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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dogs, men 'play' same game to woo women-Man-Woman-Relationships

Man-Woman-Relationships-Lifestyle-The Times of India

I have some old weirdly fuzzy / grainy digital pictures of Ruya, the girl (left), manhandling Boone, the boy (right). These were taken when both stars of the show were about a year old and after they badly abused a paper bag of dog fur from Zor that was going to be tossed after I finished working on their Uncle Aslan.

I had to laugh about the above Times of India article since at least with big dog folk, this craziness is pretty well known. And it's part of the reason that boy-girl pairs work better than having a girl/girl or boy/boy pair if you like to have Anatolians in stereo. :)

Ruya taking a big chunk out of Boone's cheek!

Here's some of the text from the article:
Just like men, dogs too know how to win ladies’ hearts – and that too from a young age.

According to a new study, while playing, young dogs let the female pups win, even if the males have a physical advantage.

They might lose the game in the short run, but they could win at love in the future.

The experts found that male dogs place themselves in potentially disadvantageous positions, which could make them more vulnerable to attack, and researchers suspect the opportunity to play may be more important to them than winning.

Infact, the gentlemanly dog behavior is even accompanied with a bow. "We found that self-handicapping tends to occur in conjunction with play bows," the Discovery News quoted lead researcher Camille Ward, as saying.

"A play bow is a signal that dogs use when they want to communicate playful intentions to a potential play partner," added Ward, a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan and director of About Dogs LLC. She is also author of the forthcoming book, Relationship-Based Dog Training.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Helmut comes to visit!

Ruya with Lisa
In August, Geno, Lisa and Helmut came to visit from So. California.
In the pic above, you see Ruya on the glider with Lisa. In the background, you can see Helmut sniffing around and marking his spots. That's Coco's tail right at the far right. Coco and Helmut are siblings. Last time he was here, Helmut was a year old and still squatting, but at this point he was lifting his leg. My little boy, growing up! :D

Anticipating the visit, James and I figured the girls would be excited enough to see their brother again and that it could get complicated, so we decided to keep Boone out back (separate), just in case Boone wanted to make a comment about his harem while his son was visiting. Based on what our foster dog Molly had to say about the attention she was getting from Helmut (back off you nosey boy!), it turned out to be a good choice!

Additionally, Bella had just come back to us the day before and we were all getting reacquainted. Bella was reintegrating into the social order and still trying to assert how many stars she should have should she be allowed to assume rank of General, but it was for the most part going quite smoothly. She seems to adore her sibling sis, Coco, (they used to be arch enemies at one point at 3 months age), but she's now a bit more standoffish to her older sister, Ruya. It's amazing, even after nearly 1.5 years apart (for Bella), that all these siblings seemed to recognize each other very quickly and settled down. It all worked out rather well. :)

Ruya with one month old Bella
pic by Dave Koerner
This is big sister Ruya, protectively watching over little Bella. Bella isn't so little any more. :)

Helmut, with Coco and Bella at one month
pic by Dave Koerner
Here are Coco, Bella and Helmut at one month. It's kind of amazing to study their baby pics and see how they all were back then and how they are now.

Daddy Boone
This is Boone. He is daddy to Coco, Bella and Helmut.

Coco with Lisa
Now, here is Coco on the glider with Lisa. She really dug Lisa!
Lisa was stuck on the glider for the whole visit with all the dogs milling around her.

Geno takes great pics!

Coco with Lisa, and Bella in front
Another pic of Coco just enjoying hogging all of Lisa's attention. That's Bella standing in front. She was a bit more aloof for the day and adapted pretty well to the commotion.

Molly in August
Here is Molly. She is a mystery girl, possibly an 'akbash'. We picked up from Animal Control. Eventually we hope that she gets a perfect home. She was the only one of the girls that got much attention and flirting from Helmut. It was cute to watch, but she made it pretty obvious she wasn't interested in that MUCH attention from him. ;) As you can see, she looks very pretty, relaxed and easy going. Her paws are muddy because her idea of getting a drink of water when she is happy and playful, is to stand with her front feet in the bucket while she drinks. This behavior makes the water muddy for everyone else, alas.

