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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

April, between spring showers...

A picture of happy Coco from today.

L-R: Bella, Ruya and Coco at the gate, alerting at a visitor. (they see James there on the other side headed to the visitor, so they are showing mixed signals)

Molly has gone to her new adoptive home. She seemed to know something was up and seemed a bit stressed about it. We hope to hear good news about how she is settling in. She should be okay soon. She's been such a good girl.

Ruya grinning. She's up on the picnic table, and getting some love. :)

Kirsi sent me some information, completely true of course, about those amazing people in Finland.
Check it out here: :)

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pictures of Coco

Coco, my chocolate girl! :)
Two years old.

Don't understand why the color of her tongue is so hot pink. Must be the auto color thingie on the camera and the fact that the picture is so monochromatic.

Semavi Vasi Coco
This was taken the same day I did Bella. Coco is lot more solid. She is lean, but not near as thin as Bella.

Semavi Vasi Coco
Another view.

Semavi Vasi Coco
Here are L-R, Bella and Coco. They were both looking at the camera but Bella looked at her sis, just when I shot the pic. Sorry that it's a toupee type shot (aerial, not at their level and featuring the tops of their heads!) But the missed shot was really cool and would have made a nice close-up blog shot with my walker edited out. They were looking up at me with the same expression and heads close together. You could see how similar their head shapes are.

Coco looks so monochromatic next to sis Bella. Both are black masked fawns, except Coco got a (recessive) variant of black pigment, that doesn't go 'all the way to dark', so any parts of her that would be blacker, get the shade of chocolate instead. (chocolate, liver, or brown... all are names for the same variation on black color in Anatolians)

Coco at five months. (Click picture to make bigger.) Just for comparison.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Bella update

Bella, alert, active and on watch. Been having a hard time getting weight on this girl but we're getting there.

Bella in October
It's not unusual to have a young Anatolian that is skinny. A picture from today. Bella's still way skinnier than I'd like.

Previously her owners fed aromatic canned food to stimulate her appetite. She picked at even that and left it partly uneaten - sometimes only giving it a sniff and not eating, and then she would guard anything she didn't eat. In a multidog setting, that just can't be done since it annoys the rest of the civilians including me, so during the first week I had her, I put her uneaten food away or fed the rest of it to the others at another meal. And started Plan B.

Plan B? Within a week after she arrived, I started putting Bella with her chocolate sister, Coco in the same area to do chow. The competitive aspect of that, having another dog snarfing up chow in the proximity of her bowl, is what got her stimulated to eat. ("EAT! or it will be eaten!) Now she snarfs down her chow, has a hearty appetitite, but still has a bit of a way to go in the weight department.

Pretty Bella.


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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Polly Tricks

Inboxes are coming alive with more political mail. Not complaining. I like that people get active in the processes of shaping understanding. I think it is undeniable that a lot of stuff in circulation has certain bias, sometimes it is good bias and other times it's just plain wonky. At the end of the day, none of us really know the whole truths of anything nor how an elected candidate will act on his/her new reality, once they "have the tiger by the tail".

A site that I have found pretty useful in working out issues in local government is Vote Smart. Go there and look up a candidate that you may be researching. Check out their stance and their voting record on the issues closest to your heart. Then check out to see if they balance out this position by defeating it with other measures. The site may probably be most useful in issues in local government but it certainly has value for candidates who are jockeying for national positions. (The fastest way to get info on an incumbent or candidate is to type their last name into the search box.)

Once you are there... on the main profile of your target (the way it is formatted now) there will be a picture of the incumbent and then a list of things such as "Biographical", "Issue Positions (Political Courage Test)", "Interest Group Ratings", and assorted other things. You can also check out how they voted or abstained on various issues. We are all aware that sometimes bills come about that sound like a good idea, but for example if you have a large population of people that would like to use their clout to control issues in an area affecting another group -- they are often guilty of heavily profiling that group and anyone that doesn't fit precisely into the literature's dogma, will be swept into the chaos. (this was a major area where proponents of Mandatory Spay and Neuter bills have totally taken leave of their brains. Give them a hammer and everything is a nail.) There are sometimes good reason for a candidate to not support a bill that appears to be something that they actually believe in and that really should go without saying, but I am increasingly made aware that certain classes of activists are little more than Barbie cheerleaders for a cause they little understand. Also at least among my acquaintances, many of us are not strict on our party lines -- for even the candidates themselves are not as simple as black and white.

Cheryl, a great gal, sent me this link that I hadn't seen before. It is kind of fun to do.
ABC has a test to see who's campaign statements, McCain's or Obama's, you agree with most.

