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Monday, February 02, 2009

Blogrolling news, etc

Blogrolling is still not quite ready to roll. I know it's been frustrating for many that were using the rolling updater. A few of the blogs that were on the Anatolian Blogroll have changed or discontinued, and some need to be added.

According to Blogrolling which currently still redirects to their status page - they are still broken (it's been a couple years now due to massive overload of auto-pings by spam sites). There's hope. See a recent post dated mid January...
Hardware was installed and tested the week of January 5th as promised, now we’re just waiting on delivery of the final code. We ran into some UI issues and made a decision earlier this week to simply go with the old UI rather than try to jazz things up and protract the outage.

Our developers are working on the migration tools now to get your old data into the new system. With some luck, I’ll have a concrete relaunch date Friday coming, or possibly Monday at the latest.

Keep your fingers crossed with me, I will post more as soon as I get word back from the team.
On to other network related things, I started logging onto my neglected Facebook account. Daily. Simple enough. Whenever my browser is up, one browser tab is usually active on FB even if I'm ignoring it, lol.

Like other networks, I initially joined Facebook just to have access to some material which this or that member invited me to see.

Since revisiting it mid January, and actually poking around within, instead of logging in and zipping out as soon as "mission accomplished" -- I have found the interface more immediately interactive, integrated, simple and appealing to me than the interfaces found on places like MySpace, LiveJournal, Multiply, MSN, Dogster, 360Yahoo, -- places where I never really 'hang out'. For grins, I recently found what seems to be an application that allows pets and human babies to have their own Facebook networks. Amusing. :)

My main computer is pretty well behaved these days, now that I've got tons of diskspace again. Yay. I'm still stalling on putting in a new graphics card due to some upgrade I think I'd rather have. And, oh bother... my Vista notebook has turned into a slug and is driving me batty. Bleah. Anyway, that's all for now.

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Blogger jan sent us a woof // February 03, 2009

I've been wondering where you were, but I knew it was busy.   

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Beach dogs!

Click above pic to enlarge. Credit for these pics go to Susan.
Anatolians at the beach! How blue the sky and the water!
The dogs from left to right: Khazu (6 years), Helmut (2 years) who are both half brothers, and their auntie Dylan (almost 11 years), who is their mother's sister.
The people in the pics are Geno and Dom.

Susan (pic further below) and Geno, both live in different towns down near the beaches in southern California. They had a beautiful Anatolian get-together at the beach. This is the first synchronized beach get together they had with their Anatolians; the first time these dogs met as a trio. These dogs are well socialized and are regular visitors to off leash beaches there.

Many dogs, both purebred and mixed breeds play there. (I wonder how cold that water is at this time of the year?!)
A few of the pics had assorted dogs zipping into the pictures.
Here comes one now!

And look!
WHO can resist this shot (a detail I took from one of several shots.)
Yep, that's him! You know him. That's the guy. That's Dom giving his Anatolian, Helmut, the ol' rabbit ears?
I can't help it, he always makes me laugh out loud! :D
Just look at all the smiles! :)

Here's a great pic of Susan posing with the three related Semavi dogs.
L-R: Helmut, Susan, Khazu, and Dylan.

Susan, thanks so much for bringing the camera along. Thanks to both Geno and Susan for sharing pictures from their day at the beach!

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Anatolian Rescue goodies

I just got my beautiful Anatolian Calendar for 2009. Leydi above, is the cover girl. You can see more pics of her and her beautiful kids, over at Zaltana's Anatolian blog. It's a fun blog to visit because it is a picture web log and the pictures give a lot of clues about canine pack behavior. I think Marlene does a great job on her blog. :) (Plus, I just like to harass her! )

Kadim, Leydi and Alex are among the featured Anatolians in the 2009 calendar. 100% of all proceeds benefit purebred Anatolians. There might be some calendars left for those who forgot about preordering - they do not last long because the number that are printed is based largely on preorders. For more info on if any can be had, or info on how much is raised for rescue, and if you have a great Anatolian you'd like to see in next year's calendar, go here.

