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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bookmark & Password Sync (Firefox) and HS Girls in Trouble

Discovered some very useful (free) tools for maintaining my bookmarks across several computers. I also needed a temporary solution for password storage. Found it all here.

I was amused to learn that Denofrio [sic?] "retired his license to practice law to become a professional poker player".

In something that sounds a bit completely different in a casual game, there is "Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!" which you can read about at the link. What an intriguing name for a game. As is typical of most casual games, you can try before you buy. You get the first 60 minutes of gameplay for free, then you can choose whether or not to buy the game so you can have more time to complete it and replay as desired. :)

A bit from the description given in the review at Gamezebo:
As it turns out, high school girls in the 1920s got into about as much trouble as they do nowadays - they just do it with flapper-style flair and scratchy swing music playing in the background. The game does a superb job of immersing you in the Roaring '20s, and the biggest treat of all is the irreverent dialogue. This isn't one of those games that you can just click through on your way to the next puzzle. Each sentence is dripping with wit, and – parents be warned – healthy doses of innuendo. ("I lost my cigarette lighter. If I don't find it, I'll have to ask a boy for a match. Who knows what he'll want in return!" or "Myrtle is an ignorant amateur at the art of passion. Why, last summer in India, I satisfied a Raja, while remaining full flowered.")
That's all for now...

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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Critical Thinking, Mandatory Spay/Neuter, & Computer Security

A little of everything in the above subject.

A few good articles that got my attention this week.
Thinking outside the box. Here's a read on that at

After reading that; the concept of critical thinking and lucid comprehension of issues take focus again with the reader -- Yet, back to real life, we continue to witness the the most juvenile and fundamentalist/extreme thinking that is driving MSN proponents everywhere (mandatory spay & neuter). Including California's truly UNHealthy Pets Act. So focused on their own limited perception of reality that they do not see, for example, how this type of legislation adversely affects grassroots efforts at wildlife conservation, the production of food and natural fiber on the farm and issues of population genetics in our pets. Health issues in animals are simply written off as well with broad blanket assumptions, with these people blowing off the experts, as if they have degrees in veterinary science and realize the difference between long term prospective and short term retrospective data. Furthermore, these bills will NOT affect the popularly demonized, commercial mass pet producers, yet the MSN proponents continue to make disingenuous references in that direction. And the sheep continue to follow.

Somewhat related: Newsweek on PeTA and Euthanasia: Euthanization is actually the cop out of MSN proponents to address the shortcomings in their logic and both HSUS and PeTA encourage killing animals rather than rehoming them. Since they are so busy killing animals, analyzing the status of the problem as encouraged in the first link is simply beyond their acceptance. I highly recommend Nathan Winograd's book, Redemption - a good take on it is here. It does encourage facing the history and issues that have compounded the lack of progression on logical solutions.

Getting away from animals for a bit... and along the lines of perhaps encouraging a new way of thinking, see this article about some indigenous people of Mexico who "live forever", from which article I gained the idea that many of our modern foot and leg problems seen in our society could be benefited from taking some core ideas regarding letting our footwear be more natural, so that leg strength and flexibility are natural benefits.

And tonight, I just discovered a new blog which covers issues that affect everyone using the internet - see Spyware Sucks. I've found that many people continue ignore the serious implications of HTML in email - especially as malware gets more sophisticated and do not understand that surfing and reading web pages results in thousands of downloads to their computer. From another source, Scott Dunn writes about security, "Visitors to last Thursday got more than they bargained for. A hacked Flash advertisement meant that merely viewing a page in your browser was capable of triggering a malware attack on your PC. According to an alert on the security site Websense, the ad can take control of the browser without any user interaction at all."

I'm using Firefox as my principal browser with "NoScript" which stops scripts in their tracks and another extension "AdBlock" that blocks ads which can sometimes be malicious. The combination makes some busy pages download for reading quicker since I am not getting all that garbage and it makes pages look a little different too. For example, ubiquitous links such as 'google ads' just do not show up on my Firefox browsing. NoScript does allow me to choose which sites I trust as does AdBlock.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I *Heart* Foxsaver!

There's nothing quite like beautiful photography to bring me a smile.

FoxSaver creator, Chris Lu chose this photo for one of Monday's selection of pictures. The mouseover in the vote page collection says it's Gentle Persuasion by Jack Crockett.

I like using this pic for a header in this post because it is a celebration of light and life.

The contrasts. . . Darkness. Light and hope.
Today, for me, those words and this picture symbolize remembrance -- powerful memories of 9/11.

Photographic art... great for visual relaxation. Big, beautiful pictures provide an opportunity to give the eye some rest while actively exploring the photo. Okay, I'm gushing for FoxSaver! These smaller pics don't do them justice. You can view them full screen when FoxSaver is running.

I don't know how long these links will be up but here are two pages = 1 = and = 2 = of some of the gorgeous pics representing different days. FoxSaver users can vote on the pics they like. :)

Kudos to Chris Lu for writing this wonderful add-on for Firefox!
Fox Saver Logo Click image to get info for download.

Jack Crockett, who is the photographer of the purple dahlia above, has an intro page at which provides links to more of his beautiful photography.

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Blogger Chris sent us a woof // September 26, 2007

Hi, Semavi Lady, Thanks a lot for your favor for FoxSaver.

Now, you can right click on some picture you like, and "Recommend it to FoxSave".

The site is a very beta testing phase. You will need a facebook account to submit pictures.


Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // October 09, 2007

This is an amazing program. Beautiful. It gets better every time!


Friday, September 07, 2007

Foxsaver for Firefox

Ran into this visually pleasing 'screen saver' like thingie called FoxSaver for Firefox. Did I say visually pleasing? :)

I spent a few hours working on files and doing web related updates and had the usual dozens of 'away from keyboard' interruptions, some for less than 2-10 minutes with the monitor on, and others for a couple hours when I most always have the monitor button off. When this FoxSaver thingie kicks on, some really beautiful photography loads as a slide show (one can select folders on the local computer if preferred). Photos repeat randomly, new ones get shuffled in. So far I like this thing and anticipate the photo show changing from day to day. Pretty cool.

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