They don't tell you who made the statements, of course, but a statement made by each candidate on the same topic (economy, immigration, judiciary, etc.) will be side by side. You just pick which statement you agree with and, after selecting all 13, you'll find out which candidate's philosophy you support (and you can hover over the checkmarks to see the statement again, if you've forgotten).

Try it at:

Although I had no issue with the result I got, it really is just another example of how survey design can sort people into categories based on the rules of that survey. While that may seem obvious with any survey, it actually takes place every time you read about a candidate. The literature all have their inherent biases.

And don't forget, when you get around to musing that "there ought to be a law about..." -- remember this-
"You should not examine legislation in the light of the benefits it will convey if properly administered, but in the light of the wrongs it would do and the harm it would cause if improperly administered." Lyndon Johnson, 36th President of the U.S.
I'm still having fun with old pictures... :)
Ruya and Bella with Coco
A 2006 photo: In dog house is Ruya, and on the step is Bella. Looking up at them both is Coco.
I remember the moments of such photos as if they were taken yesterday. :)

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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Helmut comes to visit!

Ruya with Lisa
In August, Geno, Lisa and Helmut came to visit from So. California.
In the pic above, you see Ruya on the glider with Lisa. In the background, you can see Helmut sniffing around and marking his spots. That's Coco's tail right at the far right. Coco and Helmut are siblings. Last time he was here, Helmut was a year old and still squatting, but at this point he was lifting his leg. My little boy, growing up! :D

Anticipating the visit, James and I figured the girls would be excited enough to see their brother again and that it could get complicated, so we decided to keep Boone out back (separate), just in case Boone wanted to make a comment about his harem while his son was visiting. Based on what our foster dog Molly had to say about the attention she was getting from Helmut (back off you nosey boy!), it turned out to be a good choice!

Additionally, Bella had just come back to us the day before and we were all getting reacquainted. Bella was reintegrating into the social order and still trying to assert how many stars she should have should she be allowed to assume rank of General, but it was for the most part going quite smoothly. She seems to adore her sibling sis, Coco, (they used to be arch enemies at one point at 3 months age), but she's now a bit more standoffish to her older sister, Ruya. It's amazing, even after nearly 1.5 years apart (for Bella), that all these siblings seemed to recognize each other very quickly and settled down. It all worked out rather well. :)

Ruya with one month old Bella
pic by Dave Koerner
This is big sister Ruya, protectively watching over little Bella. Bella isn't so little any more. :)

Helmut, with Coco and Bella at one month
pic by Dave Koerner
Here are Coco, Bella and Helmut at one month. It's kind of amazing to study their baby pics and see how they all were back then and how they are now.

Daddy Boone
This is Boone. He is daddy to Coco, Bella and Helmut.

Coco with Lisa
Now, here is Coco on the glider with Lisa. She really dug Lisa!
Lisa was stuck on the glider for the whole visit with all the dogs milling around her.

Geno takes great pics!

Coco with Lisa, and Bella in front
Another pic of Coco just enjoying hogging all of Lisa's attention. That's Bella standing in front. She was a bit more aloof for the day and adapted pretty well to the commotion.

Molly in August
Here is Molly. She is a mystery girl, possibly an 'akbash'. We picked up from Animal Control. Eventually we hope that she gets a perfect home. She was the only one of the girls that got much attention and flirting from Helmut. It was cute to watch, but she made it pretty obvious she wasn't interested in that MUCH attention from him. ;) As you can see, she looks very pretty, relaxed and easy going. Her paws are muddy because her idea of getting a drink of water when she is happy and playful, is to stand with her front feet in the bucket while she drinks. This behavior makes the water muddy for everyone else, alas.

Geno surrounded by Anatolians
Now here is Geno. Left to right are Molly, Coco, Helmut and Bella.
If Helmut deliberately wanted to look totally goofy in a pic, he could hardly have picked a better way to stand and stick his tongue out. Sheesh.

Lisa with four Anatolians
One more glider pic showing four dogs around Lisa. That's Coco eating up all the attention. Bella prowling in the foreground. In the background is Molly trying to get away from a persistent but very flirty Helmut.

It was so nice to get a chance to meet Lisa. And so good to see Geno and Helmut again!

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // September 05, 2008

i am Turkish living in FL, and anatolians are the best dogs, in my opinion. i would like to have one pure bred;however, i go out of town occasionally and dont like the idea of leving it to someone else's care. i love the pictures in the blog, they are so lovely...   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 06, 2008

Thank you! I think these are awesome dogs too! Come by again! :)   

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just like her mom... Semavi Vasi Bella

Semavi Vasi Bella ("Bella") is back with us for a while.
She was the girl who was biscotti puppy.
She gives us so many doubletakes!! Her head and expression and much of her personality is just like her mom.