NASRN has an assortment of items for fund raisers. Alex is also featured on an Anatolian holiday card over at the new NASRN (rescue) blog, check it out! :) What a gorgeous headshot!

I'm tempted to scan Alex and put him on my blog too, but that would make it too easy for you. If you really want to have it, get his holiday cards or buy a 2009 calendar! heehee :D

BTW if you have a Myspace profile, and are looking to add friends you can add NASRN as a Myspace friend.

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Friday, November 07, 2008

Forget mtDNA, I met Eli on Pixdaus! :)

What a find! I was trying to clear up a mess of bookmarks while looking for a genetics link I thought I lost (found it), and ran into a bookmark which is an RSS feed to Pixdaus. I clicked it and got the photo feed. Too nice a bookmark to delete, but wow, just on the first hit (this is a very active feed so it's like winning a lottery in one hit, lol), I see this photo which the poster at Pixdaus had the grace to add with the name of the photographer included. Yay!

A quick search digs up Gary Minish who has awesome Alaskan photography online and is featured on a Valdez, Alaska site with several slide shows. Searching for info on his dogs, I found a link referring to several dogs (three). Click the pic above to go directly to Pixdaus (the link to Eli), and then click this link to meet Gary's other dogs. He's got two LGDs and one black shepherd type dog. All of them enjoy the awesome alpine scenes which seem to be within Gary's driving distance. He is apparently a supporter of Anatolian rescue as well. What a guy. :)

It's a little difficult to immediately see how to scroll through parts of the album and Gary takes the time to caption many of the photos, it's worth the tour. Once you see enlarged pics, navigate the album from near the top left and you will see a '>' (and also '<' symbols) that will short cut your scroll through the album. About four pages down currently (a guess), you see his big white LGD who is actually clipped for 'the warm weather'! (in that remote alpine pic... you can see snow in the background!). :) Now I loved 'meeting the dogs' but this pic (High Intensity Symmetry) just blows me away! (click) I would just love to have a high res desktop image of it!

Awesome pics! If it weren't for Pixdaus and a missing browser link about a potential logical red herring concerning sequencing of intestinal mitochondrial DNA of a 5,000-year-old mummy named Öetzi (an Iceman), I might never have seen Gary's awesome photography! :D

What with all the snow... it reminded me of another Pixdaus picture I found, which unfortunately did not give any photo credit.


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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Anatolians at Ballester Ranch: Dens....big dens!

Check out the big dens at Holly's blog.
I love the pic showing dogs looking out in every direction.
They've got that paddock completely covered, Holly!

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Ohhhh! Sweet Anatolian and kittens!

I found this photo on Pixdaus. It is titled: You are safe now.
Click the pic to see full size at the hosting site! Lots of awesome pics there on a just about every subject. I wasn't there long so don't know if there are more of my breed there. No clue where this dog is located but based on some elements of the contents of the picture, it is very likely in North America.


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Blogger Ellie Finlay sent us a woof // September 11, 2008

What a gorgeous dog!

My Izzy (Anatolian Shepherd) has three cats of her own! :-) She absolutely LOVES cats. Actually adopted one of them her very own self.

You have a wonderful blog. Such great, great dogs.   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // September 11, 2008

Ellie, I sure do agree that this dog is gorgeous! I wasn't able to find more Anatolian pics at pixdaus but the place is apparently humongous!

Loved the stuff on Izzy at your blog. Thanks for the comments on mine. There are more Anatolian related blogs here. :)   

Friday, August 22, 2008

Love the picture!

Italian friends!
Nino's son in Italy with a gorgeous Anatolian female pup, Hasir. Doesn't she have a bit of mischief in those eyes? ;)
I couldn't resist posting this! To see more of Nino's stuff, visit his blog!

Alas, this is happening way too much. I have truly been totally snowed, abducted by life and all that booooring yadda yadda... I'm trying to get back to my backlog of postings so I'll make a few tonight or this morning or whenever the *$&#^ server lets these upload. (sigh)

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Happy Birthday, Natalka Czartoryska!

