I wanted to edit Kodak digital camera movies again, but that didn't last long! James needed iTunes on that machine too. Oh well!

Anyway, thanks to SourceForge, I now have a conversion solution that is practical for my use. After conversion from MOV to AVI, the clips can be edited in Windows Movie Maker. Now, to find the time to do THAT! I took some (not very good) movie clips of the dogs playing in the small corral. I discovered at the time that unfortunately, the camera I have cannot ZOOM while in video mode. Not great, since the Anatolians were playing, chasing and running around our 1/4 acre corral enclosure. Nevertheless, I will get them online when I can, now that I can edit the clips if needed.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cooking for Dogs - Free Recipes Galore

November of last year (2006), I had a blog post: dog-treat-recipes in which I mentioned a collection of recipes for those making homemade goodies for dogs (includes some recipes for cats as well).

I figured I'd bump attention back to it, in light of the "Melamine for Pets" issues. People who are cooking for their own dogs might want to take advantage of this free collection of recipes. These are not my own originals. You'd have to see the original posting (above archive) to understand why I posted them in the first place. Nevertheless, I still have the recipes available for download but if anyone does find out if the original owner is still hosting the file somewhere and would prefer to keep it there exclusively, let me know.

Here's just a few meal oriented (rather than treat oriented) recipes out of the collection of 300 or more recipes. The collection includes many treats, some weight booster concoctions for skinny dogs, one file on Hot Spots, raising a Service Dog, cooling pads, among other things, but it is primarily food oriented. After unzipping, it can be read as text, or can be incorporated into MasterCook as noted in my previous posting.
Heidi & Braxx's Natural Food

Categories : Kalgoorlie & Districts Gs Club

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 cups rolled oats -- (1 to 2)
1/4 lb raw organ meat -- (1/4 to 3/4)
1 tblsp honey
1 tblsp rosemary powder
1 tsp bran
1 tsp wheat germ
1 tsp cod liver oil
1 tsp cold pressed safflower oil
1 teaspoon bone meal powder
1 tsp angivida yeast
1 tsp kelp powder
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1/4 tsp Vitamin c powder
1 vitamin capsule of Biotin
1 vitamin capsule of Vitamin E
1 handful finely chopped raisins
1 handful alfalfa leaves
1 tablespoon veggie mix
Veggie Mix:
6 carrots -- (6 to 8)
1/4 bag spinach
6 garlic individual cloves -- (6 to 10)
1 container alfalfa sprouts
Finely puree in a food processor. This mixture keeps well up to 2 weeks.

Soak oats approximately 2 hours with enough water to cover; the amount of oats depends on the size and activity level of the dog. Add raw meat; again the amount of meat will depend on the dog. Add all ingredients; mix well.

This recipe is to be daily 2x. It seems like alot of work but I prepare the food 2 weeks in advance using Ziploc bags. I used to be an avid commercial food user but I've been cured!! The dogs' all Rotties have nicer coats, smell better, no fleas, love their food and are not finicky eaters as before. It takes a little longer daily but well worth it!

Akita Style Lamb & Rice
Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 lb ground lamb (beef if you wish)
1 1/2 cups brown rice
2 stalks Broccoli
2 medium potatoes -- (2 to 3)
3 medium carrots
4 cloves garlic
1 sheet kombu -- Sea Kelp (optional)
Brown lamb in a frypan. After it gets going, put on the chopped garlic to brown. Boil water, put about 4-5 cups into a crockpot, so it is already hot while you are fixing the rest of the ingredients. Add cubed potatoes to the frypan. Cut broccoli and add this to the crock. Put the rest of the works in the pot, add enough hot water to cover. Add pepper to taste. Throw in 1/2 cup brown rice and mix.
Courtesy: Kalgoorlie & Districts German Shepherd Obedience Club Inc

Home Cooking

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
5 lb ground beef or chicken
3/4 cup canola oil
4 cloves garlic -- (4 to 5)
32 cups water
8 cups processed veggies (various) -- (8 to 10)
--(carrots, cauliflower, bean sprouts,
-- celery, broccoli,
potatoes, sweet potatoes, -- red peppers,
spinach, beets, lettuce, tomatoes, etc.)
NO ONIONS (not good for dogs)
2 cans kidney beans -- (2 to 3)
1/2 cup molasses (optional)
42 oz oatmeal (quick cooking oats) -- (42 to 45)
eggs can be added to boost protein

In a large 24qt pot brown ground meat, add canola oil and garlic. When well cooked, add water. Bring to boil, then add veggies that have been processed, (frozen or canned veggies will work too). I use dried kidney beans and soak them the night before preparing a batch of food. While I am cooking the meat I have the beans in another pot cooking them. Once cooked, they are added to the above mixture. Next, the oatmeal is added. Frequent stirring is necessary at this point as the mixture will stick. Remove from heat, cool and put into containers. The above mixture feeds 3 Boxers for 1 week. I occasionally add pumpernickell bread and some times substitute brown rice for some of the oatmeal. This recipe is very flexible. I also add a mixture called Healthy powder to each meal. I feed twice daily and add 1 tsp of healthy powder to each meal for each dog.

