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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nearly 100 Pit Bulls Killed After Dog Ban - Jacksonville, Arkansas

Nearly 100 Pit Bulls Killed After Dog Ban - KTHV | Little Rock, AR

a part near the end says...
As for pits like Rock, the shelter says it's seeing an increase of them without a legal place to call home. Jacksonville says before it passed its pit bull ban, they saw an influx of pit bulls because people were moving to town from other areas that already had bans in place.
And you know they aren't just killing 'pit bulls' but 'anything goes' whatever they feel like calling a given dog.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

"Vick Pit" Leo Becomes a Therapy Dog


Some nice news on one of Vick's former pit doggies at Mercury News. (EDIT: I originally posted a link directly to the article but it is doing some Mercury News related odd login/redirect and page failure thing! --so here's the full text followed by the original URL)

Kids, elders befriend a Vick fighting dog
By Linda Goldston
Mercury News
Article Launched: 01/31/2008 01:42:57 AM PST

[picture of Leo above]Caption:
Leo, one of the 50 pit bulls confiscated from former NFL star Michael Vick,... ( Stephanie Lam )

He faced a life of fighting, a cruel death by hanging or drowning if he couldn't make it in the pit.

Now he brings smiles to children, tears of joy to seniors.

Leo, one of 50 pit bulls confiscated from former NFL star Michael Vick's dog fighting kennel, has a new leash on life, thanks to a South Bay rescue group.

He also has a new job: He's been transformed into a therapy dog. Instead of risking his life in a dog fight, he will help fight the fear and loneliness of children and seniors in hospitals and convalescent homes.

"He'll put his paws on the bed and give them the soft warm 'love me' eyes," said Marthina McClay, a dog trainer and founder of Our Pack, Inc., who has worked with Leo since Dec. 16. "That's why he's such a good therapy dog. He's very polite."

When Leo arrived in the Bay Area, he had scars behind his ears and showed signs that handlers at Vick's Bad Newz Kennels in Virginia were starting to condition the pit bull terrier for fights, McClay said.

"He was starting to fight or had done some fighting but it hadn't gone on long enough that he was beyond repair," she said. "Now he's fine and loves to play with other dogs."

Leo shares toy bones with McClay's female pit bull, Hailey, and gives a wide berth to her Chihuahua. He greets visitors with a wagging tail and piercing brown eyes. But there is no jumping up on anyone. This dog sits down and watches you to see what comes next.

"He's a fabulous dog," McClay said. "A real sweetheart."

After authorities seized dozens of dogs from Vick's property in Virginia, the animals were kept in shelters while investigators put together their case. A court-appointed attorney for the dogs decided which rescue groups could take them. Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pitbulls or BAD RAP, an Oakland-based pit bull rescue group, helped with the evaluations and drove 13 of the dogs to the Bay Area.

Pack got one of the dogs, Leo, and BAD RAP placed the rest in foster homes.

Vick, former star quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, is serving 23 months in prison after pleading guilty to a dog-fighting conspiracy.

Dogs bought for fighting went through a testing process; if they didn't perform well, they were drowned, electrocuted or hanged at Bad Newz Kennel.

Even though he has minor scarring from fights, Leo likely would have faced one of those violent deaths, McClay said.

"He just wants to play," McClay said as Leo snored on her couch.

McClay and others said the Vick dog-fighting case is remarkable because the dogs were not euthanized.

"People stood up and said, 'Wait a minute,' " she said.

What the rehabilitated dogs are showing now "is their core temperament," McClay said. "Their hallmark is people-pleasing. Otherwise, Michael Vick couldn't have done what he did.

"The dogs aren't criminals. The humans who abuse them are the criminals."

For more information on pit bulls, dog training and Our Pack, Inc., see the Web site at
Contact Linda Goldston at or (408) 920-5862.


Breed Specific Legislation is WRONG!

And time for some Deaf silliness :)
No captions on this one, but it's all quite clear!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Legalize the Constitution!

When the voices of extremists can strong arm our democratic process with use of funds accumulated via deception. When extremists can use this financial clout to broadly and wrongly profile populations as HIGH RISK for lifestyles not tolerated by these vocal extremists.