Natalka with Hisar Yasak (sire: Anadol Yali of Hisar x dam: Havuz Dalga)

Natalka with Anadol Yali of Hisar (sire: Capar of Anadol from Seacop x dam: Korumak Tyana of Anadol)
You are not forgotten.

(mouseover each pic to see the names of the dogs)

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Blogger aslanit sent us a woof // May 26, 2008

The Italian descentants of Yali and Jumbo(?) pictured here with Natalka,and of course myself,join in this happy birthday   

Anonymous Anonymous sent us a woof // August 31, 2008

Pretty. The lady's not so bad either.


Monday, May 19, 2008

What is a Kangal Dog? And AdorableTakas Anatolian Shepherd Dog Puppies

Anatolian puppy meets Central Asian Ovcharka.

These photos are from when Lilli's recent litter was 3 weeks old. Ah, the epitome of cuteness! :)
You can visit her website here:

Takas Anatolians, Australia

Takas Anatolians, Australia

Takas Anatolians, Australia

Takas Anatolians, Australia

Takas Anatolians, Australia

All so cute!

Lilli has done a wonderful job creating a brief anthology from different sources, showing similarities and differences between some of the various fawn shepherd dogs of Turkey.

Holy Grail, Batman!
There are some dog lovers and fanciers that go on about how the Kangal Dog is pureblood, and emphasizing that the Anatolian Shepherd Dog is more generic. In fact there are several books written by laymen who love these Turkish dogs and who have a variable collection of theories. Many actually speak of purity without looking at the source of the 'kangal' dogs they are observing or merely generalizing about -- and then they argue among themselves, "What is a Kangal Dog?", in an effort to make it distinct from the Anatolian Shepherd Dog.

The Truth? Both have had the same rough start with preconceived ideas based on limited numbers of dogs observed; where dominant colors and coats suddenly produced recessives and somehow had to be explained. While one group, the Anatolian Shepherd folks simply accepted the diversity en route to achieving various kennel embraced ideal forms or others adopted an 'anything goes if the dog works' approach (wildlife conservation efforts, protection of livestock from predation), the other group (Kangal lovers) emphasized that their version is 'more pure'.


And they embraced a narrower standard within which they defined the color of their ideal dog.
Color is an important characteristic of the Kangal Dog. In Turkey, non-standard colors or patterns are indicators that the dog is not a purebred Kangal Dog. The true Kangal Dog color is always solid and ranges from a light dun or pale, dull gold to a steel gray, depending on the amount of black or gray in the outer guard hairs and in the soft, cashmere-like undercoat. This basic color is set off by a black mask which may completely cover the muzzle and even extend over the top of the head...

...Disqualifications: Solid black, white, or chocolate colored dogs; dogs with piebald, brindle, or other parti-colored patterns; white markings on the face other than the small white spot on the chin.
Faults: Poorly defined black mask.
A stricter standard is a useful tool in the artificial race to accomplish 'purity', to make it appear as though it has always been there. Compliance ensures removal of healthy genetic diversity via the route of eugenics/culling. A good demonstration of this loss of healthy diversity is that such strains of dogs tend to have more health problems than the more diverse group. Here are some breed stats from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Kangal Dog Registry Rank Evaluations Percent Abnormal Percent Normal

Anatolian S.D. Registry Rank Evaluations Percent Abnormal Percent Normal

Most anyone will probably not consider it normal for animals to have the ball of their hip located too far outside of its socket. Some affected dogs hold it together by being muscular in their youth, while others lacking in this compensation, may never make it to their first birthday.

It has only been in recent years that some of the new age Turks (not the traditional working shepherds) have begun to embrace this Western concept of "purity". Amusing when one realizes that such a concept of purity is only about 200 years old based on the work of breed specialists and enthusiasts of the Kennel Club. The Turks didn't invent it, but some have adopted the system somehow believing that it is superior and many do not realize that many breeds have developed problems because of narrow breeding.

Certainly, historically, distant villages of the sprawling Ottoman Empire never had meetings to decide what color their dogs should be. They were probably too busy fighting each other? --or surviving somehow, until Mustafa Kemal Ataturk came around and tried to nationalize them all.... But that's another story. However, National Pride is a big thing... the concept of purity in the Kangal has become such an urban legend that national pride is associated with this, and some people no longer question it.

