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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy May!

Trying to keep track of where all the time goes is just impossible these days. I've certainly had a lot of distractions.

Yummy stuff. Dragon Boat Festival is coming up soon (June 8). Mom doesn't cook any more so her vegetarian or traditional version of zongzi will not happen this year. I did find a page with a pretty classic version of zongzi, and am really happy with the find. Google images of this traditional Chinese food stimulates the appetite for me! :) Of course, it's a pretty huge undertaking (like making homemade tamales but since they are bigger servings, goes quicker) so I'll be trying to find a local place where I can pick some up premade.

Something new to me that I learned this month came by way of Marlene in an email where she mentioned chicken diapers. I had to find a site that featured them to learn more about this oddity and now it doesn't really seem that odd. Chicken diapers allow chickens to kept as house pets. Chickens do make really sweet affectionate companions, except for the occasional rooster from heck (they can get dangerous if they are unpredictable and aggressive, especially if their spurs are long an untrimmed). Some roosters have very nice personalities. If you do not have a good ratio of hens to roosters, your hens will get rather bedraggled; the roosters are pretty randy guys. My chickens have always been livestock and live outside except for that period of time that they need to be under the heat lamp--new peepers from the post office are always exciting! A sick or injured bird however, would be kept in the house, in a cat crate where I could give it attention through the day. It's so easy to imagine making a house pet of one. Imagine a pet rooster waking you up from your headboard in the morning. No snooze button? Maybe some corn scattered on the floor! And you get a few eggs a week from your hen, but if she has no nest, every day could be an Easter egg hunt. :)

HSUS was pretty interesting in the recent week. A stable link to the WSB exposé on HSUS is here. It's been quite an eye opener to see the obsessive levels to which censorship can happen.

Other finds this week. The Library of Congress has some famous and interesting photos on its own Flickr account. From a pit bull chat forum, I learned about this beautiful blog where a man travels on his bike with his pit bull who rides a sidecar. They have beautiful photography there. Check it out, Ara and Spirit's blog, The Oasis of My Soul.

A really funny video. I always wince when it looks like people are getting hurt, but overall, I really had a good laugh with this one. :)

I've had a Twitter account for many months but didn't make much use of it. I've found it very handy for following issues in legislation, foodie blogs, posts about science, agriculture, my breed, genetics, games, humor, photography, news, photo editing and seriously, all manner of other things that interest me. I've added a sidebar to this blog that shows my latest 'tweets' and connects to my Twitter profile.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Law and Order!

Semavi Kale Shadow (Ruya's sibling pinto sister) caught on a picture after she ran in and rolled a puppy for unwanted behavior among Shadow's sheep. You can see from her expression as she leaves the crumpled puppy, just how she feels. Yeah, I know there are 'all positive' dog training advocates that argue that dogs don't do the 'alpha wolf roll'. I don't have time to argue with them. I don't think they've observed how large dogs keep order, which age ranges and the types of infractions - it is complicated and justice is administered 'to effect' - not at all like some sort of 'thug city'. Mama dogs teach their kids the law of the tooth and fang and normally one or two lessons can instill certain respect for the life of the given student. :)

Above type scenario came to mind when I saw this... it is a video showing some chickens disrupting squabbling ruckus from a pair of rabbits.

The hens are beautiful. I would love to have some Light Brahmas again some day. They are a really gentle breed despite what the video may seem to show. Pretty substantial in size, slow to grow, good layers, broody, good moms, light brown tinted eggs.

Just read that BoingBoing has a new game related blog starting up, Offworld. Might be kind of fun.

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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chicken Poop of the Lips!

Fellow blogger, Chyril Walker mentions yours truly at the start of a short series of her recent chicken related postings at her blog.

Do check out the Chicken Poop link she gives. Chicken Poop is an interesting product that provides interesting gag opportunities! heehee ;) (I think I've been outed!)