When extremists are successful in manipulating our legislators to enact wide reaching, selectively enforced and prejudicial legislation. And when the voices of the citizens to be affected are completely ignored by our legislators... something has gone terribly wrong.

Borrowed from

REXANO Editorial By Zuzana Kukol,

"No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law."
(US Constitution)

Las Vegas, NV, November 21, 2007--In this country called United States of America, we have this ‘document’ many heard of in school but forgot all about it. It is called US Constitution, which guarantees us freedom of speech, which we are exercising right now, writing and publishing this editorial, as well as presenting it in video form on You Tube:

US Constitution also guarantees people pursuit of happiness, which many animal owners haven’t been able to exercise lately because they have been too busy fighting all the crazy animal legislation.

Constitution also guarantees people property rights: lands and animals are some of the most ancient type of properties. Many new laws are messing with both of them, with peoples’ right to use their land without government interference and with their right to choose the types and amount of animals.

It is time to Legalize the Constitution in the USA.

Our enemies, extreme animal rights (AR) activists groups, are getting stronger and more successful at passing bans regarding how many and what species or breeds of animals we can keep, and often mandating forced sterilization of domestic pets.

It doesn’t matter if you only own one hamster, horse, domestic dog, or cat, these unfair bans will eventually affect us all, since we all have a common enemy: extreme AR groups whose final agenda is no animals in captivity, no meat on our plates and no leather good in our houses. They want to remove all animal and human contact.

Year 2007 alone brought too many mandatory spay/neuter, breed specific legislation (BSL) and anti exotic animal bills and bans to many states, localities and even federal level. In too many cases the uneducated legislators and extreme animal rights groups have been winning and responsible animal owners losing their rights to keep the animal of their choice.

Property is not a dirty word, it signifies something people love, value and cherish, and often have to work hard for. Keeping legal status of animals as property also guarantees that animals can’t be stolen from their loving owners without consequences. If we, the animal owners, continue the trend of doing nothing noteworthy in legislative area we, animal owners, are going to be extinct soon and we have only ourselves to blame. Make sure your ‘animal votes’. Choose the animal owner and animal welfare (not animal rights) friendly candidate.

Educate the legislators, friends and family, so they don’t get gagged by the anti animal propaganda.

United we stand, divided we fall, regardless of the breed or species.

As long as animal welfare and public safety laws are followed, the private ownership of all animals should be protected and legal in the USA

Just say NO! to anti animal ownership laws.
Say YES to Legalizing the US Constitution.

REXANO is dedicated to the Responsible Exotic Animal Ownership while protecting public safety.

No on California AB 1634
"California Healthy Pets Act"
Choosing a 'feel good' perky name for a bill perpetuates the GRAND deception

- Individual Freedom and Rights of the People
- Initiatives and Referenda in Circulation as of November 21, 2007

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Anonymous jan sent us a woof // November 25, 2007

Powerful!!! Can we be extremist Constitution lovers?

"I want your animal's gonads" provided some comic relief, but it puts the mandatory s/n bills in perspective.   

Saturday, September 08, 2007

HSUS Swindles the Public -- and Now with More eBay Action!

A note used by Vick during his apology is up for auction to benefit HSUS at eBay.
77 bids as of my first hit on the page, current bid is $10,100.00.

According to a NYTimes article which I haven't yet read, it was indicated that the proceeds would be put in a restricted account dedicated to the prevention of dogfighting. Very funny! HSUS has been strongly criticized for taking high profile events and turning them into cash cows and channeling the money wherever they wanted to like eliminating genetic diversity programs, and interfering with local legislation with various types of strongarming, misleading statistics and profiling. Many other animal disasters, such as those involving starving cattle or poisoned camelids get little attention from HSUS because HSUS remains primarily focused on high profile events which can be used to milk funds from the public.

Realize that when HSUS does things to "benefit animals", publishing and distributing biased "educational" handouts, holding training seminars for people handling animal concerns and other such matters -- they CHARGE for all of that, and go on bragging about on how much they do to benefit the animal community. It is totally money grab.