At least the genetics of the dogs themselves speaks volumes, as you will see below. And many old shepherds embrace the truthfulness of variety that they have always known. They did not breed to a standard, they bred what they liked, or more accurately, the dogs that they liked and kept, bred themselves. They did not register dogs and often they kept no pups or just a few in a given litter. What is really changing however, is that the population that has been so dependent on the working dogs is disappearing. It is now easier for the well-to-do, to turn to the dogs as a hobby and to embrace new ideas, and entertain national pride.

The history of the breed as told by the Ministry of Turkey makes it clear that there has been no historical documentation:

When we studied history of Kangal Dog, we could not find any documents about Kangal dogs. There are several rumours about Kangal dogs. According to one rumour, the dog was derived from lion and tiger during Asur and Babil periods and were petted in order to provide protection against wild animals and use in wars and were grown up with great care...

Kangal foundation stock
Above is a Kangal Dog imported by David Nelson as foundation stock.

How does the dog above, compare to these other fawn dogs also called 'Kangal Dogs' below?

What is a Kangal Dog
Young Kangal at a show in Istanbul.

What is a Kangal Dog
Kangal puppies at the Ulas breeding center.

What is a Kangal Dog
A blind, unweaned, 2 week old puppy being shown at a Turkish Kangal Dog Festival.

What is a Kangal Dog
A collection of Kangals headed to the showring at the Festival.

What is a Kangal Dog
Another dog shown as a Kangal at the same Festival.

What is a Kangal Dog?
Well then, what kinds of dogs are these?
--- To find out, see Lilli's pages on these dogs here and here.

The latter link is a special page primarily discussing issues in Australia where what basically happened is truly astounding.

Registered Anatolian Shepherd Dogs were first microchipped and then they were lined up to be judged by persons with no expertise in Turkish dogs. After this day, they were to be here on forward as either Anatolian Shepherd Dogs or as Kangal Dogs. Dogs were split into a new registry that was formed for the Kangal in Australia.

Isn't that amazing? Appointed judges viewed each dog and arbitrarily decided on the breed each dog would be. Some dogs ended up in a different breed categorization than their parents or littermates. (Hey Vern, let's put the blonde children on this side of the bus and the brunettes on the other!) In Australia, as it continues to happen in Turkey, some of these 'pure' Kangal Dogs still produce longer coated dogs or variations that do not satisfy the purists. Rather than concede the dogs are "Anatolians" all along, they simply call these dogs 'mismarks'. The name "Anatolian Shepherd Dog" has been made into a media target of scorn and this evolves from the vendetta of some Brits, who continue to rail against a person who realized the diversity of these dogs, namely Natalka Czartoryska. Whether one embraces her opinions or not, the dogs continue to produce so called "mismarks" nevertheless, and we can safely say that most of them never knew the lady.

But record keeping and pedigrees are only as honest as the people that keep them, and large numbers of these dogs are being bred, particularly in Turkey. The FCI requires a certain quota of registered dogs before a country's application to be FCI recognized can be accepted.

The off colored dogs and the ones with rough coats are apparently initially registered as kangal, to boost the numbers in order to rapidly meet the FCI quota. No DNA testing is necessary. This sort of paper play has occurred in the United Kingdom as well. Individual dogs that are not culled immediately, can be sold with false pedigrees to hide the identity of the supposedly pure parents (and mask the dishonesty of the breeder). While some may feel that these lies do not hurt the humans, in the long run, these will hurt the dogs. We are already seeing that rough coated dogs from Turkey in Kangal enthusiast areas, are getting the rough end of the stick when they are placed.

In the USA, despite that some Kangal Club members have been on genetics lists for a few years, they still insist on this peculiar purity that is only found in Kangal Dogs. They continue to explain away their own mismarks and poor orthopedics with various arguments, avoiding the fact that the same patterns have been recorded for thousands of Anatolians, long before Turks began to document their dogs and discover the same variations.

