[ Aslan by Rommel ]Aslan
Maranda's Aslan Semavi
My Hard Working Buddy

Aslan is truly a special dog for me. Through all manner of daily challenges for me, he has been a loyal helper, companion and service dog. He is OFA Good, a UKC Champion, has done TD work and has earned and officiated for CGC tests.

When he isn't working with me, he takes care of the homestead and spends lots of time on top of his dog house watching out for chicken poachers.


Photo '97 by Rommel.

[ Picnic Spread ]PICNIC Day: UCDavis

I'm the one that is seated and holding down Aslan's leg. He got a bit bored with the picture taking and thought he'd say "UNCLE!" by raising his leg for a candid shot.

A friend is standing (about to grab Aslan's leg too!) and holding the leashes to Semavi Nipper (spot on the ear) and T-bear (black masked fawn). In the background, you can see a couple other Anatolians.
Photo by Cindy Krek

[ Candid and working ]Right:

Aslan in his working harness, assisting me in getting around campus on Picnic Day. He is a true partner in my independence, making it possible for me to be moble and active despite my progressive degenerative health problems, I am never quite sure how a day will go for me. He also helps me to get up when I fall (often!) and while he is not a signal dog (dogs specially trained to assist deaf or hard-of-hearing people), he does alert to things that are out of the ordinary and breaks me out of my silent world. When I am really exhausted, he seems to sense that I need more care and is especially careful with me!

Public Access has almost never been a problem that I can remember, in fact, it seems that people tend to look forward to our visits. :)

I have a young male that I am bringing up and training for the hopeful eventuality of helping me to ease Aslan into retirement.

updated April 19, 2005 -

Maranda's Aslan Semavi - June 3, 1990 to April 17, 2005

For me... Aslan has no equal and will be a hard act to follow.
Here are some snapshots of his life, which show a little bit of his versatility and personality.

Goofy pup
Cutie - with cootie bug ears

Aslan patrols the horses' corral
Younger Days

Handsome boy... tired of posing
No more cootie bug ears
But looks tired of picture taking

New puppy meets our adults, Sabah and Asker
New puppy Aslan with Sabah and Asker

Aslan getting the hang of the game

Chicken guardian
Watching out for chicken poachers

Aslan, the Lion models a Turkish spike collar
Aslan models a Spike Collar

Aslan, the Navy Dog
Aslan with me at work  - Photo by USNavy

With Peter Wells from Cornwall, England
With Peter Wells

The Snuggler and a grinning Zor
Aslan the snuggler

Bertha and Aslan raise grandkids
Puppy raising elders

Best Friends
Best Friends - Photo by Vicky Bartlett

Aslan and Princess
Raising puppies  - Photo by Eisenburg

August 2004 - Aslan going strong
Aug 2004 - Nobility and Grace

Aslan in 2005
Aslan in January 2005 - Photo by Dave Koerner


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