Geno surrounded by Anatolians
Now here is Geno. Left to right are Molly, Coco, Helmut and Bella.
If Helmut deliberately wanted to look totally goofy in a pic, he could hardly have picked a better way to stand and stick his tongue out. Sheesh.

Lisa with four Anatolians
One more glider pic showing four dogs around Lisa. That's Coco eating up all the attention. Bella prowling in the foreground. In the background is Molly trying to get away from a persistent but very flirty Helmut.

It was so nice to get a chance to meet Lisa. And so good to see Geno and Helmut again!

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // September 05, 2008

i am Turkish living in FL, and anatolians are the best dogs, in my opinion. i would like to have one pure bred;however, i go out of town occasionally and dont like the idea of leving it to someone else's care. i love the pictures in the blog, they are so lovely...   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 06, 2008

Thank you! I think these are awesome dogs too! Come by again! :)   

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Anatolians in Jail


Long faces above... we had some work done on the property today so all the dogs had to go into the big kennel (the one that is strong enough to be Anatolian-proof!) while the gates were left open for lots of to and fro-ing for a few hours. The orange twine is for holding the kennel door open which it is most all the time.

Work done for the day, front gate closed. I go out to let them out, giving them a cheerful greeting. First, they give me happy, hopeful looks, because I'm about to let them out of the jail -- then I realized I should get the camera! -- Whee! snap snap...

After I got the camera, however, upon seeing the camera, instead of looking excitedly at me, they look resigned as I snap away... poor pups! All you peeps clamoring for pictures after my doggie picture hiatus. Look what you've done! LOL.

Close-ups of the Inmates--

This is taken from another pic, where they look to the front door, maybe accusingly at James who is just standing there watching. They are pointedly refusing to look at me. (lol) :D




I had to move to another angle to get a better picture of Helmut. He looks happier than Ruya who is still glowering (it seems) at James in the doorway. :)


Project isn't going to be done in one day, so they'll all have some more jail time, a few hours each day, in the next few days. sigh... Yeah, I'm not happy either but it'll be nice when the projects are finished. James laughed when he saw the photos of all the accusatory looking glances. The dogs are so expressive. After I let them out of jail, they all clustered around me for attention then each dog curled up nearby.

Snuggler, Boone
Boone snuggles against me as Helmut, his son, relaxes.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Puppies - Assorted Pics 5 through 6 Week Old

Sun Nov 26, the pups will be seven weeks old. I'm still catching up on the backlog and am actually making headway. Yay, me! These pics are from a collection covering the end of their fifth and going to the end of their sixth weeks. :)

Coco snooze
A five week old Coco, snoozing.

Coco's eyes are turning grayish. They have a faint amber (yellowish) tinge that is increasing around the iris which gives them a sage or moss coloring in some photos. As a liver colored ASD, the transitions in eye color will continue through her first year.

Nov20-2006 004.jpg (723714 bytes)
Cuddly Coco - this pic shows how fuzzy she can look. :)

Neil at five weeks. Sporting the ever popular 'wet look' -- thanks to helping to fill the water bowl.

Darth at 5 weeks. Snoozing after a meal. Does he look roly poly or what?!

Batman 5 weeks - very mellow guy.

Mr T playing with tug toy
Mr T playing with a suspended tug toy.

Starting their sixth week, I let them out to explore part of the yard for a few hours every day.

The pics below are from the first time they had a chance to explore outside their contained puppy area.

Neil & Darth
Neil in front - Darth behind him.

Darth coming forward.

Spot & Neil
Spot & Neil

J & Coco
J & Coco

Synchronized yawning?
Synchronized yawning . . . Ruya yawns, so does Coco.
Spot in the middle and Neil in foreground

Neil again.

Adult girls, Zor (furthest back) and Ruya (forward) on the left.
Puppies from 12 o'clock to the front are Spot, Coco and Neil.
On the right, Boone watches over all his babies.


. . . new camera - pics follow.

Ruya with pups
Ruya being mobbed by her siblings.
With pic above and those that follow, I'm trying out a new camera. This one is a Kodak EasyShare Z650.
It has a very different feel to it than my other digital cameras.

Above pic: Bottom right, you can see Ruya's feet in the forground, still mobbed by puppies. Are those are hind feet up in surrender? :)
Zor being mobbed by puppies for a snack. Boone in the background, head hidden behind Zor -- missed the shot I really wanted while fumbling for the new button locations.