My high school genetics teacher would probably have flung a chalk board eraser at their blank heads for this stubborn pursuit of some Holy Grail. Alas, while claiming historic purity is a cool thing, it sure isn't honest or even genetically realistic in these dogs.

Boz, Geller Calendar
Boz, another beautiful Kangal Dog. This one from 2005 Geller Turkish calendar.

Dozer in Turkey
Dozer, a nice solid dog for sure!
How do these dogs compare to each other? Same breed, ya think?

Go figure!
Check out Lilli's pages above! :)
She's much more succinct!

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Monday, May 05, 2008

Italian Anatolian Blog

Umberto, Nino's son, with some rascally puppies (in Italy).

Nino (in Italy) has started blogging! :)
I've added him to the Anatolian blogroll -- testing to see if it will "roll" if I use a translation link (probably won't but it might be handy for me anyway).
His blog has some pics and comments about his Anatolians. It is in Italian but machine translations from Italian are not nearly as bad as some. (Turkish machine translations are horrid!). ;)
See his blog here and use your favorite Italian to English translator. Here's one I use.

His current blog comment mentions Hakim (above) who is going to South Africa to help his new owner in the effort to protect flocks from predators and thereby assist in wildlife conservation. (here... for the translated Italian link)

Nino has the above handsome Anatolian, named Kartal, who was born on a goat farm in Texas. Kartal rated perfect hips normal elbows at maturity and will be a very important part of the future Anatolians in Europe and looks like Africa too. Kartal represents an infusion of new bloodlines in Europe. Kartal's registered name is Old Glory Kartal. :)

This is Ayri, the mother full sister of the mother of the litter (Frida). She is a first generation homebred of Nino's foundation stock.

Here is Hakan, a Kartal x Ayri son. Isn't he cute!

More pups! I love this expression! The rough coat is awesome!

And here's Umberto with one of the little guys.

Here is Nino's website.

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Blogger aslanit sent us a woof // May 06, 2008

nice to see Umberto and my dogs on your blog
thank you   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // May 06, 2008

Thanks Nino. And thanks so much for sharing the photos!   

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anatolians and Kids, Beaches & Skateboards and Grins!

L-R: Dom, Helmut in rabbit ears and Geno.

Helmut has a goofy grin in every photo so the top one really cracked me up. Everyone did a Helmut grin and Dom (the handsome young man on the bike above) gave Helmut ye ol' rabbit ears. Boys! LOL B)

Helmut left us at the end of last year and went to live his family in Huntington Beach, California. He seems to have become one of the Beach Boys. I read that he is doing quite well there and has a very active and social life!

Geno writes, "He goes to the beach [is not fazed by the surf], goes to the wildlife preserve, down bike and dirt paths, to soccer/baseball parks, all around our neighborhood."

Wherever he goes he's the belle of the ball as all sorts of folks want to know what type of dog he is and pet him. Sometimes I have to avoid eye contact w/folks so we can get to where we're going.

Big dogs seem to respect and play with him, some little dogs nip at him so I'm keeping him away from little dogs for a while now. I don't want him being nipped at by little insecure animals (jack russels are ornery and most white fluffy things too). He's not growled or barked since I've had him. His disposition has always been very happy and mellow and more than once person have commentted on his positive aura and energy.

People quite honestly seem to love him. Domenic of course loves him and he is showing very good manners and displaying very few social climbing signs. Domenic can walk him on a leash w/o issue already even at a beach filled with off-leash dogs. I take him eveywhere I can.

He seems to mostly ignore my cats and others on the block. All my neighbors think he's great. He and Dom are on the way to a very close bond. He lets Dom walk him and does not pull when Dom is holding his leash or collar. He's so even keeled. He really seems to love smelling all the flowers in my backyard.

Of course, he's been a little naughty. I read that he did some experiments on Christmas ornaments, and made a few mistakes (probably on purpose) to see if the rules were changing. But we're ready for this stuff and we're all hoping for the best.

Helmut provides dog power for skateboarding. Please note the grin on the silly dog's face! I like the play of light on his feathered tail.