In the world of scams, swindling, confidence, con man games - this type of behavior is a crime. HSUS/ Wayne Pacelle shows you an idea and your send money in good faith. In the meantime the confidence man organization has now many officials with six figure incomes and uses your money to seed more income.

Look at how much they have and how much potential cash that they _could_ voluntarily put aside for the animals needing help. Instead, as clearly shown in their financial report, they are using their funds for power, political drives, raising MORE MONEY.

And here we go with a little eBay sale to help the HSUS and supposedly the funds this time... are going to be slotted for one deliberately vague agenda.

How in the world did funds end up going to the various multi-MILLION campaigns/categories listed below.

Did you check some box for those when you sent in a donation?

Below is a link to HSUS' annual report for 2006.
(Please scroll to Page 24)

YEAR END DEC 31, 2006

With total net assets of $198.4 mil (which includes $30.4 mil in bequests),
the HSUS has expensed only $6.6 mil for animal care facilities!!

Additionally, they have expensed the following:
$17.5 mil for campaigns, litigation, and legislation
$11.6 mil for strategic communication
$14.1 mil for fund raising

HSUS and their propaganda work behind many amendments flooding states local municipalities and states.

Don't feed the bears. Don't put the fox on guard at the chicken house. Wake up!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PeTA vs Vick - WHO Kills More Animals?

It should go without saying that what Vick did to support dog fighting is wrong. He is not however getting a fair trial where the whole story could become public. That's a concern that borders on other issues such as some of the cover ups that can happen in our judicial system due to plea bargains. We know he denied it all at first and due to strongarming from several sources, each looking out for their own interests, a different series of events took place -- including Vick finding Jesus...

Wayne Pacelle opportunistOpportunists GALORE! I'm really tired of all the focus on this event mainly due the opportunists, HSUS and PeTA being just as horrible for grabbing the event and wringing it out like a CASH COW and using it for PR. Sport figures have gotten into trouble before with all kinds of mayhem including murder and rape of other humans. People are letting HSUS and PeTA take control.

An apt caricature, see Wayne Pacelle with a 6 figure income, wringing out these events to milk the gullible public into thinking they are doing some good with this ongoing 'croc'. HSUS has 200 Millions in assets but does little to nothing to save animals and is now mainly concerning itself with forcing idealist and costly legislation that is turning everyone into criminals.

And to top it off, PETA, which is known for its alliance with terrorist organizations that via arson and bombs, animal releases, threats and other chaos, creates major setbacks in genetics, cancer research and other necessary medical advances is asking Vick to donate to THEIR cause with time or money to show he is a 'changed man'. Frankly, finding Jesus is good. Finding PeTA is not! How is it that an organization that is so proVegan, can attack research and yet use research (albeit inconclusive research) to support a vegan lifestyle and abolish any ownership or use of animals? Opportunists galore!

Who's Killed More Animals?

[Picture of Michael Vick under which it says 8]

[Picture of a policeman preparing to bury a puppy killed by PETA
workers...under which it says 14,400]

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) loves to point the finger at others, when they should be looking at their own record of killing more than 90% of the animals left in their care. According to government records PETA has killed more than 14,400 animals since 1998.

Find out more about PETA's hypocrisy at:
PeTA Kills Animals

See the specific Photo Ad above at

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Media Mauls Dogs First, then Snaps Back at Actor

Media Mauls Dogs First, then Snaps Back at Actor

The National Canine Research Council reports that while "Mission Impossible" actor Ving Rhames' dogs are not guilty of killing their caretaker, the media is guilty of creating the news instead of reporting it.

Slanesville, WV (PRWEB ) August 16, 2007 -- The National Canine Research Council (NCRC) reports that within hours after the discovery of the body of Jacob Adams on Ving Rhames' Brentwood, California property, the media was quick to release hundreds of speculative, inaccurate and sensationalized stories proclaiming Mr. Adams was "killed" or "mauled to death" by the dogs. Ironically, some in the media now shamelessly insinuate that Mr. Rhames, the owner of the dogs, is being injudicious in his released statement containing his condolences to the family of Mr. Adams and the preliminary findings of the Los Angeles Coroner's Office. (more...).