Hrm, oh boy... another interesting product by the same vendor.... "Kill It Dead™– A Natural De-funkifier, is a vegan spray in a brown bottle, that will fight all kinds of odors so people think you take baths. ..." Hey, that sounds pretty interesting and useful! --- Go visit the blog and get the link to these products from there. Sounds like an interesting water conservation idea. LOL. :D

Turkish pulletAnd enjoy the pics of some Turkish chickens! I think the hen on the left has very interesting type and color. Very pretty with a sort of gamebird finish about her. The rooster next to her has some pretty huge spurs.

I found it interesting that bilateral pinioning was done on most birds of the first flock. I've never pinioned a bird, as mine have generally been much heavier modern breeds or breed mixes with less inclination to fly aside from natural inclination to find good roosting, but I think sometimes birds are often pinioned only on one side due to the way it can throw flight off balance but some people prefer to do both sides. Very interesting. I'm glad Chyril posted the pics.

Her postings crack me up, as she mentions yet another popular bird also sighted in Turkey during her recent visit. :)


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Friday, September 21, 2007

Animated Chickens

The silly, animated chicken above is not related to Savage Chickens, but comes from free animations available at LabPixies, made by SweetIM.

See the Savage Chickens Video Debut

I got a kick out of the fun facts about making the movie. One of which is "There are about 500 sticky notes in the video, including a butterfly and 4 or 5 stunt butterflies." I enjoyed the movie and hope Savage Chickens does well in the contest.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Chickens, Pirates and UFOs

A hen at Judy's place, with her chicks in a tree!
James and I continue to be tickled with this photo over at Judy's Ravenwood Farm Tails blog. It's in the July archives there.

Chickens instinctively roost at night, and domestic chickens sometimes prefer a tree over other offerings. The puzzle is, how did these chicks which are only just starting to fledge get up in the tree?

Diane sent me a blurb about Savage Chickens' comic of the day. Funny! If only my TTY calls could be so succinct! Nemesis, the previous day's comic is pirate oriented too, . . . A good reminder of that silly holiday coming up, Talk Like a Pirate Day. September 19th, every year.

In the category of "ain't nobody here but us chickens" --
Paul, who owns Zoey, sent me this really funny video, for which I found a link at YouTube. It's a pretty candid UFO encounter! :)

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Monday, March 26, 2007


Chick out the amazing Chook-a-pede.


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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Chicken Invaders?!

Checking my mailboxes generally includes making a visit to to dig through whatever mail is there and stick it into one of several assorted priority categories depending on how overwhelmed I am - and today I saw the cutest little chicken icon having a general interest in chickens and chicken related oddities & humor, I had to click peck on it and landed on this page and read the following.

In the first chapter of the Chicken Invaders saga, you defended earth against an invasion of intergalactic chickens seeking revenge for the oppression of their earthly brethren. Just when you thought it was safe to eat chicken again, the chickens have returned with an organized invasion to take over the entire solar system! Journey to each planet and fight your way through to save the world again! Advance through waves of invading chickens, avoiding falling eggs and collecting power-ups to boost your spaceship's firepower. Fast-paced arcade action for one or two players.

no credit card required for free trial

Bwahahahaha!!! :rotfl:
Wish I had more time. Although I definitely don't have that much interest in "fast-paced arcade action", I am so buzzed about the graphics. They must be hilarious! I'll have to at least download the free trial sometime and give it a peck and a cackle or two!

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Blogger Diane sent us a woof // August 30, 2006

I had that game!! I totally loved it! There were eggs and chickens, and even some cooked chicken parts to eat for energy. Sadly, my free trial ended. :(   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // August 30, 2006

Haha!! Cooked Chicken Parts?! Sounds pretty warped and funny. :D

In present company ;) "Chicken Reincarnata" (outdated chix parts festering in the fridge) comes to mind as another potential warped component of such a game. Microbes!

Heh, maybe I've been thinking about Spore too much. (I can't find time to play my Sims, yet I'm looking forward to Spore!)