Momma Zor, below:
Semavi Kadinsi Zor
Zor's muzzle is a little gray at this angle, but the similarities in head and expression just blow me away. :)

Zor with Bella
Here are the two of them. Mama Zor with little 'Spot', now known as Bella, straddling her paws.

Bella in August 2008
Here is Bella again. Pretty girl!

Coco and Bella Aug 2008
And here are Bella with her sister Coco, our chocolate rough coat. Bella is just a little taller than Coco now.

You'd never have guessed Bella would 'catch up' so much if you saw this pic of Coco and Bella playing at 6 weeks of age.
6weeks Coco and Bella

Isn't that amazing?!

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // August 31, 2008

Bella is a very pretty dog!


Friday, December 22, 2006

Biscotti Puppy

This morning, as daylight was seeping into the sky, I was greeted by a puppy surprise. Opening the front door to hand out small rawhide twists to the gang, everyone came running to the door including one puppy that had a large plastic jar for a head! It was a large, empty biscotti bottle which I had used on my walker to help carrying water or treats.

It was our little girl named Spot (who will get a better name soon!). Unfazed by the big contraption on her head, she came galloping happily to the door with Coco and Batman.

I've seen my share of adult Anatolians that pretend that they can't walk any more, nor eat or pee, if wearing an Elizabethan style veterinary collar, but puppies can sure be resilient!

I handed treats to all the others. Then sat at the front door and tried to get her head out of the bottle. Inside the bottle was a bit steamed up and the fur on her head was still dry but starting to get damp from the condensation. She could see out of the now hazy plastic jar and was very patient with my attempts to work one ear out so I could try and slide it over her head. She seemed to understand I was trying to help her. Alas, it was only going on one way and would simply not come off as easily over her blocky wedge shaped head.

We went into the house. James found some strong wire cutters and got the darn thing off of her as she lay on her belly on a nice working surface. So sweet, she remained still the whole time and didn't complain. (I assure you that she does have a mouth on her if she's got something to complain about!) She recovered quickly enough, wagged her tail happily, enjoyed some cuddles and then she took a treat, went back outside to lie down and enjoy it.

Biscotti Spot
Sitting on our 'operating table'.

Biscotti Spot
Assuming the position for cutting the jar off her head.

All of this gives me an idea for her future name.

Cuddly Puppy
Spot with James.

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Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // December 22, 2006

She probably grew after she got her head in the jar!   

Blogger Peter Chen sent us a woof // December 23, 2006

Hi Semavi Lady,

Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but haven't seen you at the Blogger Help group for some time, and though that this will be a good way to get in touch with you.

You gave a tip on using javascript:top.resizeTo(800,600)
to resize the window to 800x600 screen resolution, and was instrumental in me going from 3 column template back to 2 column (see post Blogger for Dummies is now 3 column.

That was a useful tip you gave for it allow us to check how our blogs are seen in Internet Explorer in small screens. However, I have upgraded to IE7, and looks like your tip does not work in IE7 anymore. I now have no means of checking my blog for IE6 and below viewers. Hope you have more tips for us. Are there other ways of temporarily resizing the window to 800x600 in IE7?

Thanks and a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your dogs.

Peter a.k.a. Enviroman
Enviroman Says   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // December 23, 2006

Hi Peter,

The javascript still works in IE7 but rather than type it into the location, I implemented it as a clickable bookmark in IE favorites.

First, you need to make a bookmark. Now rightclick on the bookmark select the properties option - a box will pop up -- select the Web Document TAB and the URL box in that tab.

paste this text into the URL box:

Then go to the general tab, and give it a recognizeable name that the link will be called -- (I call mine:

Click APPLY, then click OK.

Now you have a bookmark. You can make other bookmarks for other window sizes this way too and maybe cluster them into a folder. Hope that helps!

I have really had a very hard time finding time for forums lately. Maybe that will change in the future.

Thanks for visiting. :)   

Blogger Peter Chen sent us a woof // December 24, 2006

Hi Semavi Lady,

Thanks. Tried to look for the bookmark icon on IE7 but could not find it. Anyway, I tried the javascript:top.resizeTo(800,600) trick again and it do work in IE7. Don't know how I came to the conclusion it didn't work. Maybe IE7 is still very new to me.

Peter aka Enviroman
Enviroman Says   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // December 24, 2006

Peter, why not just make a bookmark the normal way. Ctrl-D -- a popup will make a bookmark for the current page. What you do after accepting that bookmark is go to the folder for the bookmark, right click and then edit it, as above.

I also use window resizing bookmarks like this on Firefox.

Hope that helps!