When I first saw the news of the "mauling" at CNN, I wondered which types of dogs were implicated. Mastiffs are mentioned generically in different places but the dogs don't appear to be purebred "English Mastiff". As I found more articles, I noted that some reports said the wounds on the man who had reportedly been MAULED to death were superficial and this was confirmed by the coroner. Curiouser and curiouser! All of which does not add up. Then a lot of the media went silent on this matter. Definitely some weird stuff going on here.

As to the breeds involved, I did run into comments about Presa Canario and Fila in comments and interviews about his dogs, but a recent blog post at Celebrity Dog Watcher mentions another journal in which is pictured a male "Ambullneo Mastiff" named Samson with some of his puppies, an interview dated back to 1999. So if the sire of some of Ving's dogs is an American Bulldog/Neopolitan Mastiff mix, with no mention of the mother of the litter, if Ving had kept one or more of the babies then it is no wonder that the background of the dogs remain generically reported.

The National Canine Research Council article in the quote box above, is a must read. As dogfolk know, some of the so-called dog attacks in the news often have elements and circumstances surrounding the attack which are simply not reported. Every case of a dog attack can appear unprovoked with this kind of reporting. Of course, we can't rely on news to give accurate reporting of anything any more. Whether they cover local news, crime, war, dog legislation and anything else, many reporters are now little more than puppets of tabloid style journalism -- follow the money. Where in the world are investigative reporters that know the subject areas that they cover? You really do have to go to specialist journals for that. JQP does not. A steady diet of tabloid style journalism has certainly dumbed down public opinion on many things. Issues of public policy on mandatory spay and neuter among these such as AB 1634 in California!

BTW, Celebrity Dog Watcher is a fun and interesting blog. Even if you have little interest in the personal lives of celebrities, the pet pictures are often amusing glimpses into elements of JQP attitudes about dogs.

EDIT: 1:30pm
- Celebrity Dog Watcher upate links to this article at People Magazine-
. . .
The actor says he called Los Angeles police and was told there had been a lack of bites on any fatal areas, but detectives were questioning if the dogs had any part in Adams's death.

Once Rhames returned to L.A., he says he contacted Adams's family in Toronto. About a week later, he says, police and the coroner told Rhames they had ruled out the dogs as well as the heart attack as the cause of death.

"There was such a lack of blood at the scene," Rhames explains. "They think possibly an aneurysm in the brain. They're doing a toxicology report. They will know [the results] in six to eight weeks. Closure for me will be when the coroner says what was the cause of death."
. . .

EDIT 2: 8PM Go here for an analysis of this case at National Canine Research Council

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Blogger jan sent us a woof // August 17, 2007

I guess it gets boring in the news room to report on all of those human killing human stories so a good dog mauling must be fun for them to write about. That and they are stupid.

I was also a little put off by all the bloggers who picked up the story and ran with it on the basis of the little evidence given to them.   

Monday, July 23, 2007

HSUS Finds Scam Opportunity and Cash Cow in the News on Vick

Wayne Pacelle, CEO and President of Human Society of the United States, wrote in his blog on 20 July, 2007, "The response to our campaign urging the NFL to suspend Vick has been unprecedented. The outpouring of actions through was larger than we have ever seen, and it shut down portions of our web site for two days."

HSUS does not run a shelter. It often solicits money by using the story of some animal or event somewhere and asks people to send money to help animals like the one in the story, which leads people to believe their donations directly help the animal(s) in the story. The terrible destruction wrought by Katrina provided another such cash cow. Heavy campaigning by HSUS to solicit funds allegedly for animal care was obvious to many but what they actually did with the cash remains mysterious. Many legitimate rescue organizations were scraping by during Katrina and trying to save animals and reunite them with their owners. HSUS had millions to spend yet many of the rescues reported problems regarding HSUS mismanagement of goals and resources. There has been no accounting for the nearly $20 million HSUS raised for the Katrina dogs and cats. HSUS is under investigation by the Louisiana Attorney General for their handling of that situation.

People send HSUS tens of thousands of dollars annually, while ignoring the REAL animal shelters in their own towns. :(

Check out the changes that I have captured from a cache of the original solicitation page and compare it to the current revised one (of tonight) at this page. From the language of the page, they are clearly using the Vick stories to pump up their coffers and are changeable and unclear on what solicited funds will be used for.