What I wanted - Zor was laying down and Boone standing just behind her. The pups were approaching them. Only took a few seconds for me to lose the shot completely. :)

Above pretty much captures some of the chaos these darling little abductors have created in our lives here! Boone has actually been chased by his kids from time to time. He enjoys watching over them but doesn't want the whole pack closing in on him at once. Can't blame him. :)

'J' puppy - nicknamed for the capital J on her chest.

This new camera has 10x optical zoom with something called Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon. Don't ask. I had to look it up too.
I only took a few pictures because I had little idea if anything was coming out right and the camera seemed to be very busy focusing on things and adjusting this and that or some other thing within. Everything looked fuzzy in the viewfinder til I started to figure out how to use the buttons.

I wasn't even sure if above puppy was still in the picture when I took this one. Turned out okay.

Coco looking rough coated in a picture from the distance! This coat texture detail doesn't show up very well in distance shots from the other cameras. I'm starting to like this camera!

Neil and Mom
Nice detail. Every blade of grass and his coat shows up well with this shot. Compare to the shots with Neil from the Kodak EasyShare C330 above. James found the camera at a local Walmart sale. Not bad. :)

Other pup stuff: The boys all have their nether packages which started coming in on week 5. They are all also demonstrating some bite inhibition, not chomping quite so hard on their playmates or human victim. The girls are pretty social. Most social is Spot, then Coco, and finally 'J' in the current rankings for seeking social activity. Neil is the most social and adventurous of the boys, followed by Darth and T. Batman seems to be the most mellow although he gets up and about when I'm least likely to be ready with camera.

On the coats, Spot and 'J' (of the girls), have the smoothest of the medium coats. Next level up for coat length and increased plush appearance for a medium coat is 'T', who will probably have a coat like his big sister, Ruya. Coco and Darth have rough coats of about the same degree of increased intermediate texture. And finally Neil and Batman have definite rough and rugged looking coat and perhaps will have more in the way of feathering as adults than will Coco and Darth.

Mental note: Don't take this new camera for a swim in the puppy dish!

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // November 25, 2006

Wow, that camera takes great pictures!!
Okay, now let's see if I can post this comment successfully....   

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More Puppy stuff from November 10 2006

Okay, I'm really behind on everything lately but I'm working on it!
This is a continuation of week five with the puppies, so go back here and read if you missed it, then come back here.

Ready now?

Here are some photos from the puppies' fifth week dated November 10th, sent to us by the Koerners after their visit. They get all the credit for these great pics. I did was crop them down to take advantage of the high resolution detail in some of the pictures.

There are soooooo many photos but here are a few samples of scattered shots and some extra stuff thrown in. :)

Ruya and Darth
Darth and Ruya

Ruya loves Dave and Karolyn, and she loves "her" puppies too. Here she is laying in the straw in the puppy area.

Pretty roomy in here!
Ruya with one of the girls, showing how much room there is in the little doghouse in the Batcave.

In the above pic, see that gray blob on the right with a tail stepping out the front?
That's Batman stepping out of the Batcave

Batman and Coco
The front end of Batman, outside the Batcave, with Coco, of course.

Ruya, the lapdog, and Karolyn
Ruya demonstrating how to be a lapdog even when the victim Karolyn isn't using a chair


Can I sit there too?
Spot wants to get on Karolyn's lap too!

T and Neil
Mr T (on step) talks to Neil, probably about the popularity of the Batcave

This old house
Popular spot indeed. Ruya and Spot inside. Batman on the step. Darth playing with Neil off to the side.

This old house
Naptime. Everyone looks drowzzzzzzy

Ruya in the dog house.
Clockwise, starting with Batman on the step, Neil and Darth (on the bottom), Spot with her head above Darth.

Mom and Dad
Meanwhile, elsewhere in Gotham City.... Mama Zor in the background and noble Daddy Boone in foreground

Sleepy Darth

Headstudy Neil

Mr T arrives at the Batcave with news for Coco and Neil

Magnum kennel
New(ish) Kennel:
Our cheap chain mesh dog runs became demolished over the years due to weaknesses of the chainmesh material, so we bought this setup by Magnum. It has two doors, one of which is always open unless used. Both doors are temporarily held open with baling twine for the pups as part of their puppy area. It can be divided in half with a center panel if the need ever comes up (the giant doghouse would have to be pushed sidways or taken out).

