Semavi Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

2003 Litter
Gerlach Beau x Semavi Kadinsi Zor

Assorted puppy photos-
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Pictures of the pups from this litter during their first year
Ruya, the puppy we kept is at the bottom of the page - she is also in a film clip on another page..

Zoey learning her job with the horses.
Nadide ("Zoey") in California.
Cute babies! She's here at the ranch learning her job.
About four months old - Photo via Lois Evans

Zoey in California with foalZoey in California with a friend
Watching out for her friends. - Photos via Lois Evans

wpe2A.jpg (39910 bytes)
Lois said that Zoey had gone on serious alarm for a few nights--age 8 mos.
No one knew there was a lion out there checking out the baby horses as well as the neighbor's pets and goats. All of Zoey's critters remained safe, but the neighbor suffered some losses before Fish and Game came out tracked down the lion.. -Photo via Lois Evans

Kadim with his buddies
Spot the Anatolian puppy?
Kadim in Finland. About 4 mos.

Kadim, hard at workKadim, water rescue!
About 3 mos, hard at work with another Anatolian and about 7 mos wondering if one of his jobs includes working as a water rescue dog to his friend. - Photos by Kirsi Maki

Kadim standing. Finland (snow)

Kadim at one year of age.

Khazu and Dylan
Khazu in California, at about 10 mos. with (auntie) Semavi Dylan. Dylan's looking for the escape route and Khazu knows he's handsome. To each, their own!

Khazu doing the hiking thing...Khazu resting with Dylan
Khazu with Steve and Dylan. And catching some Zzzz's with Dylan at about 6 mos.
- photos by Susan Weins

Shadow with her sheep
Shadow in California, with her sheep at about 4 mos.

Shadow loves to ridewpe13.jpg (10753 bytes)Shadow and Friend
Shadow teaches her favorite ranchhand how to drive, lets the calves know she's almost as big as they. Then she enjoys a little break with a friend. - photos via Carolyn Domecq

Zoey in Oregon with 2.5 mo calf
Here at 10 months, Zoey in Oregon with a 2.5 mo buddy.

Zoey sizing up the cattlewpe17.jpg (9669 bytes)
At 3 months... Getting to know her bovine friends. Zoey showing Phyllis and Paul how to pose for a picture.
- photos via Paul and Phyllis O'Driscoll

Ruya greets Boone, the morning after he arrives
Ruya at three mos. (standing)  investigating new arrival, Old Glory Boone. They are one month apart in age.

Ruya playing with BooneRuya curled up
Ruya at 9 months wrassling with Boone. and Ruya relaxing. 10 mos.

Semavi Kale Ruya at one year
Semavi Kale Ruya at one year of age

If your connection is relatively fast, and you want to see her in action, I have a movie of Ruya wrestling with her pal, Boone.
See this page for the Anatolian movie.


First days - 1st week - 2nd week - 3rd week - 4th week - 5th week - 6th week - Last weeks together

----Pups during their first year