Support your legitimate local shelters and/or your breed rescues. :)

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Coalition of the Misinformed for Mandatory Spay/Neuter Legislation

In Sacramento County, a "Coalition to Stop Animal Overpopulation” was formed in November 2004. (Please note the dates)
The list of members at the initial meeting included moneyed, non-local groups with affiliations to PeTA with agendas which are well known to be against any kind of human-animal bond.

Ingrid Newkirk, President PeTA
" the surplus of cats and dogs (artificially engineered by centuries of forced breeding) declined, eventually companion animals would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship ­ enjoyment at a distance"

Check it out and you'll see that it is a "stitch up".

Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS since June 2004 ~
"We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding. One generation and out. We have no problem with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding."

"If I had my personal view, perhaps that might take hold. In fact, I don't want to see another dog or cat born."

The Coalition's list of members includes Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR), Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Animal Protection Institute (API), Sacramento Area Animal Coalition (SAAC), Sacramento City Animal Services, Sacramento Society for the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA) and Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation (AC&R). This "Coalition" then presented to both the County and City of Sacramento a model ordinance which they proposed "works toward ending the pet overpopulation problem and the corresponding euthanasia of adoptable animals in our shelters".

The Coalition chooses to criminalize all pet owners that will not do things exactly the way they mandate. As if that were not enough, they are widely promoting heresy regarding spay and neuter, in order to promote their goals. They choose to do this despite documented health risks and the fact that this type of legislation has does NOT WORK.

Wayne Pacelle, CEO of HSUS since June 2004
"We are going to use the ballot box and the democratic process to stop all hunting in the United States ... We will take it species by species until all hunting is stopped in California. Then we will take it state by state." -in Full Cry Magazine, October 1, 1990.
Amazingly, California Assemblymember Lloyd Levine is obtuse enough to call the statewide version of this anti-animal bill, "the California Healthy Pets Act (AB 1634)".

How does
  • the elimination of pets
  • the criminalization of pet owners
  • blanket enforcement of invasive surgery on baby animals
  • raising fees so that only puppy and kitten mills can afford to breed
lead to Healthy Pets?

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Anonymous Kelly Burch sent us a woof // March 31, 2007

Never mind that a million dogs a year, of which 260,000 are purebred, are destroyed by animal control agencies in this state. Per year... Disregard the cost of $250 Million, more than the state spend on children's books. Per year... Conveniently dismiss the breeder's exemption specified in this law.
If you are a cheat, a stonehearted person and willing to do anything to make a buck, you'll oppose the bill. If you are ethical, pay your taxes and care about the species we call canine: you'll support a law which will INCREASE the sales price of puppies by decreasing unwanted supply. It will improve quality by taking out the unknowledgeable 'backyard breeder' you love to blame ...but still sell your stud services to...
You'll oppose this law if you agree with killing more purebred dogs than are shown at all 25 of the largest AKC shows/events. Each year.
If you have a right to breed, and sold your dogs intact, you are remiss in your duty to address the problem these past 25 years while the situation spiraled into the killing machine it is today. A million dogs. Per year.

I'm Kelly Burch and I co-bred and showed the all time top Anatolian producer, champion and winner. You want to speak with me about the bill, you can phone me at 619.244.9946

AB 1634 is necessary because... we breed.   

Anonymous jan sent us a woof // April 01, 2007

Our (California) state legislature specializes in passing "feel good" legislation that makes a good sound bite, but represents no common sense. Unfortunately other states follow like sheep.   

Blogger Ron Southern sent us a woof // April 02, 2007

You keep finding these Coalitions of Evil! Jeez. Let's hunt animal-rights assholes until They're all dead.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 03, 2007

Hi Kelly,

Check out this quote and note the date...

"Our goal is to make [the public think of] breeding [dogs and cats] like drunk driving and smoking." -- Kim Sturla, former director of the Peninsula Humane Society and Western Director of Fund for Animals, stated during Kill the Crisis, not the Animals campaign and workshops, 1991"

Your comments-

1. Your rhetoric presents a straw man argument using sweeping generalizations to create polar populations in an attempt to frame the perceived problem as something that it is not. Since control issues in such legislation are misdirected, it has been proven time and time again that it does not work. The sources and same reasons for turnover are not abated.