More skateboarding. You can't see it, but I'm sure Helmut is grinning!

Now, here's Helmut grinning in front of Dom and his mom, Lisa.
Wave back, Dom is waving!

Okay here is Helmut and Dom, looking pretty natural together. Of course, you notice I didn't even mention a goofy grin here.

Now here are three boys, all of them looking so handsome! That's Dom, Helmut and Dom's friend, Paolo.

Now here's the grinning California Beach Boy himself.

Helmut has always been such a goofy, sweet, and happy boy. He is 15 months now, getting into his 'teen' period, so we'll be keeping tabs and watching out for him and reminding him to be good! Some of the last pics I have of him, from just before he left, are here.

Meanwhile, his sister Coco and older half sister Ruya, have been helping with our visitor Molly.
Wonderful to see such great temperaments!

BTW, I have pics of Helmut's brother Marlow in Idaho and still haven't gotten around to posting them yet! Hang in there!

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Blogger Rachel sent us a woof // February 18, 2008

I always wished he could have been mine! makes me almost sad that he's so close but not mine! I'll get a dog from you one of these days I swear, but right now Bauer Wower is keeping my hands full and even if he is a challenge (and he is) I love him very much! Thanks for keeping me updated, I have always always loved your stories and pictures!   

Blogger Semavi Lady sent us a woof // February 18, 2008

Thanks for visiting, Rachel!

Hang in there with Bauer! (and I know you are!)

Every one of these dogs has lessons to teach. Hey, you owe me some Bauer pics!   

Anonymous Brandi sent us a woof // February 18, 2008

Aww Helmut looks very happy in his new home. I remember seeing him as a pup and the thought crossed my mind of wanting to bring him here. I wish I would have! He's really a handsome boy!   

Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Happy Dose of Cuteness!

I can't help it. I just have to ooooh and awwwwwww and squeeeeeeal happily over how cute these babies are.

These are pups from Kim Gray's recent litter at Lost Armadillo Ranch in California. These pups are all spoken for and are starting to go to their new homes now. Their pedigree represents a blend of Turkish, Australian, English and domestic working bloodlines in just four generations.

So cute!

Pups in the snow. Gangway! :)


Semavi Lady woofed at @ 1/27/2008 03:17:00 AM | Permanent link | (2) Comments

Blogger Otto's Mom sent us a woof // January 27, 2008

What is better then puppies in the snow?? They are so cute! Gonna be huge, wish I could have em all!
Thanks for posting,
Otto's mom   

Blogger Diane sent us a woof // January 27, 2008

How cute!! And I love the wary sheep faces looking through the fence :)   

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Eyes You Say?

In response to a recent blog posting showing pups with expressive eyes, I got a comment, "Eyes you say?" from Kath Coniglio at Gypsy Anatolians with some photos of her girls. I just have to show them off here. :)

Taddy (Full Circle's Sihirli Tatlilik) helping some hidden fingers, I think, do quality control on a sweater. Either that or there's a cookie involved and I didn't get one! :p

Brinks (Briar Patch Brinks v Gypsy) pondering Anatolians of the past and future. :D

Aslan's Defne (Minnos) v Gypsy expressing her boundless enthusiasm for yet another photo :)

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fun with Anatolian Shepherd Dog Pictures

Turk, aka Roadblock's Turkish Silver, in a cute picture sent by Tiffany of Roadblock Anatolians. He is now working and training as a livestock dog.

Seeing the eyes above, it reminded me of how expressive our doggies can be.
Above is a favorite of mine. The two pups are Coco and Helmut, giving Dave Koerner their rapt attention. I still wonder what he did to get that expression!

At fourteen months, Coco and Helmut above, giving my camera a quick look when I tried to get their attention by making odd noises -- and they do appear to be somewhat concerned. ;)

Now this is cool...
Here's a chance to add your doggie pics to a huge mosaic by Pedigree. I added Ruya and got an email response. Supposedly "RUYA1" will show up in the mosaic in another day or two. Pedigree says it will make a $1 donation* to The PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive for every dog photo that's uploaded to the mosaic. (up to $10,000)

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