We don't kennel dogs but these things are handy when you have workers around or need to contain a dog for any reason. I'm impressed with the quality of these panels and hope these will be good for a long time to come.

A fun side trip on doghouses now!
That giant doghouse which we have moved in the dog run, is well over 15 years old. It has been a favorite dog house (one of three big ones) for all of our Anatolians over the years. Because of the headroom, it is big enough so that I can get in there with two or more adult Anatolians and be pretty comfy! With fresh straw in the doghouse, we have fun 'making the bed'! Yep, it's true, I love that doghouse too. :)

The original frame was rebuilt this year and James given it three new sides and a new roof. You can see a few of the old boards being used as the front panel of the doghouse above.

The second largest doghouse still needs repairs.
zor-ruya-apr-2005.jpg (11153 bytes)
Zor and Ruya cuddle inside on a rainy day. (old pic by James)

Zor-pawsoutFeb022006.jpg (45890 bytes)
Zor demonstrates one of many deficiencies. This one also needs a new frame and some new sides due to the wear and tear it has suffered.
(this pic by me)
And finally, the very oldest doghouse of the three big doghouses, the one that Aslan, my former old service dog used to love standing or sleeping or just BARKING on top of and occasionally sleeping inside of, has long since collapsed!

Old frames can only be reboarded, renailed before the wood just gets too old to hold a good nail. Then there's nothing for it but to rebuild it from the ground up . . .

4doghaus.jpg (16155 bytes)
My favorite old picture of this old doghouse (by Bill McKeon). There's Aslan on top with Disi, next to him. Bertha inside and Sabah with her head sticking out over the retaining wall for the straw. No wonder that house eventually collapsed! It became unsalvageable. I used to get into it and help spread the fresh straw - less headroom than the giant doghouse, but still not bad! With two adult Anatolians to help me, it was a lot of fun! I'd get out of the doghouse with straw in my hair, in my clothes and jeans and just grinning from ear to ear.

The picture wasn't a setup! Actually we had some visitors over and all the dogs came to greet. The exercise pen off to the left had a litter inside - this was 1994 . . . Anyway after "the meet and greet", the conversation got boring to the dogs, but they all wanted to stick around to monitor our guests and make sure nothing evil happened to the pups. Two went inside, two on top. (and one flew over the cuckoo's nest?) ;)

Aslan used to play "King of the Mountain" games up there, and would wrestle with other ASDs on the top board which had to be reinforced several times. It is at least three layers thick in the pic above. It was like the World Wrestling Federation sports going on up there. None of the occupants below would pretend to sleep through it. And the wrestlers didn't play 'dirty'. The object of the game was to keep to the middle of the roof with all four feet. If you got pushed to the edge, you didn't get thrown off but you were the clear winner if still in the middle. Speaking of grinning ear to ear, I wish I had some shots of grinning Aslan, standing up there, the undefeated champion. He will forever be a champion to me. :)

Speaking of wrestling, it's interesting that the dogs seem to understand certain rules. Actually it's kind of like Sumo wrestling. They all have to stay within a certain boundary near the center. A movie I have of Boone and Ruya wrestling using the same rules, can be seen here.

BTW, that orange Volkswagon also had a dented-in, flattened roof. You want to guess why? :rotfl:

:) :) :)

Anyway, back to the present:
Run for Mommy!
After Zor has a meal, she dashes into the puppy area and beelines for her big doghouse.

The puppies then try to pile in after her for quick refreshments. :)

In the above case, Zor only gave a demo of what happens when she makes a dash for her big house. But she told the puppies in rather clear language that both human and puppy could understand, "No ZUUP for YOU!"
Sigh . . . Oh well!

Watching you
This pic!

, I don't know what Dave may have said or done to Darth and Coco to get this expression (above) from them both, but I couldn't resist sharing this shot. LOL

Spot guards, Ruya sleeps, Coco kisses
Here is Spot On Guard, while Ruya sleeps.
Coco kisses Spot, who seems to have fallen asleep on the job.

Well, more pics to come. Thanks so much to the Koerners for sending all the pics for this entry! :D

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