2. Communities working together and providing diverse venues of education and reward has been proven to reach and inspire more people with positive impact on goals.

3. Unfortunately, the general representation of a shelter as the 'best' place to get a pet by many well-meaninged people has created double edge sword with regard to the revolving door of "disposable" pets by giving people who could try a little harder, an easy out. Furthermore, shelter workers do not always understand breed issues, nor give follow up support for placement problems. It's not called a revolving door for nothing.

3. Populations with greater levels of disposable income and higher prices for animals has not proven to be a solution that ensures responsible ownership nor has anything to do breeder knowledge about behavior, training, placement or genetics.

4. One needs to take the time to evaluate previous related legislation and scrutinize the data. Creating a 'solution' without evaluating the evidence and misrepresenting the problem is as effective as tilting at windmills.

5. Your argument also illustrates an alarming short sightedness regarding genetics, selection, testing, health, and growth patterns among other issues in our breed -- the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. A working knowledge of these issues will provide enlightenment as to why this is bad legislation for our breed.

But breed considerations aside, this legislation has little to do with Healthy Pets but is deliberately framed this way because social engineering paves the path toward accomplishing the goals of a different agenda.

What does work. Having programs and events that are _inclusive_ and encourage pet owners to get involved. People reach out to each other and educate more. Events open to the public such as pet walkathons, fun matches and agility dog events encourage more people to get involved with the dog community. These events could have raffles and inexpensive entry fees which could help generate funds for inexpensive spay and neuter.

The divide and conquer method only works toward the agenda stated in the first paragraph.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 04, 2007

Jan. Yep, the "sheeple" factor!

Critical thinking and data analysis to examine alleged correlation and causation are not strong points of many. People are often drawn by elements of shock value and easily swayed by emotive argument.

Thanks for visiting and commenting! Your blog is a refreshing read.


Ron. :) I'm still no closer to blogging about that three headed TP dispenser... LOL

More related to the blog topic, you might enjoy this site.

At the bottom of the 12 steps on each side, there is a given source and date. 1987 is the year the twelve step agenda was first published. I didn't take it seriously then.

The use of misleading or incomplete information to steer public opinion into accomplishing their goals is now well documented by the AR groups themselves ...and the media. (Pet dumpsters anyone?)   

Blogger Kandira sent us a woof // April 08, 2007

Well Gang here is the Wolf for your Woof. KELLY BURCH (Kelly Mcfadden) or he had many other names that he used in the years that I knew him.....He came thru a training class that I was one of the instructors of and now he is a trainer???? Kelly also has in the past years misrepresented him self in many ways, I have no clue what he trying to do and or achieve in this blog..but his two liner in regards to his handling of ASD and co-bred all time top, blog,blog.. is another misrepresentation of himself....THE ONLY TIME he even was with the ASD's was back in the early 90's and I know all about this person (imposter)! all of you out there beware of this person....he is the real WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING!!! he is a real charmer and he probably needs attention, be carefull not to fall into his trap   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // April 09, 2007

Candy, thanks for your comment. Anonymous comments on blogs can be attributed to anyone claiming to be anything. I allow anon comments since the majority are just fine.(and some are from my friends that don't have blogs)

Hope you and critters had a great Easter!   

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

PETA Kills Animals

Those who have been following these recent PETA issues may already be familiar with this particular case in Virginia North Carolina which is going to trial now. See PETA Kills Animals | for photos, and see its homepage and associated links for more background. (the healthy, adoptable animals were originally intended for transport to Virginia)

The trial links at PETA Kills Animals currently give some daily updates on the twists and turns in the case.

A petition which addresses a conflict between PETA's illegal conduct and its tax-exempt status is here. Partially quoted: --
PETA's tax-exempt status was granted by the U.S. government on the basis of the group's willingness to conduct itself in a lawful fashion. We believe that PETA has failed to live up to its end of the bargain, and that the Internal Revenue Service should cancel PETA's tax-exempt status.

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