NOTES : Kalgoorlie & Districts German Shepherd Obedience Club Inc,
Submitted by Shirley Bell This is a bulk recipe for
those with more than one dog who want to feed well
balanced home cooked food.

A listing of names of some of the recipes, to whet your curiosity-

Akita Style Lamb & Rice
Apple Crunch Pup cakes
Auggie's Wolfdown
B/M Dog Cookies
Baby Food Soft Doggie Cookies
Bacon Biscuits
Basic Bones
Beef Jerky Bait
Birthday Cake for Pups
Cheese Twists
Chef-Fido Complimentary Dog Biscuit Recipe
Chicken Liver Cookies
DOG BISCUITS #3 (Low Purine for Kidney Stone Prone Dogs)
Dog Biscuits (Wheat Free Scotty Biscuits)
Golden Beardie Liver Brownies
Good for You Gobblers
Great Doggie Liver Treat
Homemade Liver Treats
HORS D'OGS (Low Purine for Kidney Stone Prone Dogs)
Katie Cudlin's Dog Food
Lamb Jerky
Little River Clinic Biscuits
Liver (or Tuna) Puffs for dogs or cats
Liver Bait
Magic Meatballs
Meaty Dog Biscuits
Niemann's Dog Treats
No-Flea Dog Biscuits
Oatmeal/Wheat Germ Dog Biscuits
Peanut Butter and Banana Cookies for Dogs
Peanut Butter and Honey Dog Biscuits
Pogo's Light Biscuit for Belly Draggers
Pork Liver Cookies
Potatoes Au Canine Or Feline
Puppy Cookies, Benton-Franklin County Humane Society
Rastus' Microwaved Casserole
Rusty's Birthday Cake
Sarah Jean's Crowning Crumpets
Scrambled Eggs Doggie Style
Sell-Their-Soul Liver Cookies
Shirleys meat loaf for Mona Lisa and Pocahontas
Sunshine Liver Brownies
Vegetable Beef and Rice Moochies
Vegetarian Dog Biscuits
Weight-On Meatballs
Wheat Free Tuna Biscuits
Wheatfree Salmon Treats, From Ruthie on the B.A.R.F. list

Bone Appetit!
Oh, and speaking of ---- today ABC News featured Bone Appetit!
In the Face of the Pet Food Recall, Some Concerned Humans Whip Up Dinner for Their Dogs -- and Cats -- Themselves

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Anonymous jan sent us a woof // April 23, 2007

Whenever I cook up a batch for my dogs, my humans get bent out of shape. What's wrong with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches anyway?   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 23, 2007

Too funny, but we know where your heart is. :)

I'll take mine with super crunchy and apricot-pineapple jam please.   

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Dog Treat Recipes - Originally Golden Bone on

Does anyone know whatever happened to this very popular dog treat collection?

The site has disappeared (in recent months?) but I've found many online doggy sites containing links to it (& deservedly so as there are over 300 recipes in the collection from diverse ingredient preferences). I can't find info to communicate with the original owner of the collection to discover where the site has moved or if it is gone forever. It is a collection of dog treats and recipes in Mastercook format. I'll host the file here as the original zip file until someone discovers where the original author has moved their hosting. Click the zip file below to save to your desktop, then paste the text file within into your favorite editor.
Goldenbone dog biscuit recipe collection - originally from kcathey/goldenbone

If you use a recipe manager like Mastercook, the nutritional breakdown of the ingredients can be done automatically and you can increment or halve (whatever) the recipes as needed, print them on paper or gift cards to give away with holiday gifts. While Mastercook already comes with a database of nutritional breakdown (vitamins, carbs, fats, etc) other ingredients may need to be entered or revised and this can be easily done directly in the Mastercook database -- if you need that kind of detail.

I've had Mastercook for years so it is that which I'm most familiar although I'm sure other recipe software can do a great job of databasing, formatting, nutritional breakdown and customized volumes. Mastercook can be had for less than $5 at some sources and many recipe collections online can directly import right into the program. Try googling Mastercook for some sales, freeware and trial versions. Some places like Walmart and other stores may have inexpensive versions if you want to try it out.

An partial screenshot from Mastercook of these recipes
Mastercook Screenshot

:edit: Update November 2008- The original author has gotten in contact with me. She seems to be just fine about the distribution of her collection. :)

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